Hydroponic in a decorative way (with English Subtitle)

hello! here I am going to show you a new style hydroponic system for this work I am using this dead tree for making this tree stand I will jam this with cement concrete I am inserting these spikes here so that the trunk doesn’t come out from the cement concrete here the cement mixture I am using the ratio is cement:sand: stone- 1:2:2 I also set these big gravels stone on this concrete for making it heavy and it also looks beautiful 24 hours later now we have to clean this a little and then soaked it in water for 10 days I am joining another branch with the main tree and also I set a wooden piece as a support on the top for keeping the water can here the 3-inch size porcelain pot you can see I brought it from a fair. in the middle portion of this pot, I have made a hole so that the half portion of these pots will always be filled with water and the excess water come out from this hole for setting this side branch firmly with the main tree I am making a hole on the main branch please see here very carefully how I am setting this branch with the fevicol gam and screw here you can see I am using this 4-liter color can as a water pot cleaning it very clearly. I am making a hole in this pot for water passing path and using a plastic pen removing its refill as a pipe. I am using this pen because the inner space of this pen is very narrow so the water passing system will be happening for a long time at first, I am starting with these snake plant with these I am also planting these 9 o’clock plant. for planting these plant I am using these 3-inch size hydroponic pot, you can buy it from any nursery or online site for holding the plants I am using these small bricks pieces for these work, you can also use coconut shell. how I a using it please check it very carefully here in the lower shell, the water will be store and in the upper shell the plan will be planted now see how I am hanging these plants with the pot in this tree for transferring the water from one pot to another pot which pipe I am using here this is a quarter inch size poly pipe here you can see how I keep this water can up in this middle branch, if you want then you can hang this container with something up here we have to give 10-26-26 or N.P.K type chemical fertilizer in half teaspoon quantity mixing it with 1-liter water in every week as a food of the plants it’s better if you change the water every week this way the water falling one pot to another pot irregularly so the oxygen can be mixed with the water and it also very important for the plants this way the water storage in a pot down here and we have to put water up there again for 2 times a day at morning and evening time if you can transfer it more then that then it will be better.


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