Inreder sovrummet i det lilla huset

“Decorating our bedroom” Hi and welcome to yet an other decorating video! Today we’re decorating the bedroom on the second floor If yo haven’t seen me decorating my home office – check the link in the description! Our bedroom is the room where we see the sun the most. It’s the biggest room in the house too it feels very luxurious because our previous bedroom was kind of small and also very dark. We had some struggles when we were moving in We have a bed that’s 140cm and we just love it. We have been discussing maybe getting a bigger one in the future but not now. So… when we were moving in we realized we couldn’t get this huge 140cm mattress up the stairs. We tried and we tried and we tried… But the stairs are just too narrow and the ceiling too low So we had to drive over to IKEA and get a new bed… And this was something we wanted to do but.. maybe in two years or so. It’s a very cloudy and gray day today and I injured myself when I was cutting wood and didn’t use gloves I got a small and shallow wound in my hand and it hurts soooo baaaad! This is what we’re dealing with today. Clothes everywhere The bed is in it’s place but it doesn’t look that cozy, right? We have two drawers Looks like we have to start by sorting out this mess Let’s steal this one…. and maybe these… I don’t like how they look in here anyway.. Let’s make the bed. I mean, it’s the focus point in this room. I just forgot we’re using a bed skirt. Under the mattress! I guess we have to start all over. The past years we have been using old sugar boxes as bedside tables. But now I do want real tables so bad. I’m thinking of wooden tables. Maybe a cabinet with shelves or drawers. It doesn’t even have to look pretty, because I can fix that. Like stain it white and change the knobs.. I know that I don’t want open shelves because I think it looks messy. So.. let’s do some thrifting in the middle of this video! I get so impatient when I start these kind of projects. I always want to be finished the same day. And because I have to wait for these to be aired I guess its distracting myself is the best thing I can do.. Thrifting is a great distraction. 😉 *Making a wierd voice/accent*
The interior designers say you have to do this to your pillows *Continuing the wierd accent*
And my big dream is to become an interior designer
(no, its a joke) I’m doing my best you see! When you’re an interior designer you do thing like this: You place the duvet the wrong way. Upsetting your boyfriend when he just wants to go to sleep. He get’s mad, guys. Boyfriend: “I just want to go to bed, girl!” The interior designer answers: No, man. Things must be pretty around here! Pillows just for decoration…. When you’re an interior designer you use so many pillows to complete the bedding… when your BF sees it, his face turns as white as he just had seen a ghost. But the interior BF are very fortunate! Because now we can throw all the pillows in a basket I found at a thrift store! And I’m a very fortunate gal too because I did make some great finds at the thrift store! First of all I found just what I was looking for: Two bedside tables! I won’t keep them this way. My initial thought was to stain them white. But then my mum came up with the idea to stain them in a dark brown color instead. Everything is so bright and white in this room so I think dark brown will be great! I found this chair at the thrift store too! Look! This color looks great with the basket. But the floor is all in this color too. I think it’s just too much. Matching the bedside tables with the dark chair can be really, really nice! Are you with me?! Imagine this dark brown… and then you see the chair… I found a few smaller items at the thrift store too. First this dark brown frame.. Then two baskets… The first one is flat like this. Maybe for paper or books.. This will be perfect in my new night stand, on the shelf. The second basket is much stiffer This one I want to have on top of one of the drawers. Like this… Maybe like that.. A scrunchie… I like to have this as well, to put my jewellry in Then I found this… candle holder. You can put it on the wall. I don’t want to put a real candle in there so I’ll use this electrical one from IKEA. Last… I found this. Little cutie. I want to have it on top of my bedside table, I won’t throw this on the bed like I always do. Instead I will fold it… like a pro. Once there was a fire place right here… as you can tell on the floor. There are some details left on the wall as well… and I want to use them as hangers! Let’s take a look in the wardrobe. We had a wardrobe double the size in our apartment, but my dresses fit in here and some of Filip’s shirts… In here… I keep some boxes.. ..bags… more hangers… IKEA-bags as you can see So happy to have this space because it would be hard to fit a full size wardrobe in this room because of the ceiling. It’s nice to have a machine but sanding must be the most boring thing you can do. I can’t wait to start staining these. At first I didn’t see any difference from when I started and I was like: “I’m workng and working but nothing happens?!” But then I saw this… haha It’s so much prettier when the wood is lighter and less yellow. And I’m thinking.. maybe it’s good just like it is? It’s time to start staining And I’m doing it on the bottom first… Omg I just did it?!?! I didn’t even think.. It’s not dry yet ofc, so it’s standing sideways but.. you still see… ..the color All good… But then I placed the one I didn’t stain here too And I just… F*ck It’s so pretty. It feels softer with the light wood and the light pillow cases… F*ck did I just make the wrong decision? *€%#& It will take sooo much time to start all over and sand it again to make it lighter… I don’t have enough energy for that Help! I don’t know what to do.. F*ck Wooow… I don’t know if you can see it but.. The raindrops.. Barely.. I was soooo pissed yesterday.. I was pissed for hours. I called my mum and like “What can I do?! Please tell me I can redo it?!” She said it might be hard to remove all the dark stain. It depends on the type of wood and how dry it is.. But yeah.. I slept. Regained some energy and.. I wanted to see how the dark stain looked in daylight And I still didn’t… Well it wasn’t ugly but You know when you have an image in your head and you just.. I should have stained it white like my initial thought. It’s… …annoying. If I want something in a certain way.. I just have to make it happen. It means that if I make it the wrong way first… I will have to do it again. It’s a couple of days after I started this bedside table project. And I’m beyond happy because it’s time to put the rail back to add the drawer. FINALLY! The moment of truth! Puh! It still fits! Filip: Why shouldn’t it fit? I’ve sanded it down so many times now I was worried the gap for the drawer would be too big. Let’s remind us how these looked in the thrift store… This print is too pretty to be hidden behind something.. But the frame and the black in the picture look so great with all these lighter colors. It will stay for now Later I may find an other print to change it into and put this one on the wall or something, We’ll see. This curtain is also thrifted. 20SEK/$2 Right now I’m removing the loops I want to see if the tunnel on the top is wide enough to fit the rod. But first I have to open it in the ends.. That was all for today! Many of you can’t wait to see the rest of the house I won’t be making these specific interior videos for some months now I’m tired after the move and everything But I will show you the rest of the house in my vlogs! What it looks like now.. And then I can change it up later. I have had some struggles downstairs because.. We moved from such a new and modern apartment… to such an old house. And many of the furniture and the decoration doesn’t fit here Upstairs it has worked out well because the look here is more minimalistic But downstairs we have this beautiful fireplace With painted details and – It’s just a completely different vibe down there I don’t think the look of my couch or the cabinet under the TV works in there We’ll see what we come up with. If things just work out or what we will do. Thank you for watching! See you soon again, my friend!

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