How to Write Instagram Captions that Slay|Get Engagement on Instagram

Do you wanna know how to write Instagram captions
that slay? In this video I give you the exact strategies
that I use to get engagement on Instagram that increased my followers to over 100K. I’m Dr. Yazdan, a cosmetic dentist in Newport
Beach, California and I help entrepreneurs build their businesses by branding themselves
on social media and turning their passions into profits. As a cosmetic dentist I have successfully
grown a large social media presence that has exponentially increased my practice. For the best social media marketing strategy
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healthcare professionals so you can download for free. So here’s the thing, when it comes to social
media your photos get people to stop, but your captions do the talking. So you wanna make sure you create captions
that get your followers to engage with you. That can mean that they just leave you a comment
and share their thoughts, maybe purchase a product that you’re promoting or visit your
website to learn more about you or even book a consult with you. Whatever that action is your caption should
be good enough that your followers will actually want to take that action. Let’s talk about the two things that you need
to get clear on before writing your content. The first thing is to figure out who you’re
writing to. No, every caption that you write can’t possibly
speak to everyone who is following you. It’s just not possible to talk to and appeal
to every single person that will read your post. And when you think about it, you don’t even
want that. You need to have those gems that when they
see you, hear you or read something that you wrote they feel like you’re speaking to them
directly. Those that are attracted to you will feel
like your content was made for them specifically and when people feel like your content was
made for them, they become your patients for life. Now, if you’re in my program Grow with the
Gram, make sure to watch the lesson on how you can identify exactly who your ideal patient
is. This lesson is filled with exercises that
can help you get super specific and the more specific you are, the better. If you get stuck make sure to hop into our
private Facebook group to get some help. If you’re not in my program I will link to
a blog post that will really help you get some clarity on this in the description below. The second thing you need to get clear on
is what you want those people to feel. So now that you know who you’re writing to
which is usually the hardest part, you can figure out what you want them to feel when
they’re reading your caption. What emotions do you think would be running
through them? What questions will they have after reading
your posts? What fears do they have? What things will they think about you or your
brand, your practice or your message? Thinking about these questions is so important
because you know you can create captions that address these fears, these questions and these
doubts specifically. You don’t have to guess what to write, and
this will make your caption a lot more meaningful and a lot more impactful to them. Again, you will be attracting the right type
of people to your account. Now, comment below with one word that sums
up how you want your audience to feel when they read your caption. The final step is to figure out which actions
you want your followers to take next after reading your posts. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated,
but it should be impactful and meaningful. Too many people really drop on this piece
and I don’t want that to be you. If you are going to get intentional about
growing your practice, then you have to make sure that you’re putting intentional calls
to actions in your captions. So, do you want people to call your office? Do you want them to answer a question? Do you want them to start a discussion on
your photo? Think about what you want people to do, and
then create the content with that in mind. Now that you have these steps it’s time to
do the work and get clear on them. Also, down below in the description of this
video I have a link to download my free Instagram for healthcare professionals. It’s 30 captions that you can copy and paste
when you’re tired or you can use them as templates whenever you’re feeling creative, but you
need a little help. I also include a daily Instagram strategy
that you should be using if you wanna grow on the platform. So make sure to download it below. If you like this video, please let me know
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