International Events Production for the Student of L’École

[Music] Blin is a production company we produce and execute the jobs for our clients at the international level there is a proper know how the savoir faire because we train ourselves on daily basis we are doing inbounds with non French speaker clients when they come to phones as well as outbound when we accompany French groups when they go abroad what were we trying to do here with the students of the even thinking school today is to share our passion but share also the tools to remain at the international standards for them how good are the freelancers the DMC the agency providers they can find luckily this entry door will be the success of their event it is a question of network this is key this is so important plen’y is definitely investing in the next generation with the students because we know that in a very near future the students will be our colleagues we’re gonna have to work with them no matter the position they’ll be in the event industry so we like to influence the industry of tomorrow and make sure that we all remain at a certain level of execution with Perry 2024 coming at the corner of the street we’re gonna host and welcome the world [Music]


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