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My Wedding Headquarters. Plan Like a Pro, with a Pro! Your Wedding Vision is so important to you entire wedding planning process and so I really want to dive in and talk about what it is, how to discover it, and then how to share it with others. First of all there are two parts to your wedding vision. The look and feel. Included in your look would be the obvious visual clues such as your colors, your patterns, the season of the year, your location indoors outdoors and we will get into that in much more detail, but the other part of your wedding vision is also really important and that is the feel of your wedding. Do you want to have a feeling of luxury of a grand indoor space do you want to have the feel of a laid back beach day? do you want it to feel cozy and homey? How do you want your day to feel? It is such an important part of your wedding vision and not something always thought of. So we are going to hit on look and feel of your day to discover and share your wedding vision. Why is this important? Because it is the cent of all wedding decisions. If you are posed with a question such as what wedding dress should I choose? You have this wedding dress here that is beautiful and you have a second wedding dress you think is beautiful. You need to be thinking about your wedding vision and thinking of that as the center of all of your decisions. And which dress best fits your wedding vision? If makes all of your wedding decisions so much easier. Another example would be with the feel of your wedding day. If you are deciding which type of food service you want and you are thinking about if you want to do a plated dinner or a family style dinner you need to think about the feel of your day. Are you going for a cozy intimate feel if so a plated dinner might be a little too formal and you might want to consider a family style or even a buffet. So that wedding vision becomes the center of all of your wedding decisions for your wedding and all of your decisions should come from it. Before we get started on your actual tear session I want to take you through a little visualization to help you narrow down and clarify a few things. I want to go ahead and take you through the look and feel of your wedding day and I want to start with the look so go ahead and get comfy and I want you to start thinking about your big day. what is the feel of your wedding day. Are you looking for an intimate feeling in a banquet hall? Are you looking to be outdoors at a mountain scene do you want to be outdoors at the beach? Or are you thinking about doing an indoor affair at an art museum or a hotel? These are important decisions because they really do dictate the entire feel of your big day. So if you would I want to start taking you through the look of your day now. I want you to think about which venue you are thinking about and think about yourself at the doors of your reception. The doors are opening and what do you see? What colors do you see? Do you see specific colors you already have picked out, if not it is okay. If you can’t see specific colors it’s easiest if you think of a color pallet. What color pallet do you see, is it a lighter color pallet, do you see a cooler color pallet with a more modern feel? It is a good place to start if you can’t narrow it down. However if you have your colors already where do you see your main color? Is your main color in the linens is it more in the floral? Take a minute and think about the colors. Again think about yourself at the doors of your reception opening up the doors and what do you see thinking about the colors? Let’s dive in a little bit further now and I want you to think about you tables. What do you see? Do you see big round tables? Do you see long banquet tables, perhaps you see farm tables? Remember that this decision is a cross over between the look and the feel of your wedding day. And what tables you choose also dictate the feel of the room. From there let’s think about the centers of those tables. What do you see? Do you see tall extravagant floral arrangements? Do you see a simple low lying greenery? Do you see varying vases with different types of floral or no floral at all? It is important to start thinking about the basics of what you want your tables to look like so that as we go through our tear session and you are seeing ideas and inspiration you will be able to choose pieces that go with your wedding vision. I would encourage you to take this a the first time that you have gone through this little visualization exercise and as you become more and more familiar with your preferences for the day of I would also encourage you to rewatch or at lease go back through the visualization process and think about more and more specifics such as what china will you be using? What types of metallics would you like for your silverware? What type of ceremony design are you going to do? and we can dive into those a little bit later. And now I am going to let you in on a little professional secret. It is called the Tear Session and this is where we are going to find actual visual inspiration that you can put onto what we call your Tear Board so that you can not only explore your wedding vision but so that you can share it. It is super fun and I can’t wait to get started. To watch the full tear session visit and join today. Like this video? 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