iSPARK Event Planning Vlog: Snail Mail

(upbeat music) – Did you know that the
average office worker receives 121 emails per day? It’s crazy. What’s even crazier is that only a handful of
them actually stand out. Our inboxes are so jammed with emails that Snail Mail is actually a thing again. Yes, I’m talking about
direct mail via Canada Post in your actual, real physical mailbox. It’s the latest and greatest
way to attract attention. Assuming they aren’t
on strike at the time. In the event’s biz we rely heavily on email marketing, it’s still the number one way for event organizers
to sell event tickets, or to get people registered
to attend events. But hey, maybe Snail
Mail’s worth a second look, why? Because we become so accustomed to not receiving traditional mail, that when we do peek into that little box, and we see a letter waiting
we get pretty excited. In fact, we open it. I personally never given up on real mail, I still send birthday cards
and thank-you notes and it always makes an impression. There are definitely some
pro’s and con’s to both tell me what you think in the comments. In either case here are
three things you can do to stand out and increase your chances of having your message read. Number one, incorporate your personality into your writing. Number two, be conversational and casual. And number three, keep it short and sweet. I really enjoy writing
about event marketing so don’t hesitate to check
out all the tips and giggles on my blog. Until next time, get fired up.

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