Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 43 – Full Episode – 11th September, 2019

Stop lying there. Just tell us where did you go
with Gunjan? Did you have a good time? Why do you bother him? Love is like worship. Who said that? My dad. So ask your dad if you were
born out of a prayer? What are you saying? Splendid!
By the Gods! You both looked
in each other’s eyes and you made promises. This is worship. Take a look. You are still up? You should have told us.
We would have come in. We were..
– Any beer left? Quiet! What was going on
down there? They wanted to kick me out
and you were being happy. What? You are leaving? You are getting
your room back? Amazing!
Splendid! You are being happy? Where would I go?
All alone in this huge city! Yes, where will she go? We will find a good place
for you. Mr. Altaf!
I can speak to him. Is that so? – But you must
sleep ion the corner. Why is that?
– The ceiling can cave in at any time. Do you want to kill me? Mr. Shukla’s house
in the next lane. He is willing to have
a tenant. No one wants his room.
– Why? His wife killed herself
in that house. She is often seen there. You may take a look.
Do not be afraid. – What! Hey!
What are you doing here? How was it? You went to meet Yogi
today. How was it? You both went
to Qutub Minar? Oh my God!
Whose idea was it? Yogi’s idea. What else did you do? You had snacks?
I want some. So this evening
was the best for you. What was she saying? She is going
to get her phone. – Yes. To show us pictures. Shiv, you saw how happy
she is. Please do not do anything
that makes her sad. What are you doing here? Did you see the time?
Is it fine.. Sir, I heard them
and I came here. Sir, we just arrived.
She was already here. Hold on. When did you get here?
I was downstairs. I did not see you
coming up here. Sir, we never use
the door. We come by the pipe. The pipe? Yes, sir. I was telling them
not to do so. Not to enter
anyone’s house like this. Now that I live here
as well. It is not safe. Do you not have
a home? You are always here
with Yogi. Leave now. What are you doing? Go by the stairs! Are you monkeys?
Idiots! And you.
Leave now. Yes, sir. You have a turmeric
ceremony tomorrow. Why do you keep
fooling around with them? Go to your room. Yes, your room. You there!
Doctor! What is your name? What is it?
Come here? Sir, it is Pari. Yes, Pari.
Listen to me. Yogi will be married now. So we need to get
this room decorated. By all means, I love
decorations. I will help you
if you need me. You do not understand. Yogi is getting
married now. Gunjan will come here. She will need this room. So you must leave it.
– Where will I go? You folk are all
that I have in this city. What do you mean? Since when are we
your close ones? Listen to me. We let you
stay here as long as we could but now we need
this room. So start looking
for a room from tomorrow and vacate it
by day after. What?
– Pari, you are up! What happened?
Are you all right? I am fine.
It is just gas. What is it? He is asking why you are
roaming around with a card? This is for Pari. Pari, hold this.
We invite you. What are you doing? Let me speak now. This is invitation
for Yogi’s wedding. And you must stay
for all ceremonies. Really? Thank you, Grandpa. I will stay
now that you insist. You folk are all I have
in this city. I will go to sleep now. Tomorrow I have a surgery. So good night. Good night, Grandpa. Good night. What are you doing, Dad? I admit we got
a doctor for free but we need the room
now that Yogi is getting married For Yogi and Gunjan. So what? She will be here
till the wedding. Then she will leave. It is difficult
to find a room these days. Am I right, Yogi? You!
What are you doing? She is up. We will dance and celebrate as it is Yogi’s turmeric
ceremony. We will dance.
– Yes, dance. Hey, you! During the wedding,
the clarinet is played and not the flute. I’m playing the flute to drive away
the vicious people. What are your plans? Yogi’s room is getting
completely renovated today. Here on, this room will belong
to Ms. Gunjan and Yogi. Bath tub!
– Over here! Have you gone crazy? He is pulling our legs. Surjit,
stop playing that music, pal. Take the measurement quickly. Yogi, I think this curtains
have become old and it’s very transparent.
I’m sure it would be very hot. Don’t you worry
about that, dear. I’m here, right? Sit down. Don’t worry about money.
Everything will be arranged. Kabir, go to Chandni Chowk
along with Nisha and buy curtains
and bed sheets. – Okay. Mr. Vivek and Kabir,
why are you doing this to me? I mean, where will I go? Dad has asked you to vacate. You can’t live here all your
life. Go find some other place. It’s not easy to find a place.
– Come with me to my house. I’ll talk to dad. And I’ll also
offer you milk everyday. Shut up! Get lost! You’d promised me! You’d made a deal with me,
didn’t you? Hold on..
What deal are you talking about? Mr. Kabir, he had made a deal that he won’t ask me
to vacate this room and that, I’ll unite Gunjan
and him in return. I’d even got Gunjan when he wanted to go
on a date with her. It’s okay. But he’s going to get married
to Gunjan, right? Gunjan is going to be with him
forever. So, the deal is over! No, Mr. Vivek.
Where will I go? Go wherever you want.
Why are you asking us? It’s your problem. Mr. Vivek..
– Pari, try to understand. Yogi is getting married.
He will need a room, right? Where will they stay? Exactly! I would suggest you to find another place
as early as possible. – Exactly! Hey, you take the measurement.
I’m going to Mr. Arshad. I need to go to Chandni Chowk.
– All right, Mr. Vivek. To heck with you, Yogi! At time, we can trust
even the vicious people but you turned out to be
a deceiver! Yogi is right. He supported you all the while,
didn’t he? Moreover, Yogi isn’t a
deceiver. You should understand that the person
who is going to get married needs a room.
– Exactly! Do you expect
Ms. Gunjan and Yogi to sleep outside?
Come on, tell me? Should I talk to dad? ‘Pari, do something.
Find a way to keep this room.’ [Woman1Work fast. You also need
to go to Gunjan’s house. Kabir and Nisha’s
turmeric ceremony was the best. Isn’t it, Kusum? Of course.
It was so much fun. Seriously. Mother-in-law, do you remember
Kabir was so excited? Right. Look at her!
How she is blushing! Kabir was even
calling me repeatedly to send him the photos.
– Rani, did you hear that? Things are getting revealed.
Mother-in-law he was pretending so innocent
before us. Vivek was nevertheless.
He has taken after his father. You mean, even dad?
– Of course. Your dad is the naughtiest
person in the world. Nisha put some saffron in
the turmeric for the presage. Just put some. Hey..
– What are you.. – Hey Dear, don’t eat that.
It’ll be sent to Gunjan’s house. Did you bring your shoes? Bring your shoes quickly.
Or else, you’ll be tense in the last moment.
– And you can’t step out once the turmeric is applied.
– Right. – So, go and bring it right now. Oh! W-Water!
I wanted water. I’m telling the truth. Okay, bring me some water.
I won’t go inside. Yes. What are you here for?
– Do you need anything, dear? Actually, I could hear
all of you talk and that’s why, I just came. It’s Yogi’s turmeric ceremony,
today, right? No. It’s Yogi’s tonsure. We need to decide a name.
Think of a name. And it must start
with letter ‘Y’. Why are you making fun
of the poor girl? It’s just
that I wanted to help you all. It’s not right there’s a marriage ceremony
in the family and one of the family member
is just relaxing in her room. Hang on.. I have a problem
with three things. Firstly, the marriage
is not in your family. Secondly, you’re not
our family member. Thirdly and most importantly you stay in Yogi’s room
and not in yours. Though you accept it or not I consider this as my own house. And all of you, my family. All of you have loved me
like your own. Ms. Kusum, Mr. Prakash,
Ms. Geeta, sir. You all love me, dearly. Ms. Kusum, shall I help you?
– No, dear. You don’t have to do anything.
– Ms. Geeta, shall I help you? Not at all, dear.
No worries. It’s almost done. We’ll manage. ‘Oh, why are they all
ignoring me?’ ‘Well, I have to think
of something’ ‘that they’ll accept me.’ Shall I grind the turmeric?
– I’m grinding it. Thanks. Please assign me with some work.
I’ll feel better. I’ll feel I’m with my family. I’m really missing
my family, a lot. Mother-in-law,
she’s feeling lonely. Rani, Nisha,
just assign her some work. Mother-in-law.. Fine. If you really want
to do something there are some utensils
to be washed. Just wash them thoroughly.
They can at least be used to keep the sweets. Go.
– Should I clean the dishes? That’s right.. Go, dear. Wash them thoroughly. Yes, the boy owns a shop.
He manages it well. Forget all this.
Tell me about yourself. What about your transfer?
Is it cancelled or.. Well, frankly speaking,
It got cancelled after trying hard.
– So, it’s cancelled? – Yes. Ramlaal,
what about the turmeric? It’s ready.
I’ll bring it right away. Bring it quickly. Nicely done, Seema.
– Thanks, ma’am. Sister Gunjan should have
waited at least for an year. Don’t you think
she’s marrying quite early? What do you think?
– I’ll date some guy at least for five years. I’ll think about marriage
only thereafter. – Five years? You’re actually right.
– Just let it be. No guy can tolerate you
for so long. Shiv. – Yes.
– Is the groom’s family coming here, today?
– Yes, they are. Uncle, please don’t say
any such thing which can hurt them.
– I just want Gunjan to be happy.
That’s it. Don’t you want to see her happy? Gunjan. Sister Gunjan! You’re looking so beautiful! Yes, Sister. You’re looking
so beautiful and so pretty. Trust me.
– Sister Gunjan please tell us something
about Yogi. Yes, Sister. Please tell us..
– Call him brother-in-law and not Yogi. Brother-in-law.. By the way, Ms. Gunjan,
tell us something at least about your fiance.
What is he by profession? – Yes. Which car does Yogi has?
– Which school did he go to? They have a bungalow
in old Delhi. Grandpa said that the road
that goes there is not good. We anyway are not
supposed to go to their place. The groom’s party will be coming
here for the wedding, right? What does she mean? Sister is saying that
no matter how bad are the roads
leading to his house but the way to his
heart is quite smooth. Wow, Ms. Gunjan, nice!
– That’s amazing! Ms. Gunjan, are you saying
that he is better than us? Is it? – Really? Please explain. I’ll just see you in some time. Do you need my help
for anything, Mom? You want to help me,
is it? Unbelievable! They are going on
enquiring about Yogi. So what? There is a lot to tell
about Yogi, Gautam. Ms. Gunjan, please tell us
something more about him. Ms. Gunjan, I have heard that
your fiance is very romantic. Wow! You relax. Gunjan will tell
everything about her Yogi. Sister-in-law,
let’s check everything once just to ensure that we
haven’t forgotten anything. God!
You guys are not ready yet! You know that we have
to go to Gunjan’s place with this turmeric.
It is getting late, dear. Mother-in-law, we will be
leaving to get ready in a while. We are just counting this.
After that, we will leave. Rani, we will do all this
remaining work. – Right. You go and quickly
get ready. Where are Vivek and Kabir? Tell them to get ready soon. Otherwise, Prakash will again
start screaming at everyone. Grandma,
even if we leave on time dad will still say that
what is the hurry? You have become
very audacious! Ms. Kusum, I have
washed all these plates. Where do you want
me to keep them? Did you wash all of them?
– Yes, Ms. Kusum. Tell you what?
Keep them on that table. I don’t feel ashamed
to do the chores of my house?
– Your house! – Your house! Hasn’t Uncle Prakash told you that you’ll have
to leave from here? Yes, I know. Moreover,
I am not a part of this family. Ms. Geeta,
please talk to Mr. Prakash. Ask him if he
knows of anyone who has a house for rent. Actually, the thing is,
I am new to this city. I don’t know anyone here. On top of that,
seeing a single woman people will try to take
disadvantage of her. I hope you can understand,
Ms. Geeta. Hello, we have not taken
your responsibility. Go and search a house
for yourself on your own. Okay? Why are you talking
to her in this manner? This is not the way
to talk to anyone. Nothing wrong in
what she said. How do you expect
a single woman to search for
a house on her own? It is not easy to find
a house in a days’ time. Isn’t it, Mom? Ms. Kusum, you are so sweet! Come on, everyone. Hurry up. We need to go to Gunjan’s
house for the turmeric ceremony.
Come on, hurry up. Take this.
– Give it. Hurry up. Khushi, take this. – Vivek,
Kabir. – Come, let’s go. Let’s go.
– Come on, hurry up. Where is everyone?
There you are.. Done, Father-in-law.
Everything is ready. – Hurry up. Uncle,
Brother-in-law Vivek and Kabir are not ready yet. Is it?
Vivek, Kabir. God!
Why are you screaming? You will damage
my ear drums! Dad, he just needs
an excuse to scream. It takes times to make
so many arrangements. Well, Mr. Prakash,
everyone was busy in making the arrangements. I, too,
have washed all the plates. By god, for the first time I felt that I am a part
of this family. I felt that
I was at my home. Sister-in-law,
isn’t she using the word home a bit too much today?
– I agree. What does this mean? Are you planning to go
to your in-laws’ place for your turmeric ceremony
dressed up like this? I am going to trash
you with my sandals! Mr. Prakash,
he has gone crazy in the joy that he
is getting married. Tell me. No one even thinks
of going to their in-laws’ place to attend their
turmeric ceremony. But look at him! Listen, if you want to
give any message to Gunjan tell it to us.
We will convey it to her. Actually,
she will listen to everything you will say hereafter. ‘Gunjan!
Yogi’s dream girl.’ ‘Perhaps, I found a way
to stay in this house.’


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