Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Now Attacking President Trump, Vows To Kick Trump From White House!

Well, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far
from the tree! Like mother like daughter and they both apparently
HATE President Trump! In a new video posted today, Ilhan Omar’s
daughter is interviewed and she goes right after President Trump. So sad. From the Washington Examiner: The daughter of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar
threatened to vote President Trump out of office if his administration does not act
to solve the “incredible crisis” of climate change. Isra Hirsi appeared on the left-wing program
Democracy Now! on Friday to talk with host Amy Goodman about the 16-year-old’s climate
activism. Hirsi was one of several youth leaders involved in a youth climate strike in Minneapolis
as global strikes broke out around the world on Friday. After speaking with Hirsi about her thoughts
on activism and climate change, Goodman asked the high schooler if she had a message for
Trump. “President Trump, your actions are actually
harming people. Millions of people across this country are being impacted by [your inaction],”
Hirsi said. “Us young people are not going to stand down and allow this inaction to continue.” Burger King Bows To Muslims in South Africa,
Drops “Ham” In “Hamburger” To Not Offend “We will continue to be on the streets until
we see some change from your office,” Hirsi continued. “We are going to be voting you
out because we need a leader that is actually going to take action on this incredible crisis.” Here’s more, from the YouTube description: Today is the Global Climate Strike, inspired
by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. As people took to the streets in Africa, Asia,
Europe and Australia, we host a roundtable discussion with youth activists organizing
marches in the United States — in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis — ahead
of next week’s U.N. Climate Action Summit. We are joined by Xiye Bastida, a 17-year-old
climate justice activist originally from Mexico who is an organizer with Fridays for Future
New York and a student at Beacon High School in New York; Katie Eder, a 19-year-old climate
justice activist who founded the Future Coalition, where she is currently the executive director;
Juwaria Jama, a 15-year-old and first-generation Somali from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who is
with U.S. Youth Climate Strikes and is the co-state lead for the Minnesota Youth Climate
Strike; and Isra Hirsi, a high school junior and executive director of the U.S. Youth Climate
Strike, daughter of Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar; Kelsey Juliana, lead plaintiff
in Juliana v. United States, the landmark youth climate lawsuit against the U.S. government;
Jerome Foster II, White House Climate Strike organizer, founder and executive director
of OneMillionOfUs; and Nasratullah Elham, an Afghan high school student studying in
Phuket, Thailand whose visa to the United States was rejected after being invited to
the first-ever U.N. Youth Climate Summit.

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