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A voice against crime. SANSKRIT You were going to come to my house
with the wedding party, isn’t it? Why this drama here then? Come on, remove the
garland from her neck. Hurry up! Quickly remove it. What? What are you
looking at now? Put around my neck quickly! Chikna, call mother. Priest, carry on with
the wedding ritual. ?? SANSKRIT Mother!
– Yes, my dear. Make arrangements for
the welcome ceremony.. ..I am coming after solemnizing
the nuptial rounds. Come on. Come on, hurry up! SANSKRIT Hey! All of you shower
flowers on them. Come on, shower flowers on them!
– SANSKRIT Son-in-law, there is a
custom in our family. You will have to enter the house
carrying this pot on your head. But remember, this
should not fall. Come on, push the pot with
your left foot and come in. Keep this on your head. Push this pot with
your left foot. Come in. Mother, you know.
I don’t love her. This Bijli used to
study in my tuition. We were just friends
and nothing else. This Bijli used to act very
childish so I used to ignore her. Where did I know that she
would fall in love with me? And to this extent that she
would be ready to kill herself. Mother, you don’t worry. I will speak to
Sandhya’s parents. The thing is I cannot
even avoid them. Actually Bijli’s mother is
always tense because of Bijli. So she wishes that I stay
here for a few days. Mother, it is a
question of a few days. When everything is fine
I will bring her home. You take care of yourself and Gauri.
Okay? Yes, mother. Yes, I
will disconnect now. Sorry, Janu! My friends were not
allowing me to go. But today my entire
night today.. only for my husband. We will do whatever
we want today. We will do, isn’t it? And in this wedding attire
you look very handsome. Why do you feel shy? I am your wife. Move away! You are drunk? You are not
in your senses today. The day you are in your senses.. ..whatever that has to
happen will happen. Whatever that has to happen
will happen today itself. The bed is decorated,
my husband is here.. ..and this is also
our nuptial night. So then, Janu, if not now
when will it happen? Whatever that has to happen
will happen today itself. My entire body is aching. You are a very lustful husband. We are going home today.
Remember? Janu, at least give me tea. I thought when I get married
my husband will wake me up.. ..with tea ready in his hand. You are my husband now and
the kitchen is over there. Go! Get me a cup of tea. Five kilos of green
gram without the skin. 20 kilos of best
quality Basmati rice. Yes, ma’am. And 40 kilos of wheat. – Yes. Tell him to give the best quality.
– Yes. And five kilos of jaggery.
– Yes. Have you written down? – Yes. What are you looking at me for?
Get going! Yes, ma’am. Not a single servant in
this house is efficient. Mother, I seek your blessings.
God bless. Early morning you must touch the feet
of elders and seek their blessings. Your mother did not even
teach you this much? Go and seek mother’s blessings. Go. What are you thinking about? Go! Oh! Be happy! Be happy! Sit. Come come.. Janu, it is the first day
of our married life. So will you prepare
milk porridge for me? And yes! Prepare fried
bread and vegetable curry. Let me taste and see whether
you prove true to your name.. ..Laddu confectioner or
is it only for name sake. Come on, prepare it. But I have never cooked food. I
used to help my father at times. I will have to stay hungry then. The son of Laddu
confectioner is my husband.. ..and I should eat food
prepared by someone else? No! And as it is I don’t like
food prepared by servants. Come on, prepare food.
I am very hungry. Come on, make it. Okay. Yes, over there. Sugar
and rice is over there.. ..and milk is over here. Okay, Janu, you prepare it
I will wait outside. Okay? My child, the bride’s mother
is a very powerful woman. She runs a big business. She is very friendly
with the politicians. Who can oppose such a woman? Mother, what you say is true. But I am tense thinking
about brother. Why? Bijli is her only child, mother. And I very well know how difficult
it is to send your only child away. But after marriage a girl has to come
to her in-law’s house, isn’t it? And in doing all this I hope brother
does not have to beg in front of her. Gauri! Go and bring the
veneration tray. Jeeva has come with
daughter-in-law. Jeeva! Sister! Chikna, keep the money here.
– Sister! All this sister,
what is all this? I don’t want this. I am not concerned with what you
want and what you don’t want. I felt that some gifts should be sent
to my daughter’s in-laws house.. I came here with them. My daughter will not be
able to stay in this house. She is not used to such things. By the way how much is
your monthly expense? Approximately 25 to 30 thousand.
– Only this much? That is sufficient for you? Chikna will come and
give you 40 thousand.. ..on the fifth of every month. I will see that there is
nothing lacking in this house. But my son-in-law will stay in my
house as a live in son-in-law. Henceforth this house will
not mean anything to him. Sister, what are you saying? My son and live in husband? No. I will not allow
this to happen. Once I have decided
then it is definite. And I am not habituated
to being refused. Chikna, let’s go!
– Sister! Sister! How is this possible.. How can this be possible? How can my son become
a live in son-in-law? I will not allow that to happen. They are not like us. Brother
is staying with them. Calm down. Hey, listen! Take your tiffin at least. I have packed last
night’s Pulav. Janu, you had prepared such
delicious Pulav last night. I was licking my fingers. Son-in-law! Move aside! What I was saying is.. ..this is your first day of
office after marriage, isn’t it? So I thought why not you seek
Lord Mahadev’s blessings. May Lord Mahadev shower a
lot of success on you! That I have heard that you have
that bridge tender quotation file? Get it with you when you
return in the evening. Now, go. Why didn’t you bring
the tender file? What did you achieve by
making mother angry? If you would have brought the
file we would come to know.. to which company
has quoted how much? We would file a lesser quotation
and acquire that tender. Tomorrow is the last date.
You know that, isn’t it? If you don’t get one tender
is that the end of the world? And is this the last tender?
There will more, isn’t it? Fill the right quotation
and acquire it. And only that one will get the
tender who has experience.. ..of constructing a bridge. And one last thing! I will not
be able to steal like this. Son-in-law! Where am I asking you to steal? I just want
information from you. If I construct this bridge we
would have got some money. And where am I doing
all this for me? I am doing this for you
and Bijli’s welfare. You should atleast
understand this much. Look, I have understood
what I wanted to. Rest we will understand everything
else with mother and Gauri. We are going home.
Come if you wish to. Neither I will go
nor will you go. The thing is there is
veneration at home.. ..and it is necessary for both
of us to perform it together. I have called your mother and
sister here, you can meet them. There is no need to go anywhere. This is a very ancient
custom that after marriage.. ..the girl leaves her house and
goes to her husband’s house. Today too this custom is
prevalent in the Indian society. Live in son-in-law! That
means a man after marriage.. ..leave his home and goes
and stays with is wife. This is considered
as a social stigma. Yes, but it is not that boys don’t
become live in son-in-laws. Due to circumstances or
for some other reason.. have to leave their
house and go and stay.. ..with their in-laws. In every marriage a girl and a
boy have some expectations.. ..and some hope
from each other.. ..which is simple
and also logical. Jeeva too had some
expectations from Bijli. But as days passed by Jeeva
started facing so many things.. ..which he must have
never imagined. Hello! This is Girish Jain. In this new episode of Crime
Alert we have brought for you.. ..a heart touching incident from
Koshambi city in Uttar Pradesh. Jeeva was compelled to
become a live in son-in-law. But Jeeva’s problems
were going to stop here? Or was their going to be
another twist in his life? Come, let’s see. Hello, sister! What is this that
you have brought? We don’t even give
this to our servants. Let it be now that
you have brought it You should have atleast found out
as to what you should carry.. your son’s in-law’s house? Chikna, go and get
water is a big plate. See the thing is your
son will be happy if his in-laws are happy, right? You also know this much. There is a custom in our family. When the boy’s mother comes to
her daughter-in-law’s house.. ..she washes her mother’s feet. Bring and keep it here.
Please do it quickly. We should not be late
for the veneration. Here do it. Mother, no! – Jeeva stays here. His life will become
miserable here. We are getting late
for the veneration. Mother! What are you doing? What do you mean by that? She
is performing the ceremony. This is a custom in
our Thakur family. Which ceremony and why it is
carried out I know everything. Don’t shout! If I scream you
will become deaf. Is that clear? And mother, why are you so much
interested in carrying out.. ..this old custom? Laddu confectioner’s
family is here. I thought we will eat
delicious food.. ..but you are after
all these ceremonies. Gauri, go and help your brother
in preparing delicious food. Let me see how good you prepare?
Go. I will prepare the food. – Why? Gauri’s hands are
adorned with henna? Go, my child! Go and prepare delicious
food with your brother. Go. You sit. We will talk. Lovely! I enjoyed it so much. Mother, I tell you,.. ..henceforth I will eat food
prepared by my husband only. By the way even Gauri has
cooked delicious food.. ..but nothing can be compared.. ..with the food that my
husband has prepared. Janu, if your father would
have been alive today.. ..he would have been so happy.
Am I right? Eat, eat, you also eat. Here have some more. Okay, sister, we will leave now. Hey, go by all means but atleast eat
food prepared by your son first. Have it! – Eat, my child!
Have it. Listen! Don’t forget to bring the
quotation file today. The thing is if you don’t bring
mother will feel very bad. And mother will get angry. And when mother gets angry
even I get very angry. And that Chikna, he
gets red with fury. He is eccentric. He can do anything. And you know that your mother
and Gauri stay alone at home. The world.. not good. Am I right? It is bad, isn’t it? So go and get the file.
Okay? Go! Son-in-law is late today. See there he comes. Listen! Come here. Mother! What is this? What is this? This is a tender
of a small canal. This is not any highway bridge! Bijli, I tell you if he would
not have been your husband.. ..he would not have
been alive today. Mother! One minute! You calm down. I
will talk to him. How can I calm down? – Mother! Talk to him. What are you doing? Why did
you make mother angry? You again brought
the wrong file? The bridge that you are talking
about is a very important bridge. Once it is constructed
it will be very busy. If something untoward happens
many people will die. Many people will lose their life and
so much material will get wasted. Try and understand. That is why
expert people will be called.. You don’t go you don’t
go on that bridge. There won’t be any
threat to your life. Okay? Done? You are concerned for
all the people in this world? Don’t think about your family
but think of everyone else. I thought by getting married to
you I will get to enjoy both.. and as well power. What did I know that I will
have to live my life.. ..with an useless
person like you. Okay! So I am useless now because
I could not help you.. get the tender
the wrong way. I am useless because I
think of public safety. I am useless because I don’t
support you in your scams. Bijli, that’s right. Great! Yes! This is it, my
social worker husband. And the most important thing
is that you only have tonight. Just think as to do you wish
to carry on with your job.. helping us or you wish to
lose your job by not helping us. Understood? What’s the matter? This is it. Okay, so now you are
threatening me. Oh, you are angry. It
is nothing like that. What it is and how it is I
have understood everything. Now I have understood as to why I
was made a live in son-in-law. Bijli, I have done a lot for you.
But not anymore now. One more thing. Stop
threatening me.. ..because this useless man
is going back to his house. If you wish come with me or
else you are free to stay here. Where did we know that
daughter-in-law.. ..would turn out
to be like this. Can anyone behave in this
way with her husband? I had met her when she was
studying with you in college. She looked so virtuous. Brother, have some snacks.
Mother has prepared herself.. ..these hot potato
stuffed dumplings. Take my child, eat. Seems like someone is serving
me food after a long time. So many days I was only
serving food to people. No one even offered
me a glass of water. My child, go and
see who has come. You will have to come to the
police station with us. We have a warrant against you. Warrant? Against me? What have I done? Okay! What’s the matter? You have beaten your
wife, Bijli Sharma. You have tortured her for dowry. That is why her mother Sitara Devi
has filed a case against you.. ..under section 498- A. So we are arresting you.
Come with us. Inspector, this is not true.
They are lying. My son is innocent. He
has not done anything. Look whatever you wish to
say, say that in court. Right now I am on duty so
please let me do my duty. Take him with us. No! No, inspector!
My son is innocent. No, please don’t take
my brother away. He can never do anything wrong.
Inspector, my son is innocent. Yes, Bijli, tell us what
exactly happened with you. What shall I tell you? My husband used
to beat me a lot. My mother-in-law my mother-in-law
used to instigate him.. ..and he used to
beat me with a belt. See this! See how mercilessly
he has beaten me. See here and here he even
tried to strangulate me. Can you see this? See this. I was tortured a lot.
I was beaten a lot. Mother, just see how she
is lying about brother. My child, you don’t know them. Yes, mother, I know that
sister-in-law and her mother.. ..are very powerful. So should we keep
quiet like this? And mother, should we allow
brother to rot in jail? No, mother! I will not be able
to endure this anymore now. I know a lawyer, we will go to him.
Mother, let’s go. I don’t know whether this will
help us in any way or not. Wonder in what condition
my son will be. You will have to wait
till the next hearing. Mr. Advocate, we have
already waited long. How much more
should we wait now? I will need money if I have
to carry on with this case. Where will I get money from? My son has lost his job. We don’t have enough
money for food. Mr. Advocate, what shall I do? Let him rot in jail then. We will see what to do
when you have money. Mr. Advocate, listen Mr. Advocate,
at least listen to me.. According to Indian Penal
code section 498-A.. ..if any woman is tortured
physically or mentally.. her husband or her
in-laws then the law gives.. ..such a person
life imprisonment. But nowadays we can
see many incidents.. ..where we see a women
misusing this law. Women misuse this law
and file a fake case.. ..on their husband and in-laws. Like what Sitara
Devi and Bijli did. Because Jeeva did
not support them.. ..their erroneous plans
never succeeded. That is why they misused the law
made to protect the women.. ..and trapper her
husband in a fake case. Jeeva was totally at the
mercy of the law now. We have to see now whether will
Jeeva be proved innocent.. this fake case? Will he be successful
in getting free from.. ..his wife and
mother-in-law’s trap? Come, let’s see. Why should we bail out your son? What is our benefit in that? He never did what
we told him to do. On top of that he called me
selfish and many other things.. ..and walked away. And you are telling
me to bail him out? Sister, have mercy. Jeeva is your son-in-law. Please revoke the case. I beg of you. I apologize to you. I will fall at your feet. Move away! – Please save my son! Don’t dither him so much. He will do as you say. Will he do.. ..what I tell him to do? Yes! Yes, sister! He will
do whatever you say. Okay. Promise me then
that my son-in-law.. ..will always stay here
as a live in son-in-law. Yes, sister! I promise you that he will do
whatever you tell him to do. Yes, inspector! This
is Sitara Devi here. I withdraw the case that I had
filed against my son-in-law. Yes, let him go. My advocate will come to the
police station with the documents. See, it is done. Your son will come
in a short while. Now go away from here.. ..and don’t ever
come here again. Sister, thank you very much. So, my dear husband, are you
satisfied with the legal case.. ..or do you wish to
fight some more cases? How will you fight such cases? You have no money now. Okay, never mind. I am there. We will begin a new life now. Come on, forget everything
and press my legs. My legs don’t stop paining
till you don’t press them. What to do? I am so
habituated to this. Come and press my feet. Press with both the hands. The marriage will last only
if you keep your wife happy. My dear husband,.. ..if you keep me happy your life
will be filled with happiness. Mother, I am fine. You don’t worry and you also
don’t worry about money. I will make arrangements. And
that Gaurti has the ATM card. Whenever you need money
tell her to go to the ATM.. ..and withdraw money. Yes, I ate my food. Son-in-law, what is this? You
don’t have any work to do. You got this free so you
keep talking for hours? Who were you talking to? With your mother and sister? How many times I told you.. forget your
mother and sister.. ..and concentrate on
the work at home? Don’t you understand? You are trying to
act very smart? You lost your job in
being over smart. Even then you did
not understand? Don’t you feel ashamed to have
free food without doing any work? Here, take this and
wash my clothes. And don’t while away your time. Or else.. – And henceforth you will do
all the household chores. I don’t want to take
any responsibility. Did you bail me out
to do all this? Send me to jail. I
was happy there. Son, you were happy there?
That is why your mother.. ..came weeping and fell at
my feet to bail you out. And now that I have
bailed you out.. are acting smart? It won’t take me much time
in clipping your feathers. You are arguing with me, you
sponger and selfish man! Chikna, beat him! You talk too much! What are you doing?
Come on, hurry up! What are you doing?
Go and bring it. Wow! That’s nice! Chikna, all the
arrangement is superb. And is the music ready
for the dance or not? You tell me and it won’t be ready?
How is that possible? Has this ever happened
when Chikna is here? That’s it, then! Everything today
should be the best. There will be such an
erotic dance today.. ..which everyone will
remember always. When will this dance be? You will come to know. Carry
on with the preparations. You will come to
know by evening. Hey you! Hurry up! Hurry
up and finish everything. Take this! Leave all that! There is no
need for you to work today. Take these clothes
and change quickly. Some special guests are
coming home today. Your job is to make them happy. Today dance in such a way
that they become happy. And they approve our bank
loan for the project. That’s it! And I know
that you can do this. I know that in college you
used to dance so well. I got smitten by that. Bijli, what are you saying? You are asking me to dance as
a girl in front of everyone? But you used to say
that you love me. I am your husband. Please don’t make me do
such a shameful deed. Bijli, I will not
be able to do it. You will be able to do and
you will surely do it. You will do whatever
I tell you to do. And if you don’t do then
do you remember that.. ..mother and Gauri
are alone at home? Do you remember? Or have you forgotten
them as well? Quickly get ready and come. Mother, I know you will
not be able to endure.. ..what I am going
to tell you today. Mother, I am living a
life of hell here. Bijli and her mother
are very powerful. You will never be able
to fight against them. You will never be able
to fight against them. They are very
influential, mother. You very well know that I
never wanted to marry Bijli. Mother, I never knew.. ..that Bijli’s mother
would be such a torturer. Mother, she has
made my life hell. Mother, I want to be free.
I want to free. Mother, I never knew that Bijli’s
mother would be such a torturer. They make me work all day. Sweeping, swapping. Vessels,
washing of clothes.. ..this and that everything. Mother, I cannot
endure this anymore. I want to be free now. I want
to be free. I want to b free. Mother! Mother! Mother, come soon! – What happened, my child?
– See this brother.. Mother, I know you will
not be able to endure.. ..what I am going
to tell you today. My son! My son! Mother, I don’t know what to do. My child, quickly
call the police. Jeeva! What were
you going to do? My son.. – Mother! ?? Are you human beings or beasts? Have you seen his condition?
What have you’ll done to him? Wonder what he would have
done if we would have come.. ..a little late. Inspector, it is nothing like that.
He is just pretending. Okay! Is he pretending or
are you doing a drama? I have his dying statement. And shall I tell you
one more thing? There is no greater evidence
than a dying statement. I arrest you right now. And you also. Put them behind bars! You have freed my son from them. This mother and daughter have
made our life miserable. Just see what condition
they have made of my son. Take them away! Inspector, do you know
who you are talking to? This is not your police station
that you can bully us. This is my house and my
word is obeyed here. Do you know how
much power I have? Sitara Devi, show your power in
court and not in front of me. And yes, you decide whether you wish
to quietly come with us or not. Otherwise this lady constable will
drag you both to the police station. Inspector, you don’t
know my power. ??Come on! – Take them away! To keep Jeeva captive and to torture
him physically and mentally.. ..the court sentenced
life imprisonment.. ..for Sitara Devi and Bijli. The court sentenced
rigorous imprisonment.. Chikna for supporting them. Jeeva regained his confidence
to a great extent.. ..under the treatment
of a psychiatrist.. ..and now he is doing
his job happily. Friends, seeing the present
condition it is very necessary.. ..and important to get
all information.. ..about the girl and the
boy before marriage. Otherwise a little
negligence from your side.. ..and you too can get trapped
in some situation like Jeeva. That is why it is very
necessary to remain alert. The number is of concern. Our country is considered to
be the greatest in misusing.. ..the act of protecting women
against domestic violence. And the Supreme court
has made an amendment.. Now no sooner the case
is filed in court.. ..the husband and his family
are not immediately arrested. The court has ordered
the police.. gather ample evidence and
witnesses for arresting them. With this, I Girish Jain would
like to say good-bye to you.. ..from this episode
of Crime Alert. I will again meet you to
alert you about some crime. Till then be alert, be safe! Crime Alert! Fight
against crime!


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