Ironing Tips : Ironing Pants Without a Crease

Hi, in this segment when we’re ironing our
pair of pants, we are going to iron the pant leg without a seam down the front. Now, I’m
going to show you both methods, I’m also going to show you how to iron a pleat down the front,
or a seam down the front. Now, it also depends on what style of pants you have, as to whether
or not you choose to have that pleat down the front. Some people like it, some people
don’t, it’s a personal preference, as well as sometimes the style of the pant will allow
for it more easily. Now, these pants don’t have any pleats running along the waistline,
so usually their not meant to have a pleat running down the front, or a seam running
down the front. So, you could do it either way, it’s your choice, but with this pant
leg, we’re going to show you the non-pleated version, or the non-seam running down the
middle. So, we’re just going to lay this pant leg flat, from end to end. It’s damp, and
we’re going to start at the easy end, which is the bottom, cause you don’t have to deal
with pockets and stuff like that. We’re just going to press along the seams, work our way
up the pants, press as hard as you need to, without pressing too, too hard, just be nice,
and firm. Now, when you get to the pocket part, you want to make sure that the pockets
are lying flat, you can also check by going on the inside of your pants. If there’s a
pucker in the pocket, it will show up in your pants. Alright, we’ve done the front side,
you’re going to flip them over, and go ahead and do the back side. Again, I like to start
at the easy part, the bottom, the pant leg. And, you have to be careful when you’re doing
pants, they like to slide off sometimes, so you might have to do part of it, and then
adjust your pants over more. O.k, and again making sure there’s no pucker in the pocket,
in the back, and I just go pretty gently, along the back area. Alright, now this is
the non-pleated pant leg. All set.

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