“I’M PREGNANT” PRANK ON JAKE (he literally cried)

Hi guys, it’s Tana Mo ngeau. Welcome to my pregnancy or welcome back to my pregnancy I’m really nervous for today’s video and I feel like I’m never really nervous for videos like this because I I just stay in my lane, you know, I’m a story time you to wear sometimes beauty guru fashion icon a comedian, singer reality star Extraordinaire, but one thing I am NOT is a prank youtuber a prankster modern day prank vs. Prank if you will. Um And I like today I’m gonna shaky right now that’s how I was I am I like to think I’m pretty good at a lot of things making YouTube content may or may not be one of them but one Thing I’m really fuckin mad at is acting like atrociously atrociously atrociously bad acting I think I am like just too fucked up of a person to like Ambala something else like I’m just like so me like I’m Just like so real, you know and I’ve always stayed in my lane like just Choosing to stay away from pranking other people because it would only be an embarrassment on myself and how bad it would be But I’m thinking eh girl now, you know, I’m like a Family Channel Jake and I actually just got back from church I Was taking selfies with people at church, which it’s such a fucked up world that we live in that’s even ascendance what I’m saying? Right now, but I wasn’t literally telling every person I’m at like bet you never thought you’d meet me here Oh my god, we just got home. It’s 10:30 1 p.m. And a few weeks ago The cocky twins pulled a prank on Everyone in the house where they went one by one to everyone and they told them that they found a pregnancy test in Jake’s room Like from me and they got everybody’s reactions and like prank my wives She thought she was the problem she’s moving from it. I know she be with me. No, I know Yeah, you’re touching the pain I don’t Smell it pull it. Oh, it doesn’t count because like A real pregnancy test you seriously found this in Jake’s life. Oh my god my life How do you know turns because Jake I got job over last night. She did And after that video I started getting so many comments of people speculating if I’m actually pregnant and speculative That’s the reason why I like Jake and I are engaged It’s like my pregnancy. It was like the reason why we’re like getting a little like getting married so fast mama Donna honestly, it’s a really fucking good conspiracy theory and I wish I thought of it myself but um Unfortunately, I’m not pregnant. I’m just eating really good I’m like hot sweating. I’m so nervous I decided like five days ago that it would be so easy you to pull a pregnancy prank on Jake like Not just suck my own dick, but I never really lie to him I feel like I’ll never see this coming we’re just like so honest with each other like couples who are just like so honest with each other and I feel like we’re always making like I’m pregnant like get me pregnant jokes, but if I sat him down I was like yo, I’m actually pregnant like he would Potentially believe it if I could pull it off And I just felt like with all these pregnancy rumors in the air I can get some good fuckin pregnancy clickbait And now that I’m a fucking married ass family channel ass bitch. I should pull a prank on my fiance So today I am trying my first prank video I also never talked as quietly in a youtube video for this long fucking ever and I don’t want you to hear me Obviously and so all week. I’ve been like planting little seeds for this prank the other day I woke up a really really nauseous. Maybe I actually am pregnant taking a pregnancy test. Who knows. Can he ever love me? I woke up really nauseous and I came here and I kept telling Jake that I was nauseous and then I like filmed a little Clip of me saying I was nauseous insert that here. We’re wedding planning right now No, no, you know I said I said, how do I help I was I was texting the wedding list over the weekend Oh my god wedding planner. Are you fighting? We’re already fighting. I’m so nauseous How do you fix that Tom’s somebody get this girl Tom’s Oh, why would I get if I could hold her here while someone else gets it? Oh My god, I really throw up I’ve never had it something never had it come Says the biggest child. I did Molly when I was 14, but I’ve never had it done I’m so nauseous. I don’t know what that word means. Does that mean like you’re like, I feel like I’m gonna throw up Oh shit. What do I do mom? What I do you’re a nurse mom have there been times in your life Pam where you were just like we’re waking up nauseous a lot Jake I’m pregnant What do I do you like thank your birth control though, I’m not ready That’s funny So today while I was like on some TV being like a reality star coming Confessionals about my fiance Jade. I said Natalie went to the store and she got me Okay honestly This shit low-key what’s real – it’s positive everytime great from marriage extortion and laughs I can honestly say I’m going for marriage extortion airbox this she has only $4.99 like you go fuck up someone’s whole ass fucking week For not every minute. I Was on earth so Jake is downstairs right now luckily because it’s just a house full of loggers them to ten members and Youtubers I can go something I camera down in the bedroom and I’ll just look at my cameras chillin There’s my camera is always chillin there and I hit record. I’m gonna call Jake I’m gonna invite him upstairs And I’m gonna tell him I’m pregnant the only thing that really sucks about this is I do feel like every single time I’m even Remotely, not telling the truth – Jake but just like never because I’m so away He always catches me Jake can look at me from across above your room and know if I’m lying or not. So I’m scared I’m scared. I’m scared, but I think I’m gonna send my first fucking prank dammit I’ve been semi living in the team ten house for like two fucking weeks now and I’m already like a prank you do weird the Whole denim you want her back you’ve changed What a bitch Is pregnant that’s why I’m getting married. I also can’t decide if I should be when Jake is skeptical of it If I should like cry because we all know I’m just so good at crying on command oh my apology videos and whatever or If I should be like angry that he doesn’t believe me or like laughing like I feel like real me if I was like really Pregnant I would like be making jokes still. Okay, I’m gonna shut up I’m just being a nervous little bitch with this intro by the way watch my reality show of new episode linked below my pants also Just came on buttoned right now. Am I fuckin really pregnant? Should I take a pregnancy test? Holy fuck – Mike Sorry, the baby’s just like so Like picking it’s funky. I’m gonna put on my glasses because that serious bitch mode like watch like not pregnant Pregnant I’m so scared. I’m such a fucking bad actress. I don’t know if you guys have seen escape tonight, but like I’m It’s a real bad girl who would have ever thought when I was laying in this bed taking a fucking Snapshot that I would be here engage safety pregnant the door for this closed on itself seems a house that goes then quickly okay, that’s kind of I Don’t hate that I’m trying to decide at the camera on top of the fish tank is likes us But I also think this is where I can run normal like it’s so hard being a liar I’m such a bad liar. I’m such a fucking bad actress. I’m a good liar. I’m just a bad actress Sorry, I have to put the viewfinder back to because otherwise he’s gonna know it’s a fucking prank which sucks ass for my narcissistic self When you have to call him cuz this house is so big hard eyes How are you doing Because I didn’t want to come all the way back down serious, I’m lazy I’m tired I told you this I’m lethargic the can you Can you come upstairs? I really need to talk to you Yeah Yeah, actually I flake shit Like I don’t feel like shit like he’s on mute he also just hang up up He’s also you know your honor it’s like her fiance. Oh my god I got to love you. What why do you think I was like talking to Lauren? I? Like me to shit wave even do it Just laying here. I’m kind of really I know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry What do you mean? You’re sorry? I really don’t want to say any of this you I Think it’s bad timing Why expect where it’s going to be okay I can’t afford it you ever don’t even look at you And moments like mr. Battery no I’m sure I’m freaking the fuck out, but my hands were shaking What what the fuck is it yo stop As I don’t know how you’re going to react I just want to say you know you This is so different what the tell me anything Unless women should try to sing it Yeah But like you’re not gonna believe me like it really sucks fucking living in a house with youtubers where everything’s a fucking joke at all Like for go Very funny now Do you mean very much so sometimes like way everyday Underneath a cantilever jumping me out all I had Are waking up every day feeling like so fucking nauseous shape like then Natalie was just like yo Like take a ring to test walking into the world that that’s not normal. Usually we never get a feeling nauseous and they took it Oh Hey, I lost him they’re all so pretty just Well, I these are gonna be mad at you don’t look like you just got to handle it how I Don’t know What the fuck are you supposed to do in a situation like that? You know, look we’re happy whatever your beliefs are think it’s right I’d be able to have a habit, you know No, no, can you give us a second? Unless one of that happened like what they quickly Know you know that what the fuck do you mean? I know that what do you mean I’ve told you from day one Like What you’re gonna try to blame me doing that I’m just saying like I thought I Just like don’t know what to do It’s like everyone’s already just like kept aside this marriage I’m saying it’s fucking because I could be prank ever It’s fucked fuck everyone else. Like for real wouldn’t like this is really fucked what anyone thinks you know? I think we’d fucking think about it talk to people like I don’t know what my initial reaction is say like Like our mothers or not. Like I don’t fucking know what to do Like I’m like, I don’t know like I don’t I do not know what to do But now I don’t know what to do. But like I think in my gut feeling is like We did something that may be responsible Jersey keep it Did you say that like with like such like Processes more we process this behind Imitators We can’t Rob here always really came and clutch this one time for me Yeah even honey Wow Yo get away from me I’m pregnant why did you believe me getting it right? Why would I believe you logging week? You just jump just kidding I am really pregnant I had the whole time like I’m mad and I’m pregnant The Paul family was almost a real thing. That’s Why I needed to process it because I was like wait am I down I Know you are more down to key, but I think than me kind of hot. Maybe I will get pregnant All right, you want to do it now? Yes Baby for them but no easy. No wonder prank like video couples are so successful. The guy could bust out like fire I know you’re like mad at me and all but like will you pose for a thumbnail? You look teary-eyed No, I’m just ready into my eyes. All right, guys. This has been another Paul family Shenanigan. I am so fucking proud of myself Jake earlier today. I was telling Jake how bad of an actress I wasn’t having him present Really She’s been telling me that Yeah, yeah, you’re fuckin crazy Cuz that fucking thing I wish I’d be nauseous and prank you They’re like, oh I can’t like my dicks been hurting. Oh, you could convince me that you have like AIDS. Okay. This video is over


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