INDIAN vs FOREIGNER DOLL – DIY Doll Decoration | #Ideas #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Oh My God! It’s too hot It was better to remain at home These Foreigner kids have some different kind etiquettes Now she will get a chance to flirt with every boy I won’t get anyone to flirt Bloody hell… hairs Here also western doll How beautiful is she You, here also?? I am Bharti Oh! it’s you Yeah! Me…..I have just taken my western getup as this doll and the one you are thinking of Indian in reality is western…..look Waaw….it’s beautiful Let’s our friend decide which one is the best By the time you hit 70,000 Likes and enjoy the video So, First of all let’s make western doll For that we need few clothes and some stones Omg! I forgot to share the list So, let’s start up with the skirt Firstly take the doll’s measurement Then fold the cloth this way and mark at the centre And then cut the cloth Omg! I forgot to tell…that this cloth has to be cut only this much not more than this And cut the net fabric of the same size First of all place both the fabrics one above the other Now mark the waist margin Pick up the fabric Now cut from the same margin Now stitch and join both the clothes Paste stones to make it attractive Now will make the blouse For that place the fabric and put the margin and remove the extra fabric Now fold from the margin inwards and stitch it then cut the shape from below Now stitch this part Now stitch it from the backside Blouse is ready….turn for decoration For that fix up the stones Now will make it’s jewellery Cut the paper of ‘c’ shape And paste chain and stones over it and make the entire jewellery the same way Now will make it’s vail Fold the cloth and cut this way Now stitch from the top place lace at border for decoration And one by one place the jewellery Now let’s make it’s crown with the lace And now at the end fix the lace on the border Our beautiful doll is ready Now will make an Indian doll For which we need the above items Double the cloth and cut in this shape Now stitch the open portion and turn this way Now will make it’s blouse make it similar as that of previous doll Only the pattern is different Now will take a lace and make the sleeves Make the jewellery similar as the previous one Now will make the vail Paste the lace and stones on the net fabric Our Indian doll is ready for the beauty shots So, have you seen how we converted Indian doll into western and vice- versa And do share in the comments which one you liked…..Indian or western???


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