Impractical Jokers – Q’s Killer Engagement Speech | truTV

Oh, I paid so much money
for this ring. Three-month income, right?
That’s it? Three month’s income. That’s straight up
bull[bleep] That’s why I’m never
getting married. Yeah,
that’s the reason. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Excuse me.
Do you know what time it is? 16:41? Murr:
She’s engaged. I’m just so nervous. I was up all night,
just thinking about what to say and the right thing
to say. Actually, do you mind
if I run it by you real quick? Okay, yeah.
I’ll read it. I’ll read it. Here we go. “Manduke.” That’s her name,
Meghan Manduke. [ Laughs ] Okay. “Let’s cut the bull. You need me
like I need a hole in the head, but maybe that’s what works
about two sick nuts like us. I’ll kill 10,000 men
for you. I’ll murder them with my fists
if I have to.” Sal:
Look at her face. “I just want you to be able
to do what you love — pottery, teaching,
and me.” [ Laughter ] “Get off your high horse
and get –” “Get off your high horse
and get on my hog.” [ Laughter ] “Let’s ride off into Hell before
the devil knows we’re dead. Will you marry me?” What do you think? Any changes
or it’s good to go? ♪♪ Oh, she’s really
digging in. Oh! Which part’s too much? “I’ll kill 10,000 men
for you.” [ Laughter ] So, just take the murder
out completely? Okay, all right.
All right. Oh, there you go, bud.
Nice try. Like, 10 men? No men?
Kill no men? [ Laughter ]

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