JAMIE + JASON | Jamaica Wedding

I Jamie take you, Jason I Jason take you, Jamie To have and to hold from this day forward for better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and health for all the days of my life for all the days of my life (Jamie and jason) ZIMM productions
www.zimmproductions.com Happy wedding! Congratulations Mom and Dada – we made it
– we made it a year and a half in the making or 7 depending on how you look at it… True because I love him so much and I’m so happy really this means no much to us That you all took the effort to come so far we love you all so much so this is really a toast to you guys! Too you guys! for being in our lives. thank you for coming! there are Jews out over all across the Northeast this my friends Cavalli if you like money but kill it hey I’m on vacation every single day cuz
I love my occupation hey I’m on vacation if you don’t like your life then you
should go and change it I’m on vacation every single death
because I love my occupation I’m on vacation every single day because I love
my occupation hey I’m on vacation every single day every every single day every single date every every single day
illuminate my future bride so thankful for everything that you’ve innate in my
inner light as I work hard for Allah knee open arms embracing life and all
the weight you gave me how worker pays off our Mackey now it’s paying me close
my eyes I love life I live enjoy the ride I wish she cares me kisses on lips just
for coming she can make angels just can’t change our minds so Jamie you are the reason that I am
the person I am today you believed in me and the darkest times
of my life and for that I humbly thank you you’ve given me so much and I want
you to know how grateful I am to stand here with you no matter how many times I
tell you that I love you it will always be more than that on this day I vow to
never forsake you or place anyone above you and to love honor and respect you
always I vow to still grab your butt when we’re old and wrinkly and even
though the remainder of our journey is unknown I’m so glad that I get to do it
with you so love yourselves love one another love all that is your life
together and all else will follow from the moment you came into this world your
father and I have cherished you you are the most amazing intelligent beautiful
adventurous girl that I know when I look into your big blue eyes I see your
father staring back at me and I fall in love all over again
we’ve always been a family though but today we are announcing our love for one
another and coming together under one name we promise to love you protect you
and guide you for as long as we live by the authority vested in me by the
bride and the groom i present to you the blackburn family tomorrow night the winner thank everybody was able to make out it
was a great time excellent adventures I love you guys you
know when things get tough don’t pull apart work together I think what you’re
doing Thank You gravity here and let me
embarrass you guys a little bit love you Jamie Jason and Zoey and had a wonderful
time the best way to bring you guys all together in the final combination


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