I Let An App Pick My Outfits For A Week

Hello friends and welcome to another video this week I’m gonna have all of my outfits chosen for me by an app Yes, this is concurrently the future and also 1995 So this product, called “Purple” or Pureple Is an online closet organizing app which from their description on the app store virtual stylist that can suggest you outfits based on your own clothes that you upload to the app now when I heard of this I Immediately thought of Cher’s app from clueless, which I guess wasn’t exactly an app It was more of like a PC program, but either way I had to try it now my closet doesn’t even come close to rival and Cher Horowitz’s But I’m curious to see what this app can do I have a lot of black clothing items So I’m not gonna do my whole normal wardrobe because I think they’d be a little too easy to match instead I’m gonna throw in a few pieces that I wear all of the time a few more colorful pieces I learned less of the time and a few items from past videos that are a little more unconventional Just to see what pureple will do with them, okay? Let’s get it on so first I’m gonna take pictures of all of my clothes to upload to the app so I think I’ve got everything that I want to put into the pureple app right here. I think we have enough stuff. I’ve got like a few of every category of clothes, Yes, work it. We might be here for a while I feel kinda like a mom like taking photos of their kids like Kim you’re doing amazing, sweetie How many photos can I take of the same sweater? Apparently a lot. Okay So I finally took like all of my photos of all my clothes And now you have to upload them into the app and like give them some information about it So I’m going to enter this long black cardigan this I will add as a sweater there you go, so you can put in a lot of information about each item occasion weather rating size color price I think we should definitely add in like the color at least I think that to some degree They must use the photo, but I think any information you can give them will help So I’m gonna add in the color for all the things I just put in which is five bags eight dresses seven pairs of earrings seven jackets five pairs of jeans ten necklaces three pairs of pants 14 pairs of shoes three pairs of shorts five skirts five sunglasses and 17 tops so Check back with me in about an hour. Okay? I think I’m done. I ended up pretty much Just doing the colors, but I did input multiple colors in for each, item if there were multiple colors represented So I’m going to ask it to suggest me an outfit I’m gonna ask for a bag dress earrings jacket necklace shoes and sunglasses, and then let’s see What it says oh, it’s a little bit of a random outfit, but it’s definitely a full outfit. Oh interesting Okay, so I’m like moving it around it looks like I can almost like swipe like tinder that’s interesting to note like maybe we should Just swipe around a little bit just to give it some sense of my preferences for what I like to wear But I feel like when it comes to the week and like actually wearing the outfits I think I’m just gonna take their first suggestion right off the bat Just because I want to see what they want me to wear so starting tomorrow I’m just gonna ask it for some items of clothing And then it’s gonna suggest me an outfit and I’m gonna wear it all right So it’s day one of pureple choosing my outfit, so let’s see what they want me to wear today so today I’m gonna need a bag some earrings a jacket pants necklace susannah top ah Okay, so this is my first outfit that they want me to wear It’s interesting cuz it’s kind of a combination of a lot of different colors and textures I can see some like consistencies with the iridescent in my holo backpack and in my Tivo shoes But everything else is kind of a little all over the place alright. Let’s put it on so this first outfit I called the Polo and acid wash soup look besides the acid wash the rest of the outfit is like a little Kim Possible It is Kim Possible even the choker looks a little Kim Possible because of her red hair so you’re like this is her hair This is her top and this is her bottom Overall I actually like this outfit, and I’m glad that pureple seems to be a fan of my platform t-boots Which I feel like no one else likes besides me and now this app pureple, so..
I like those things You’ve roasted me before.
I have roasted you.
I love it when my hammer toes are exposed get at me We can see I’m still not exactly sure what about it it like matched together in its computer mind But I think that to the human eye this outfit is kind of cool actually I think between the Kim Possible vibe and the Tevas and the acid-wash something about this outfit is kind of like giving me nostalgia for like the mid 2000 so even though I’m outside of my comfort zone color wise I’m very much in my comfort zone in like pop-culture references I saw Katie Heron learn on Vincent, Eva’s Yeah, it’s not gonna happen stop trying to make that happens after someone support me so for my second outfit purple chose for me this Like mashup of like a rainbow and a dark look the Evie shirt is back the e t-shirt is back Not necessarily by popular demand, but it is back. I think pureple Definitely match things by like rainbows today with the opal earrings and like all the different colors in this shirt And the holographic boots, so it’s kind of going like all the colors and then black stuff maybe in their program They’re like ah patterned or like multicolored things Go well with simple basics, so they were trying to like offset the rainbows with some more simple stuff, but that’s just a guess Yeah It’s holo bitch. I think that pureple did an okay job with this outfit It was definitely fun to revive the Eevee shirt and the holographic boots But I think overall the effect was kind of like I went to an EDM concert yesterday You’re kind of like a rave casual I did enjoy wearing the outfit though even though the Eevee shirt is by no means a fan favorite I did enjoy bringing her out on the town. She’s making a comeback here Btv That’s in the Eevee’s eye though Sorry eevee we can’t poke through the fly So for my day three outfit purple went for this pretty simple jeans and a t-shirt look I’m wearing this like black t-shirt with a little pocket with malt cat that flips you off I love that guy and I’m wearing these flare jeans from the 2007 video I think it was definitely matching like the black shirt with the black bag, and then interestingly enough the pink shoes I think with the pink from the ears of the cat because I made sure that when I went through inputting information about all of these items I put in like every color that was on there, which maybe was a mistake on my part But I’m think that’s what happened be like a spunky High school beat you do have a high school vibe to you right now day three was also a big filming day It’s when we filmed the buying a full face of makeup Blindfolded video, so it was actually pretty coincidental that purple chose me like a quite comfortable outfit for that day And I’m very thankful for that, but overall as an outfit. I think it’s pretty bare-bones Something that’s interesting about the purple app is that maybe it’ll suggest something that’ll X spark some creative interest you Nemean where you’re like Ooh, I never thought of putting those together, but with this. I’m just kind of chilling I would definitely wear this outfit again Probably watching TV or hanging out like on a weekend, so it’s pretty late at night, and I’m still wearing my outfit I feel like at this point. I’ve usually changed into pajamas of some kind, but I’m pretty comfortable so Or should I say I have pretty medium feelings about this outfit But I have pretty great feelings about this little cap so on day 4 purple pulled out my olive green wish Parachute jumpsuit, I did put it in the roster. Just to see what would happen and purple wasn’t afraid to pull it out Yeah, I think purple was like Oh a jumpsuit and wish was like Sort of there are definitely some through lines in this outfit I feel like I’m like straddling the line between like clown the parachute pant look and like a little bit of like a Disoriented do a leap oh look I think that the biggest through line is the floral stuff and there is some green in the leaves of this jacket Which maybe make sense with why they chose the green jumpsuit the holographic backpack? I think the thing is like because it’s kind of rainbow They seem to be putting the holographic stuff with pretty much anything. They want can’t leave your holo at home kids I would say that overall this outfit is kind of cool in its own way But I definitely was just like a shapeless parachute underneath a bomber jacket Oh, that’s hot that’s what they want in the club usually people like to wear less clothes I’d like to wear more. I liked it in the evening breeze it almost acts like a sail. I feel like if you like Fell off like a rather high ledge, and you were wearing this thing. I’d be like a Flying squirrel, I think that something about this outfit made me think like oh, maybe I’ll wear this bomber again Oh, maybe I should wear these shoes more often, but all together I’m not really sure I pull it off your butt is like all out right now This is the atomic wedgie jumpsuit on day five purple pulled out the acid wash and hallow combination once again This is the least dark outfit. I’ve seen you wear in like the last two years you know Kind of all of the items besides the earrings are kind of like a white blue or silver tone. I think that the earrings which Are red and gold are a little random for this outfit But besides that it is kind of just like a little bit of like a light wash look I’m like the white swan’ version of myself, but usually I’m new and today I think the purple did a decent job with this outfit. There’s nothing wrong with it I don’t think I stick out I think I only proposed to come to me the only thing that I didn’t like about Wearing it is that I felt like I had to be really careful when eating or drinking Because usually I’m wearing a black shirt that if something spills into it and I can almost just like rub it in Very high Bringing the saucer with you so on day six purple chose for me this flowy autumnal look I feel like in general ready for fall, but like LA fall. Yeah, you could be going like a pumpkin patch are gonna Take me to my go-to foamy patch wait Yeah, actually so most of this outfit is black, but they did throw in this kind of like butternut squash colored skirt So they’ve kind of built up like a black base, and then accented it with a color I feel Like a kooky middle school art teacher. Yeah almost like a hip witch That is my desired aesthetic this was by far my favorite outfit of the week that purple chose Have you been able to see any booty? No booty yet, and let me go to blur this video all right well just look out for my only problems with the outfit were the Accessories and the top choice the accessories were just a little much and like just almost two Giant your earrings look like they’re trying to catch a television signal I think purple may have a problem with identifying the shape or size of things because I don’t think they knew how large these earrings would be my other small problem with the Outfit is that I really like this cold-shoulder top, but they kind of hid it underneath this jacket But overall I really like this outfit, and I haven’t worn this skirt in a while But I really do like it and I kind of forgot that I had it in a way So it was like a fun rediscovery of something that I already own. It’s very flowy. It’s like a paper bag fell through the wind Okay, mister again. I would definitely wear this whole outfit again in fact I would like to wear it again very soon within the months of October and November Tyler you better didn’t take me to a pumpkin patch in this outfit Day 7 marked the return of the hollow backpack and the cat middle finger guy purples hollow sexual Kirk was like a future AI they’re like second literally sexually attracted to holographic I’m gonna be honest this was a pretty random outfit. Especially for the last day I was like looking for like a grand finale, but like day seven was just kind of like well It’s a little more laundry day than I think some of the other outfits have been this week But I think purple is you know taking a risk trying to my favorite part is outfit was that I got to wear this shirt that a subscriber sent to me because it reminded them of the Ugliest shirt in the world give me your arm Try to tie me in I’m staking my claim Good, this is what I wanted I would not wear this outfit all together again, but I did like everything I was wearing like all these also, I don’t usually wear these slippers outside of the house And I maybe should because they were fun missiles to launch at Tyler You gotta give me warning do one more Okay, so that was my week wearing purple recommended outfits It was definitely fun to see what purple would suggest and also what its favorite items seemed to be purple is Definitely a holosexual The holo backpack the holo boots the holo tote bag like kept coming out It’s also really fun to just swipe through the suggested outfits It’s kind of like your online shopping, but in your own closet So you’re not spending any money my confusion about the app is that it doesn’t seem very clear What exactly the technology is supposed to or what it’s trying to do. I feel like sometimes It just stumbles upon a cool outfit and other times It kind of just gives you a something. I would be interested to know what the app can glean from the photos that you give It because I feel like there’s a possibility that they’re just taking the information that you give it like when you Categorize it and when you tell it what color it is and just kind of like spitting it back out I would hope they have some type of like photo reading technology, but from my experience this week I can’t say for sure yes or no that they do Even if the technology is potentially pretty basic and the matches are kind of random. I did enjoy using it I don’t think it’s perfect at recommending full outfits, but it’s definitely good for a little inspiration I also have a soft spot for it because it likes my platform Tevas and my Birkenstocks And no one else really does so I’m team Purple because Purple is team me! Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see More videos like this make sure to shamash that subscribe button And if you’ve already smashed that subscribe button make sure to also smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every Time that I post here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my next beat I do a lot of daily Vlogging and q and A’s on they’re a big shout out to tabootha Thanks for watching, Tabootha, and I will see you guys next time


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