I Got The Perfect Suit For My Wedding

– I’m like nervous about
looking like Ellen in a suit, in a white suit. It’s very wedding vibes. – Yeah
– It is a little Ellen now. – Hey, I’m Nicky and
this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this
year and we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s wedding season and this
week we’re talking about suits. Because my fiance and I
are both female-identified one of the first questions I get is “are you wearing a dress?” No, I’m not! Just because I have a vagina, doesn’t mean I have to wear a big poofy white dress on my wedding day. I’ve personally never felt
comfortable in dresses. There are also, like,
a lot of stigmas around same-sex relationships, of like, well, who’s the man? Well, neither of us is the man, but yes, I will be wearing a suit. I want to feel comfortable in
how I”m expressing my gender. And sometimes, that looks like suits, and sometimes, that looks like heels, and sometimes it looks like whatever the (bleep) I
want it to look like. It’s non-traditional, but
there’s a lot about me that’s non-traditional. I’m going to be working
with Tony and Leon, from Sharpe Suiting,
who are going to help me find my ideal wedding suit. I’m really excited, because the canvas is kind of blank for this. – Congratulations on your engagement. Are you excited? – Yes, I’m pumped! – What all are we going to do today? – [Tony] We are going to
take your measurements, fit some jackets, just to check
some colors and size fits. – So tell me a little bit
more about your wedding. – The ceremony is going to be an outdoor, the reception is like an
inside pavilion type space. So a lot of natural decor,
a lot of neutral colors. Finding suits for women can be hard. Lately there have been a
lot more women in Hollywood and red carpets rocking
the heck out of suits. I think Janelle Monae
looks great in suits. If I can look anything like her, I think we’ve done a good job. – In terms of design and color,
what did you have in mind? – Clean cut, slim fit,
really sharp and really good. I wanna look hot. Those aren’t very descriptive words. – You want elegant and classic. – Yes.
– Yeah, that. Tony and Leon just went over everything, like what details are we looking for, what’s the style we’re going after. They also helped design
the suit to match the venue and what Kelsie was wearing,
which I still don’t know. – We’re going to actually ask you to leave so we can talk to her a little
bit about her wedding dress. – Fine.
– Get out of here. – My fiance will be wearing a dress, because that’s what
she would like to wear. – [Kelsie] Strapless, sweetheart neckline, sparkly champagne bodice
and tulle papery skirt. – [Leon] So I’m just
thinking elegant and classic, that’s the theme of your wedding. – Do you want her suit to be beige color or one of the wedding colors? – Whatever she’s comfortable in. Of course, if she’s comfortable
in, like, a lime green, then we’ll have to talk about it. – It was so cool to be able to
break down all of the details and make something that was
perfect for this occasion and for me and for this style,
and for our relationship. – In terms of laser fitted,
feminine cut, for the pants higher rise waist to kind
of accentuate your hips, how do you feel about that? – Shove all of it in there,
let’s tuck it all in. – Okay, so we’re gonna
pull out a bunch of fabrics and trims and see what looks great on you. – So many options. – This is why you’re here, because I’m not going to be able to
decide things on my own. – Whoa
– Whoa, this is blue. – You look like a game show host. – Alec Baldwin Pink!
– So pink. – What about white? – It does have wedding vibes. – [Leon] It is a little Ellen though. – Ellen looks great.
– You’re not Ellen. You don’t need to be Ellen. – It’s very Harry Potter-ish. – [Tony] Let’s try on a black one, so then you get the effect
of how that would look. – Now we’ve got the full
lapel in black satin, compared to the other one,
this one has a higher peak, that’s what’s called a peak lapel. – So we like the satin. – In the sunlight, is there
going to be more of a contrast between the satin and that cool suit? – Yeah – It’s a little hard to see here. I like the difference between
the satin and the suit. – The nice thing about the wedding being indoors and outdoors is the
suit might look different when you go outdoors and
you catch a sunlight. – This is pretty much the look. – And just a little design
attribute that we have a lot of our clients will
get the double button hole as a sign of equality. – Oh, I love that. – And it’s kind of become
a Sharpe signature. So your entire design – we
have a classic, black tuxedo with black satin accents
for your peak lapel and for your pants,
high-waisted feminine cut with a high satin black
contrast waist band and a very slender tapered
look on the bottom. It’s gonna really compliment
what Kelsie’s gonna be wearing and you guys are gonna
be classic together, a very gorgeous couple. – It’s all we want in life.
– We just wanna be beautiful. – We’ll come back in a few weeks, take care of any stylistic alterations. – Yay! So it’s been a few weeks
and the suit’s ready so I’m gonna put it on
for the first time today and hopefully it fits. If not, we’ll make some alterations. I’m worried about the pants. – I like it, but I think it
need to be let out a little bit. A bit more straight.
– I’ve got monster calves. – And we need to take in the hips. How do you like the fit of the jacket? – The jacket fits perfectly. I look slim. Yeah! I’m so excited, this is great. The suit’s done, the
alterations have been made. I get to try it on today and I’m pumped. This is it, this is what
I’m going to look like on my wedding day. Oh my God, I hope it’s great. I want people to look at
photos and be like, wow! Here’s the thing, weddings are like 50% making everyone else happy and 50% looking as hot
as you possibly can. Let’s go try it on. – Nicky, are you ready? – Hello, hello.
– Wow, perfect. That’s exactly what we had planned. – You look great. – It’s very fitted, but how does it feel in terms of movement? – The jacket is super comfortable. It fits really well in the shoulders, which is usually difficult for me. I love the high-waisted pants. I’ve like never been
this decked out before. – You look better than I predicted. – Really?
– That’s great! – Oh my God, I love this! This is like–
– Made for you? – Yeah, it fits perfectly
and I feel so good and I look so nice. That’s like what you’re supposed to feel when you get married, right? Thank you, this is
amazing, thank you so much. Can we bring in my friends?
– Yeah, let’s do it. – I’m so excited. – Ready, ta-da!
– Oh my God! – It honestly not only suits your body, but it also is your personality, which is very strong and
professional and fierce. It’s serious but it’s still you. – This is like, it sounds so stupid, but like dream come true. I didn’t have like a wedding dress moment, but, like, this is that for me. It’s better than I could have imagined. (group ahhs) Guys, the next time you see me in this it’ll be on the wedding day. When I decided I wasn’t wearing a dress, I knew I was kind of giving up on that like Say Yes to the Dress moment. It’s like such a played
up moment for women, and I kind of thought that
I would pass up on that, which I was fine with,
but I ended up having it with my friends and with Tony and Leon. – [Male Friend] Kelsie’s gonna flip out. – She’s gonna be like, “Look at my wife.” I almost want you to be my wife. – I want you to be my wife. – Wow! – That’s big, change everything. – Wait, guys, the best part, look at this. – Oh my!
– It’s like wallpaper. – It’s so nice. – I’m so excited, I’m so glad
you guys are gonna be there. This process was really amazing. I really like how I look in the suit. The three things that I
learned from this experience: One, have people who
can help you figure out how to match what you’re wearing to, not only, your partner, but also the venue and the style and the overall
theme of your wedding. Two, this is your wedding,
you deserve to wear whatever makes you feel the best. So find what works for
you and run with it. Three, ultimately the most important thing is you’re sharing this moment with people that you
love and who love you. And at the end of the day,
that’s really all that matters. I’m getting married in like a month. At least I will look great doing it. When I’m 80 years old, someone, somewhere will be looking at these
photos and they’ll be like, “wow, that saggy old
lady used to be this?” That’s all I want. Next, on wedding season. – [Speaker] Wow, like a different person. – Oh, your eyebrows! – Oh my God, what have I done? – Your hair is one thirsty bitch. – Now you’re the Virgin Mary. – Journey! (upbeat music)

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