Instagram Average Engagement Rate for Influencer Marketing

Looking at Instagram, we’re normalising number
of Likes per thousand followers. These are your mega influencers, and at that
point, these are people with 6 to 10 thousand followers.
These are the number of likes they typically get per thousand followers.
As you can see, it rises very slightly as the influence grows. But very interestingly,
the amount of comments, that is, the actual engagement that happens, with people taking
on the information and talking about it, actually starts falling drastically. It’s fallen to
more than half of what it is for the micro influencers.
So, on a platform like Instagram, micro-influencers actually drive better engagement per thousand
followers. And for a business that means you are better off work with a bunch of micro-influencer,
because not only will you get a higher level of engagement, but, you’d typically pay a lot
less as well, to get your posts promoted by somebody who’s just got a few thousand followers,
as against hundreds of thousands or even millions.

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