Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 78 (English Subtitle)

I found something like this. – Whose is this?
– That’s just hair. Just hair? Do you want to see
the DNA identification results? This is yours, Choi Yoo-ra! The two will be a sight to watch. Why would you stop by secretly? You so were busy making
a mess out of my place that you didn’t notice your hair. You’re still going to deny it? I don’t know where you live. Why
would I go? How would I get there? It’s not me. I’m sure Seol Yeon-hwa
took my hair and dropped it there. There is a limit to a person’s
patience. I’m about to explode. Pull yourself together! You can’t
fall for Seol Yeon-hwa’s trick. A fight between us… is what
Seol Yeon-hwa’s going after. How could I trust your words?
I know what kind of person you are! How am I supposed to
believe you now? If you went through the whole house
and still couldn’t find anything… That means Park Chang-doo
hid the evidence separately. He has gotten big sums for bribes
but he didn’t have much at home. He’s pulling all of the
tricks not to get caught. He’s a very smart and cunning person. Where would he hide them? Young-soon, what’s he hiding? Soo-ae, if someone hid something
important, where would he hide it? Oh, Yoo-ra’s grandmother
hid it in a safe. The CD I was going to give to
Yeon-hwa was locked up in a safe. Soo-ae is right. He must have his own
safe somewhere. Let’s look for that. That’s right, his personal safe.
We’ll start with the bank he uses. Soo-ae, you’re smart. Soo-ae is a genius! That’s enough, great. If Yoo-ra gave one billion won because she’s afraid of
her crime being known… Shouldn’t you use that as evidence
and report it to the police? Why are you staying quiet? Just exposing that
alone is meaningless. As I gather more evidence, I’m
finding other pieces of evidence. And they’ll solve everything at the
end. I’m waiting for that moment. But shouldn’t you at least show it
to Director Ha Yoon-jae? He lives with his wife and doesn’t know
what evil things she’s capable of. If it was me… my god.
It’s too scary to live with her. It must be. I’m just waiting
for the right time for that. Sure, being cautious is good. Oh, President Choi’s mother
invited me for dinner tonight. If you’re not busy, let’s go together. If it’s uncomfortable for you…
you don’t need to go. No, I’ll go. Aren’t you going home? Go, I’ll finish this before I go home. Honey, Mother invited Chairwoman
Julia to our home tonight. – Invited her?
– Let’s go home and eat together. Chairwoman Julia raised the hands of
Choi Kang-wook and Seol Yeon-hwa… But no one knows who will
be smiling at the end. Let’s do our best until the end. Ma’am, I have a list of
men in their thirties with a mother named Joo Hye-ran. – These are the ones with stepmothers?
– Yes. There are two. The list became very short
with those conditions. Ha Yoon-jae? Ha Yoon-jae is… Yes, it’s Director Ha
Yoon-jae of J Cosmetics. Really? How is this… Plus, he’s the only one with a sister. The other one has a brother. Is this true? – Ms. Ahn, medication please.
– Yes, Ma’am. How can it be Director Ha Yoon-jae…
how can this happen? President Choi Kang-wook is
coming here to pick you up. Keep this a secret for now
until the facts are confirmed. – Don’t tell anyone.
– Yes, Chairwoman. Let’s go, Julia. Chairwoman, you don’t look good.
Are you not feeling well? It’s okay, let’s go. Please come in. Mother! – Are you okay?
– I’m okay. – Chairwoman!
– Chairwoman, are you okay? I’m okay. I just got dizzy, I’m fine. Welcome. Thank you for
coming all the way here. I am Choi Kang-wook’s mother. Thank you for inviting me here. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Oh, Yeon-hwa came too!
Welcome. You look prettier today. How have you been? What’s wrong?
Are you not feeling well? Kang-wook, what are you doing?
Escort her to the seat now. I’m fine, I was just dizzy for a bit. Will you be okay? Would you
like to lie down for a bit? Please do that.
Please make yourself home. No, it’s really not necessary. Then, please come inside. I just made the food we usually eat. You must have worked hard
to prepare this. Thank you. I’m not sure if it’ll be to your taste. Yeon-hwa, please enjoy the food. You’re working so hard in and out
of the company for J Cosmetics. I’m always thankful to you. Chairwoman Julia and Yeon-hwa…
thank you for accepting my invitation. Although I didn’t make the food… My mother and I worked together
to make the menu. Please enjoy. Thank you for the food. You pretend to be so
well-mannered and quiet… Then you secretly turned Park
Chang-doo’s house upside down. And you placed my hair there? Mother… if you keep skipping meals
you’ll end up at the hospital again. In-seok, what happens to
Yoo-ra legally? If what she did to
Yeon-hwa’s child becomes known… What kind of punishment will she get? How about adopting him
under the care of Yoon-jae… Without letting Yeon-hwa know. I know a human wouldn’t do this, but even if I had to do
something like that… It doesn’t feel right at all. In-seok, can’t you do
something about it? Yoo-ra can’t get pregnant and found out
that Yeon-hwa had her husband’s child. Plus, she had a miscarriage. It looks like she did it because her
judgment became blurry for a moment. Is there any way to solve this? There is no legal way to save Yoo-ra. What do we do? In-seok, what do we do? Was the food to your taste? I can’t remember the last time
I had stinky bean stew. And the herb in the red pepper
paste was great too. Thank you. These were President Choi’s
special requests for you. You’ve missed homemade Korean meals. Come visit often.
You’re always welcome here. While the kids bring dessert…
may I show you around the house? I’ll help. You can just stay there. I’ll do it. Yeon-hwa, can you help? Yes, I’ll help. Come this way. I can wash dishes, so leave that to me. Can you peel the fruits, please? Should I? No, it’ll be an issue
if you cut yourself. I’ll do it. I can peel fruits. Don’t worry. No, you should just sit still.
I’ll do everything. Then, I’ll bring out the cake. Hi, Grandma. What’s
wrong with your voice? Just leave that to me. You’ll get
sick from worrying like that. And stop worrying about Dad and me. How can I not worry?
You’re my only granddaughter. Grandma, I can’t talk to you for long. I’ll call you later.
Chairwoman Julia is here at home. Mother invited her and
Yeon-hwa is here, too. For now, don’t think about
anything and just rest well. Don’t worry about me, okay? I didn’t get a chance
to take care of this after inviting such an important guest. I kept thinking I’d throw
this out, but I forgot. Plants grow with water at other
homes, but keep dying in our house. I guess skills are required to
grow plants. I should throw this out now. What do you mean that
you will throw it out? Plants are alive so they can hear, too. Don’t say “throw out” or
things like that. It should be okay by changing
the pot… you poor thing. You must have been shocked. Poor thing. Mom, can’t you just throw it out? What do you mean, throw it out? It’s a living creature,
so don’t say that. – It can hear everything.
– No… how can it hear? Even plants that can’t speak grow
better with beautiful music and love. You heard that, right? It’s
answering with its whole body. I’m hearing everything.
Thank you for loving me. So you should apologize, right? Say, “I’m sorry,
I’ll be careful next time.” Plant, I’m sorry I broke the pot.
I’ll be careful next time. Good job. Let’s have dessert. – Please this way. Have some tea.
– Sure, I will. Be careful. Please. Honestly, I was very surprised as
soon as I stepped into this house. Why? I’m curious why
you’d feel that way. It’s actually very similar to my
house that I’m building now. I feel very familiar and comfortable
here, as if I built it myself. It doesn’t feel foreign to me. Is it really? This is the house
my late husband built himself, from planning to interior design. He must have loved you very much. Yes, it’s been a long time, but it’s
built with love, so it’s not lacking. I feel very thankful and proud. Actually,
my father built this house for my real mother, my sister and myself. Real mother… Excuse my question, but did
your real mother pass away? She’s been missing for about 20 years. But can a mother who left her
children be considered a mother? – Watch what you say.
– Am I wrong? She’s a mother who’s never searched
for her children for 20 years. How bad was if the Chairman had to
tell his children that she was dead? Speaking of which,
it was hard for me to raise children
who didn’t share my blood. Mother… I should get going. It’s late. Thank you for inviting me today. I’m sorry,
having you all the way here… Please stay and sit at
the table on the terrace. If you leave like this,
I’d feel very bad. Actually I have a headache,
so I should go home. I’ll come back next time. Oh, okay, then please come back soon. Please give me another chance
to have you over, Chairwoman. Next time, I’ll put on my chef hat
and make some western food. President Choi, please
take Yeon-hwa home. I’m okay. After I take you home, I can
drop off Yeon-hwa. Let’s go. Please let me. That’s right, you should take her
home and have a chat on the way. I’ll escort you with my car.
Please get in. Will you? Chairwoman, be safe on the way home. I’ll call you. I’ll call you later. Please take
care of the Chairwoman. Chairwoman, what’s wrong?
Are you not feeling well? Goodbye. – Joo Hye-ran.
– Help me! Goodbye. Chairwoman! Chairwoman! Chairwoman! Yoon-jae’s not back yet? Who knows? He might be working in
front of her while we’re not looking. I guess Yoon-jae’s pride, which is made
of metal, is useless in front of power. To volunteer to be the driver
for Chairwoman Julia… Why did you say that to Yoon-jae? She got up with uneasily,
so he was trying to appease her by taking her home. I said that
Chairman Ha built this house but Yoon-jae got on my nerves first. Since we’re talking about
the house, I’ll say it. Let’s move out. Yoon-jae’s wife is not getting pregnant
and I should get married, too. I’ll look for a good place. I also want to stop running
into each other in this house. If you get married, they should move.
Why would an older brother move out? It’s my house under my name. Where
would I go after leaving this house? Mother… By the way, what did Chairwoman
Julia mean by building a house? Is she planning to live in Korea? She’s looking for her family in Korea. She’s building a house to live with
her family, once she finds them. She has family in Korea? She lost her memory
from an accident. My, my god! But she’s making an effort to get her
memory back slowly, now she’s in Korea. She remembered that she
has a son and a daughter. Ms. Ahn says she’s looking
for the son now. My god, whoever he is…
he’ll hit the jackpot. Because a billionaire mother
just appeared out of nowhere. So, when will the house be done? It will take another month or two. Really? Then let’s have her stay
here in the meantime, Kang-wook. Pardon? Let’s get her on our side while
she’s here for a month or two. By then, we’ll have the
re-election for president. How lonely would she be
at that age with no family? I’ll do my best to serve her
with homemade meals. Pardon? An accident?
My husband did? What’s wrong with you now?
A fire at a pancake shop? There was an accident. Yoon-jae is
at the hospital with Chairwoman Julia. What? Honey, are you okay?
Did you get hurt anywhere? – It was a fender bender.
– What about Chairwoman Julia? She’s resting now. What happened? How did
you get into an accident? You’ve never had a problem
with your driving. – What about her? Where is she?
– She’s resting. What’s wrong with your driving?
What did you do to cause an accident? She feeling well before we left. Then she started hyperventilating
until she couldn’t breathe. Chairwoman! Anyways, it’s my fault. I was so taken aback seeing her
like that, so I got into an accident. She started hyperventilating suddenly? – It has happened before.
– Before? When? She had a breathing problem
in a car at that time, too. President, you said Chairwoman Julia
was in an accident in the past, right? What kind of accident was it?
Do you know, by any chance? I don’t know the specifics…
but I heard it was a car accident. So she was treated for
burns for a long time. Treated for burns? I think it’s related to that accident. The car accident memory
keeps returning. Or, looking at anything that reminds
her of the accident is painful. Right, that’s probably it.
Don’t worry, Honey. You made a mistake because
you were shocked, too. Chairwoman Julia didn’t get hurt
so don’t worry. It’s not your fault. It’s no time to put the
blame on whose fault it was. Anyways, it’s good that
it was not worse. Ma’am, I got a call that
Chairman Ha and the children got hurt
in a car accident. – What did you say?
– Hurry. I got your plane ticket. Your bag is
packed, too. You should leave now. Where are we? Where are
my husband and children? Where are
my Yoon-jae and Yoon-hee? Did you really believe every
word of it? How naive, Ma’am. What’s wrong, Mr. Moon?
What are you doing to me? Take me to my family. Well, you have to go alone from here. Please don’t trust people like me
or Jang Min-ja in your next life. What do you mean?
Did you two lie to me? Why? Sure, for a person on her way to the
afterlife, I’ll tell you what happened. Jang Min-ja will take over your place
as the first lady of J Cosmetics. In return, I’ll gain this. Do you understand now? It can’t be this way. It doesn’t make sense. Please don’t do this. Please… Please let me go. Mr. Moon, help me! Help me! Yoon-jae! Yoon-hee! I will never forgive you, Jang Min-ja!
I’ll never forgive you! Goodbye, Joo Hye-ran. Julia! I’ll never forgive you, Jang Min-ja!
I’ll never forgive you! Chairwoman, are you okay?
Chairwoman! Where are my kids? My kids… I have to go to my kids. I have to go to my kids! Chairwoman! I’ll go find the doctor. Chairwoman, I’m sure kids are
doing well. So please calm down. Breathe deeply and comfortably. Yes, that’s right.
Inhale, exhale… Where… where am I? We’re at a hospital, Chairwoman. You suddenly had difficulty
breathing in a car. I’m sorry, it was my fault. I was so shocked that
I got into an accident. It was a minor accident.
You didn’t get hurt at all. Julia, how do you feel? Yoon-jae!
Yoon-hee! – Chairwoman!
– Chairwoman! Get out now! – Chairwoman…
– Didn’t you hear me say to get out? Choi Yoo-ra, you despicable thing…
get out of my face right now! – Chairwoman…
– I’m said, leave! Don’t you hear me
saying to get out? In fact, I had children too. But I haven’t been able to contact
my children for a very long time. How can I believe that you didn’t
run over Ha Yoon-jae’s sister? It’s just been your words so far. Do you have any evidence that
would make me believe you?

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