I Would Choose You Every Single Time I The Guild I Kansas City Wedding Video

You look so beautiful -look at you
-is it what you thought? I love you let’s get married this day has already gone by so fast I’m just trying to be in the moment as much as I can -love you
-love you
-let’s do it Nick called me one day and said he would
like to pay me a visit and he came and asked for Amy’s hand and he promised to
love and care for her it was wonderful to hear it’s something I never doubted
long before the day you asked me for my daughter’s hand in marriage I stopped
worrying about who would take care of her it would be you and of all the
amazing qualities you possess my favourite of all is that you always make
a me smile my handsome groom I have dreamed of this moment for all of my
life but having you as my grooms has exceeded all of my hopes and dreams our story started nearly six years ago as careless college freshman on spring break I wasn’t looking for anyone or anything at that time
but when I met you all so taken aback by your big smile sense of humor how
effortlessly you lit up the room I cannot express in one letter the love
I have for you and it’s incredible life we have started together from the moment
we had our first date at Hulahan’s I knew deep down that you are unlike any
person I had met before I remember the butterflies I had sitting
at the table looking across at you wondering how is so lucky fortunate to
feel something so special so quick from that moment on we truly inseparable spending every minute together there’s a small moments that have been
less meaningful over the last six years from Porter stock tacos on Thursdays
to laying in bed laughing about our days walking rudy late at night and our slow
Saturday mornings making eggs and bacon coffee
there’s the ordinary everyday parts of life there are some fun and meaningful
with you I will never forget those butterflies or that feeling because it is the same when you still meet people today it’s a feeling of pure happiness
knowing that it is you that I get to spend the rest of my life with so Nick gets down on one knee gets ready to ask you to marry him and all of a sudden a third party shows
up a random woman walks over to the two of you and ask you if you’re getting
ready to ask her to marry you and you said trying to right and then she asked
if she could have a picture taken with the two of you Nick it’s now time where I’m supposed to
officially welcome you into our family but the truth is you have been part of
this family since the day you met Amy you captured her heart and that was
enough for her mother me Amy when I shared that moment with you earlier that glimpse of the eye as I walk down the aisle just know it’s a
moment I’ll cherish forever on this day I promise you to always be the man you fell in love you will always have a husband that you can count on to protect you and cherish
you every single day of your life you are my everything and I promise to
love you now and forever I promise to love you unconditionally I cannot wait for everything the future holds for us and the unwritten chapters of our story I
could not have been more sure than now that you go the only man that I want to
be with for the rest of my life Nick this is your moment you may kiss your bride family and honored guests it is my
privilege to introduce to you mr. and mrs. Nicholas Wilson Row I don’t think
any amount of preparation can ever leave you feeling ready to give your daughter
away but if I had to choose a person to hand her to I would choose you every
single time Nicholas Wilson I love you so much the
fun easygoing boy I fell in love with in college has growing into a respectful
hard-working man I love everything about who you are but is your heart that makes
me fall more in love with you every single day you are the most patient thoughtful
and kind person I know every time I come in it always leads me back to one thought and that is how I cannot imagine a life without you you have truly become
my everything in this life and motivated me to be the best version of myself for
us and for our future I’m constantly in awe of the woman you have become you
have loved me unconditionally and have always been there for me and I am
forever grateful for you I am so excited to see these same traits you have passed
down to our children one day that was really sweet Amy and Nick I will be there for your marriage till the end of our days in whatever ways that I can whether it be as a
support as a friend or even as an unidentified blonde female and a Riley
County police report Nick your loyalty to the ones you love is contagious your work
ethic is absolutely inspirational your actions truly do speak louder than any
words I thank you for giving me the privilege watch you and learn through
your actions these past 24 years Amy was my partner in crime through all of the best times I rock through the bad Amy taught me
selflessness humor and persistence a successful marriage is not about
finding a person who you can live with but finding a person you can’t live without
it’s said that when your children find true love parents find true joy here’s
to your joy and ours ladies and gentlemen please raise your glasses and
join me in wishing the newlyweds a long healthy happy and fun future together

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