Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer | Wedding Planning

So you’ve cut down your short list to about
2 or 3 photographers, the next thing to do is to request a meeting. In this meeting,
there is some very important questions to ask. nr 1, how many years have they been in
service, make sure you get an experienced photographer, the 2nd thing to consider and
to ask them is whether they are full-time photographers. If they are not full-time photographers
it might be that they will get very busy or have other commitment that will jeopardise
your end product and service on the day. Another thing that you’ve got to make sure you find
out the location where the photographers are based. And if it’s not close to you, then
there might be extra costs, like flights, accommodation, car rental. Your wedding pictures
are very important, and you’ve got to make sure that those photos are taken. So make
sure this photographer has somebody that can stand in if they are sick on the day or also
make sure that they’ve got a backup camera and a backup system to cover your wedding
if they camera falls or if something goes wrong.

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