How to Wear SILK SAREE Perfectly – Hacks & Tricks | #Teenagers #Wedding #Fashion #Anaysa

oho.. never pleats get sets well in this silk saree How much time will you take? leave it I think you are not be able to drape a silk saree and I am telling you the tricks so that you can keep it prepare if beforehand wherever you want to go so just need to take it and get ready even in 30 seconds too you aren’t ready yet I am ready & thats too only in one minute I thought you need at least half an hour i think he don’t believe that how I drape it in only one mins but you’ll believe after knowing these tricks if you love these tricks then hit 1,00,000 Likes to this video lets get started with the video now so carry your heels before saree draping now will start draping it hold this one end of your saree start tuck in it by following a complete round now start making rough pleats of saree Pallu take this pallu towards your shoulder by following a complete round from the back adjust your Pallu as per the height of it you want as this is silk saree so I suggest you to keep its Pally little longer to give it a beautiful look now see some more tricks so that you do not find it tricky to wear a silk saree mark this portion with a safety pin also fix a pin from where we tuck in our pleats now start gathering saree and wherever your saree ends attach another safety pin this pin trick make it easy to get that to how much length we need to make the pleats now we start preparing pleats place your saree on a table like this now start folding its pleats according the width you want to keep this table trick help us to get that crisp & equal pleats and press it like this and start folding it now set each pleats well here we’ve seen that portion which we’ve marked using a safety pin now start ironing saree pallu this makes pleats more crisp & clear don’t forget to adjust the temperature of iron according to the silk fabric now secure the pleats using a safety pin again attach some more pin keeping gaps between them continue with this till you get that marked pin which we’ve fix first now remove the pin from here and secure all the pleats with it we get our Pallu pleats now again make folds likewise make the front pleats too spread saree well on the table again start making pleats one by one continue making it till you reach that second marked point now sets all the pleats well now fix three safety pins to secure these pleats first in front, second in middle and third in the last again iron the front pleats too ironing makes pleats to look beautiful and no need to make pleats again now gather both side pleats this way you can prepare your saree one or two days beforehand or hang it well and whenever you want to wear it just take it out from your wardrobe and just start draping it Leave this saree pallu and start tuck in it from the other end you’ll get your pleats at perfect point after completing a round now remove that three pins from the pleats and you’ll get your perfect pleats after removing pins now release a pleat like this and secure the remaining with safety pin now just tuck in pleats one inch back to your belly button now we’ll set our pallu first we need to remove this pin from here and place it on your shoulder following a complete round now adjust this extra fabric like this tightly pull the fabric from waist side to get that perfect curve also tightly pull pleats upwards like this now remove the extra pins now attach your saree pallu with blouse using a long safety pin and wear all other accessories to give it more beautiful look


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