Importance of Having Diverse Skills as an Event Planner

(cheerful music) – Tell us a little bit
about the importance of having those various skillsets, especially on the production side too. – Absolutely, I’ve just
always been someone like that, who really likes to see the big picture. Again, ’cause I am a creative person, but for me creativity comes
from thinking systematically. It’s creative but it’s also systematic, which I think can be at odds, but for me it was about knowing as much as I could so that I could apply those
things across all boards. Not just having an idea,
but knowing how that idea could actually be executed
was really important to me, ’cause I think it’s great
there are times where we’re like let’s just
throw all of the logistics, let’s throw all of the
reality out the window, a client wants us to do
a proposal where we’re just coming up with the
biggest and best ideas, great, I can do that, I can throw the reality out the window. But I
think, at the end of the day, we’re trying to execute practical things, we’re trying to execute real things with real budgets and real limitations, so knowing what those limitations are was always really helpful for me, it kind of kept me almost more creative to know what my limits were, which is how I’ve always worked. So for that reason,
and in addition I think it just brings more to my day, sometimes I’m like I wish I
only wanted to do one thing, it would be so easy to
go this is my thing, this is not my thing.
– Yep. – And it’s been interesting
at Sequence to see how a lot of the hats that I used to wear, especially when I was on
the more senior end at Paint the Town Red and Global Events, I used to do so many
different types of things in a day, and I do so many types of things in a day now, but a lot
of what I used to do are entire departments of people. And that’s evolved so slowly
over the course of time but there was a plan in place for that, I knew what that looked like, and actually I was just talking to
my business partner now about starting to build
a position for marketing, and these are things we’ve been doing in our spare time. I can see it because I’ve touched it and not that I’m a marketing
professional by any means, but I can start to do it. So production was an area
where I had no background, and I’m so lucky a lot of
the people who come now into our system have come from technical theater backgrounds, they just know a lot more than I did coming in. I really focused on using
resources as much as possible, and when I had an AV company that I worked with a lot and trusted I was like, hey, can you
tell me more about this, I’d love to learn more. Just to me it just enriched
the whole experience and made it more than a
job, which is ultimately why I wanted to stick
around in the industry and start a business, and
start a new challenge there. – Yeah, and you know, as you’re talking it’s sort of sparking some thoughts and you’re talking about
doing everything yourself and also the difference between doing everything yourself and having a knowledge of everything as well.
– Right. – Just because you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. – Right
– Also, just because you don’t wanna do it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to not know (laughs).
– Right, right, yeah. Exactly, so I think
knowing more means you can make those decisions,
’cause I think that there’s knowing more about those practicalities and what each of those things are, but then there’s also the
self-reflection aspect which is what am I most suited for, what are my strengths,
how do those fit together with somebody else’s strengths, oh that person’s really
great at systems too, great, why don’t I tell them my idea, let them build something out from A to T, and then we’ll work on
T through Z together. And that’s actually been
really really successful at Sequence, and I think
ultimately it’s helped other people be successful too, ’cause if I was the
one starting everything and it was always coming from me, first of all that would never happen because there’s just not
enough hours in the day, and yeah, you can’t do it all and frankly no-one should do it all,
so I think it’s helpful. But it’s helpful to be
able to decide that. (cheerful music)

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