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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey Friend , Welcome to my chaneel today we are going to see how I surprised my husband on his birthday I bought all these stuff for decor and his birthday cake a day before his birthday and without his knowledge I tried to cover his birthday decoration and surprise in this video Hope you guys will like it Me and my kiddo did the shopping these are the decoration stuffs I bought from Daiso and I manged to hide it in my cupboard without his knowledge anyways he is not gonna see them 😉 I ordered cake 4 days before when I went alone for a shopping now I got the cake a day before his birthday and hide it in fridge before he arrives from office so the next day morning My husband left to office so I can start preparing for decorations first I have to assemble all the items it is a bit time consumming but its ok everything was easy to assemble so lets start it is always a pleasure to do stuffs like this by yourself so the first one is a tissue flower which I have to make it from this foldings color color tissue papers folded and tied up now I have to expand them to big flowers this is a 12 piece set 4 colours 3 pieces for each colour so totally making 12 flowers I did it one by one Next is this birthday hanging so there it is Happy birthday Hanging I first fitted like a curve and that did not suit to this design making the HAPPY BIRTHDAY look very horrible so I scaled them straight and it looked great there it is a beautiful golden color glitter which comes with the center rope all you have to do it arrange them and stick to your wall only thing is you have to see is if it suits your pattern so there I stick them straight and it looked great in the wall Next I have to decorate it all around the hanging with tissue flowers I did I have bought some more items too next is the ready to make honey comb so this is it I have bought in bright yellow color and it comes in three different sizes small to big so I have to stick the sides to look like a honey comb it is also tissue paper work it was too good and ready to stick which was easy for me the only thing is it was too heavy thats it , the super cute honey comb is here i am doing the rest all it is really good and also easy to make Hurray the honey combs are ready so far I have done tissue flowers and the honey comb next is this board so there were 2 boards in it it came together one I thought to write a message to my hubby on his birthday which I did not do Another one I thought of making something cherrisable in this board so I decided to keep the hand prints of my son so I got this idea and now I have to do it quickly because I do not have much time so lets see [Music] so I applied paint on my kid’s right hand palm and fingers with a golden color acrylic color so that it would look very attractive in this light color board it will also dry quickly so it is good and quick idea to do so now I have applied the color fully in his hand we are gonna place it in the board oops,, he shaked it ahhh but thats ok I was not much satisfied with this so I decided to make another print nearby with the remaining paint in his hand so we did it again now it should come out good so this time I holded his hand tightly so that he wont shake like previously he did now this time it came out good without any shake and it was good hope my hubby likes this gift very much than the other ones so this is how the board looks like with my cuties hand print I think the second print came out very well compared to the first one next is the LOVE board which I bought it in white color and I did not like it much so first I painted it with blue acrylic color and let it dry so after drying , it did look great but the spark was missing I thought so i decided to give a golden shade on to the blue LOVE board so that I will shine so now I am painting it with golden acrylic color and have to dry it again its afternoon now I have to feed my kid and make him sleep so it was already 5.30 PM My hubby has informed that he will be here by 7 PM so before that I have to finish the wall decorations with the things I made and also arrange the table with gifts and I also have to buy some bouquet for him everything has to be done before he arrives [Music] so now decorations are over in the wall and I also managed to get ready so, here goes the flowers, honey comb, the starts, the red borders and next is the cake table which is yet to be done so here it is with CAKE and ROSE flavored candles all around so all these ROSE flavoured candles and then the bouquets and then the surprise items everything I placed in the table all this done before he arrives the whole surprise is ready now [Music] Happy Birthday song now I planned to push a sparkle I tried a lot but it did not work out and so I finally gave to my husband he also tried and finally here we go [Music] [Music] [Music] so I decorated the table with CANDLES and CAKE I lighted all the candles after that, I switched off the room light so my hubby could switch on the room light once he enters the room he will be surprised to see the decorations and the gifts the CAKE and everything it is a very good feel when someone surprises you even their small efforts matters a lot so this is another surprise message box which pops out with a BALLOON written HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it but we missed it too we tried it without opening the outer box yes, actually there were two boxes and we tried in the outer box , but it need to be done with the inner box but thats ok, it happens next one atlast came out well there is a rope and we have to pull it it will blow with sound and wrappers will flow and this came out good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so now cake cutting is done my kid refuused to eat when we tried to feed him but actually he had already ate cake as much he wanted so now cake cutting and surprises are over next is dinner treat we planned to go a nearby Indian restaurant named Amudhasurabhi which is walkable distance from our home so here goes, MUTTON BRIYANI NON-VEG THALI superb it was it is very near to our house, walkable distance perfect place to end a birthday we did enjoyed a lot hope you guys too would have enjoyed this birthday vlog if yes, pls do give a thumbs-up and dont forget to subscribe to my channel so catch you in another interesting video until then take care


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