How To Work As A Party Planner

Hi, my name’s Amy, and I’m a wedding and event
planner. I have planned events mainly specializing in weddings. However, I have also planned
events from Christmas to corporate, and I’m going to give you some tips that I hope will
help for you to plan events in the future. I’m going to talk to you about how to become
a party planner. First thing that you need to decide is what area of events you want
to become: whether you want to be more of the party planner for individual people, whether
you want to work for a company doing something more corporate, or whether you want to work
in the wedding side of things. Key skills that you’ll need as a party planner is to
be very organized, you need to be able to manage your time well. You will be looking after lots of people and
be required to do a lot of tasks at the same time, so you need to be able to keep a cool
head under pressure. You will also need to be able to be very patient and to be able
to take people’s ideas and make them work. So you need to be able to take that time and
not become frustrated when people have specific ideas that might not work, but to work with
them to make sure that you can produce something that will work but is along the lines of what
they have in mind. You might want to consider whether you want
to go to university, or whether you want to start off doing work experience and build
your way up into a company. If you are going to take the route of university, it is a good
suggestion to try and do as much work experience as possible. Obviously, coming out of university
with a degree as well as a lot of experience under your belt will make you a lot more appealing
to potential employers than just having one or the other. So, it is worth taking that time to go and
do work experience during your holiday time. It might be worth looking at a course that
offers a placement period during your course to add to that. You will also need to think
about possibly working for a venue. This is a good way to get into that area of
expertise as they do it on a much wider scale and is a larger company that employs a lot
more staff members than smaller party planning companies. This will give you a good idea
of how venues work and how events take place so that you can take this knowledge. If you
do, then move on to work for an individual event planning company. There are plenty of companies, from agents
that will contact venues to book an event, to party planners that will do everything
from working on the theme creating stationary, etcetera and employing suppliers. So depending
on the level of involvement you want to have, will depend on what kind of company that you
should pursue as a potential employer. I hope this has helped on helping you to become a
party planner.


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