Is a Destination Wedding Cheaper?

Hi i’m Angela from Wedding Destinations
and today I wanted to cover the topic as to whether or not a Destination Wedding
is cheaper than a wedding in your home country. It’s a very hard question
because you can really go to town and spend a fortune for a destination
wedding if you want to, but you also don’t need to. So you really need to look
at are you comparing apples for apples. Are you comparing a cliff top venue with
sweeping 180 degree views and complete privacy in Bali? To the same thing in
Australia? Are you comparing that to an RSL Club. It’s not really going to
compare, so yes you could spend forty or fifty thousand dollars in Bali or even
more and then you could spend twenty in Australia but you’re not going to have
the same kind of experience. You really need to look at the locations of what
you’re comparing. Do you get value for money though? Absolutely! And that’s
probably the biggest thing. All the destinations are different so it does
depend on where you are looking. For places like Asia the flowers
alone, if you would have replicate them here in Australia at your wedding it would
be ten grand instead of one grand. So yes, certainly things like that are a
lot cheaper. You tend to have lower numbers as well so your per head costs
for food and drinks might be similar it’s not a bit more however,
you’re only paying for a lot less. But really what you want to think about as
well is not just the cost side of the wedding. But what you can’t put a price
on, is the memories you’re going to make with all your friends and family over a
week-long period at a destination. It’s a unique experience, very different to just
an afternoon here in Australia or UK wherever you are, but to be able to be
away on holiday in everyone’s relaxed and everyone’s chilled. It’s
something you really can’t put a price on. Well that’s what we think
anyway that’s why we love it. So I hope that kind of gives you a little bit of insight. If you need some assistance with anything please reach out to us through our social channels. We would love to talk to you about your Destination Wedding plans.

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