How to throw the perfect event and market it for success!

Welcome to another episode of Around the Block Talk. I’m your host, Los and today I get the pleasure of having none other than Francois Baptiste of 3D Productions thank you for joining us it is happening so I have always.. I’m going to confess something to you. I used to always check out his events, go to his events, help support his events, and when I started doing promotions for Latin nights here in Denver, in downtown, I used to always really look at my man Francois. Keep up with what he was doing, always saw that he had high quality on everything. The experiences were amazing. I mean I’ve known this man since college years and I gotta say that I’ve never gone to a 3 D production that was a bad event or a bad experience. So thank you for being on the show. Anytime. Just to give you a little background on Francois is he is one of the founding fathers of three productions. One of Colorado’s in the city’s longest-standing promotion companies and they’ve been doing amazing events around music. They do concerts, special engagements, night club events, you name it, these guys are some of the premier promoters in the city and it is an honor to have you here on the show. Hey no problem anytime. Made me sound old though man. I didn’t mean to but hey he’s a veteran man. He’s an authority figure in his industry and you know what you got to look up to that. Over the years we’ve had some good times man. Yeah great times. Absolutely absolutely and many more to come. Yes many more to come. So let’s get into it yeah? Absolutely so today we’re going to talk about four points about throwing the perfect event and marketing it right? All the key fundamentals so the first one we were talking about was knowing the intent and the outcome. Why is that important? Well you got to kind of you know you want to dive into it, believe in the project, the event and that’s all that matters at the other day is your goal is your intent is to have people appear at your event, come to your event or buy your product so you’ve got to kind of really focus on what your ethical is first and foremost and that will kind of take you to the direction on what you need to put out there in terms of a flyer, the wording to get people to come. So when you when you’re doing events, when you’re doing a restaurant opening, whatever you’re having is the customer, the the event has to go flawless like it’s the customer experience that you want to do. When people go to concerts you want to make sure that they’re having a good time, that you know they get in on time, that the staff is good, everybody’s treated equally and you know you walk out and say wow that was a great concert. I see what you mean I see and that’s very critical because if they have a bad experience right that relates to your business as a whole right? So when they show up and they have a crappy time, the lines too long, one of the acts cancels, the audio system goes out or whatever you can’t ticket people coming in, then you’re just creating a bad experience and then that relates to your brand yeah? If you open a restaurant the food’s cold or it’s undercooked or you know salad is.. looks like it’s 15 days old you know people never going to come back yeah never come back. So it’s a you know it’s important no matter what event you’re doing that it’s a two-prong kind of attack. Is one what you’re putting out there to get your customers in or you’re asking them to you know spend their last dollar and then they go and what their experience is going to be it’s always you know important to make sure that they coincide. Well then that leads us into the second point and that is getting the word out right? How to get the word out and you say that one of the second key point is definitely using technology and in today’s world what does that mean? The internet and social media. And there’s a lot of different platforms I mean let’s just talk about a few of them. There’s Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s Twitter, there’s you know constant contact email lists. There’s good old flyers and posters. You got to kind of know what who your customer is and how to best reach that customer you know you can do it through research.. sometimes you just look at what people are doing you know? Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and create something you’re like okay.. you know..what’s that guy over there doing it? But now you say well that guys are doing but how do I do it better? Reverse engineering it. Absolutely and that was one of the things when I started I always really pat myself on the back.. it was like I go to other people’s events or I see other people’s concerts and what like that and I say what were they making the mistakes? Where wasn’t the customer happy? Where were they lacking and when I did my own events I made sure that you know whether you know the staff when you walk into a van to party whatever, they were always as pleasurable as possible. Hey how you doing? Nice to meet you. when they leave that kind of stuff. So basically you know one of our personal favorite platforms to promote to is Facebook and the reason being that is that there’s a lot of data to Facebook when you promote you know? Who opened it, who’s looking at it, there’s also you know.. you can target your market a lot better which is important especially when you have that budget you know from age group to men or women to regions.. it’s really easy through Facebook but again some of some people may file in depending on what you’re promoting, some people might find Instagram to be better. Some people might find be Twitter or it’s a combination. We definitely use everything because we want to make sure that everybody knows about it. Obviously a lot of stuff is free but our main, our biggest numbers in terms of who follows us is on Facebook but we don’t neglect the other aspects so it’s just again it depends on what you think you know..if there’s a service like you have a restaurant and there’s a obviously go through that but you also need to build your own clientele you know you really want to get the data back on you know.. what you’re putting out there so again when you do with the next time, you know how to do it better. How to improve on your process. In the past years you know before the internet you know got proliferated, it was flyers, it was posters, it was getting it in the newspaper, you get it into the Westward, which we see from here up the rooftop over here, we see the Westward. You would be advertising on those places. You’d be on the radio, you would be on television. Well because of a paradigm shift now you can access that same number of people and it’s not more through the internet. I use Facebook to really maximize my dollar spin and really nitpick who I want to promote to and I can again look at the results and look at you know real-time numbers and all that stuff so it helps move forward. There is a component where you have this organic growth and this virility of your content. That is great when you do a specific process and strategy and that means collaborating with other people and that are influencers and whatnot but if you listen to what Francois is saying is that you must have a budget and you must put money behind your posts because that’s the new way of instead of putting that billboard up or hearing that ad on the radio, it’s the equivalent on social media. So if you’re on Instagram, boost and pay for that ad on Instagram. If you’re on Twitter, pay for that ad on Twitter. If you’re on Facebook pay for that sponsored ad because that is going to, like Francois said, lets you nitpick and pick the exact end user that you’re looking for. Let me say what the big thing about it is not the boost is not to expand your your audience in terms of what they can see but it also cause repetition and that’s really the key and it’s kind of like when you used to do it with radio even a billboard will have you.. you know when that thing appears on your timeline two or three times.. maybe the first time you’re like okay cool and then you’re like wow I’ve seen that and somebody else will say hey did you see that too? And it starts the snow ball effect and then you know in that you can hyperlink you know the ticket links and the Facebook event page. So to me again it is effective, it’s like a three headed monster, four headed monster that you can really incorporate a lot of different things to to to make sure that people are coming to your event because again you know in concert world or even you know club world, if people can buy a ticket in their hand, they’re going to come and they’re going to tell somebody like somebody’s..We’re having a conversation. So you’re going to this event and you say I don’t know. Oh I already got my ticket so it’s definite. You’re like and you start to feel like damn he’s going.. I need to go. And that’s a good point about that is that when you when you’re on social media the beautiful thing is if you saw a pay an ad in the news of Westword, you wouldn’t be able to access the Westword newspaper and get your ticket. That’s the beauty of technology is that you know 3D Productions really works to get that post in front of you but have that link so that you buy that ticket because in an instant you want to have that impulse buying effect because when they’re excited and they see that ad, they see that video, you want them to buy and that’s a key component for one, your cash flow. You’re going to start getting money in already because they’re going to be pre purchasing your content. Whether it’s a gear, whether it’s an event, whether it’s whatever that you’re selling that link is key because now you get them to commit to showing up right? And you had a good point leaning into the third key component, nice segue by the way, repetition. You have to stay consistent. Why is that so crucial? Well I think sometimes again, you have so much stuff that goes on your daily life and then you know with your phone in the world going crazy and then adds being thrown for you whether you’re listening to radio and TV and you know Facebook and Instagram, it’s so important that as a person that’s putting on events that you can put in people’s face as many times as possible. That’s really really important. You know like we talked about in college is that I had drop offs of places I dropped flyers off and I was really good about where I position them and where I place them and then posters and you know even back in the day when you did concerts in CU Boulder and they had the kiosks and you put the posters there. I go maybe on a Monday and make sure everything’s there. By Wednesday or Thursday, I make the rounds again make sure that you know my flyers are nice and square there, that my posters ain’t been you know.. covered by somebody else you know make sure the stack of flyers.. there’s enough flyers there for the next drop off and that’s the same thing with like technology in my opinion just repetition of like you know a new day so but so if I saw it on Monday and you know it’s gonna recycle through your phone another’re winning. And that’s the winning formula for sure is repetition you know let’s say.. who’s gone to an event? Who’s gone to a birthday? Who’s gone out to who’s been told when you were younger been told by your parents to take out the trash? How many times they tell you? They repeated it to you over and over again and what did you do? You finally remember to go take the trash out you know.. when your friends send you that text, Hey you’re going to go to homie’s party? You’re going to go to homie’s event? Yes yes yes and everybody sending you and that’s the same thing. It is that but it’s in the branding world, it’s in the marketing world. It’s making sure that you put out that content, the post, that’s why the post is so critical is you put out that content on a regular basis so some are boosted, some are put out, some are texted, some are emailed, some are told with a phone call but you got to repeat that marketing over and over again and I think that’s the real formula because sometimes people think that oh I got my poster up or I got my know posts on Facebook for the week and I put one dollar for my one ad. That ain’t going to cut it guys, you know what I mean? There is a formula to that. Just because you can say you put a post doesn’t mean you’re gonna be successful. Just because you boosted an ad doesn’t mean you’re going to successful. Are you boosting it five times a week? Are you posting five to five times a week you know.. that’s the repetition. Sometimes you can throw a Hail Mary. I’ve done it, it’s worked but you definitely you know.. you’ve got to kind of narrow things down and you don’t want to spin your wheel, you don’t want to waste your time and again you know it’s a fine line of annoying people and letting everybody know. I’ve gotten emails you know like for example when we used to do text messaging and stuff..we’d get a couple of angry text message like, Oh this isn’t Bob’s phone anymore please stop sending me texts you know, but you know and then somebody would always be like, Well thank you. I didn’t know about this I really appreciate that ya’ll texted so.. but again with times comes different marketing and obviously the text message, text messaging promotion works for some people and other people it doesn’t anymore. little bit beyond that I think it’s still effective but there is you know other tools out there and and with today’s technology it’s constantly evolving right so different ways of repeating yourself of repeating that messaging right I mean I think you some lot of people will say that they found something that works for them but it evolved every day which is kind of fun because you got to find the next thing to where.. how do I reach new people and how does this work in all logs you’ve always heard those the wording and I’ll work smarter, not harder and technology’s definitely allowed you to do that you know. You depending again what social platform you’re using.. you know it could be one button a day you just press and it goes out everybody and then you go off and do whatever you want to do go hike in the mountains whatever but yeah it’s nice it’s compared to back in the days when we started oh yeah oh man look I saw this guy hustle like crazy being a student I mean I remember being a student, I’d see you in class, see you running I see him running around on campus and then they were like it was like two different outfits that I’d see. It would be all in school gear and then after that it was like work gear, promoting gear. They’d be out, they’d be putting out their flyers, be networking with people, always always doing business and it was super hard and it still is you know it’s not yeah it’s not for the faint of hearted you know..running your own business, being an entrepreneur, whether it’s a promotion company where you’re throwing the event whether you’re running a business, it is a lot of hard work and the reality is that you know he has a good point, is that you have to get smarter you know..yeah you’re still going to work hard but you don’t want to work harder in the inefficient ways and that’s what technology allows you to do and I think that gets you gets us to the last point is that you know there’s basics though you know you have to stay to certain basics when you’re doing promotion right you know you got to stick to the what when where and why is that still so important? The basics. I mean you know again there’s in this today in today’s world of marketing and promotions whatever there’s no set way to do it but there’s some basic information that people want to know is you know what am I going to? Why am I going to? When is it? Where is it? And and those are the important things and after that you can kind of customize your own look and you know your home feel and get creative the way you want to do it. So let’s recap. One is know your intent right and knowing your intent is having a very detailed and specific idea of what the event is about. Two, use your technology right make sure you use the technology and social media because it allows you to find the perfect audience. the people that are going to go and support you, it allows you to specify who you’re going to go to and then the results tell you how well that is working right how effective. The third point, have repetition you need to stay consistent, you need to repeat repeat repeat repeat right on a regular basis and at the end you need to have the basic information so that people always know who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, when you’re doing it, why you’re doing it because I have seen people put out marketing and they forgot the date. They didn’t put the address, they forgot to put the website where people were going to buy tickets and that completely changes the entire game and the results of your event so those four key pieces I think are super pivotal for successful event. Let me have one last one and you know you can kind of side whether it’s after you do an event or before but I think that when you go into this stuff, this is kind of what you need to keep in the back your head is protect your brand, your reputation and and that will say a lot about how you do your business. You present the presentation during, after, before, all that stuff is that if you really believe in your brand you want to make sure your reputation is what’s gonna stay on your fly. You say, Hey you know even though it’s thousand-square-foot but Beyonce’s going to be there and the people really say hey oh shit, Yonce is to be there and then Beyoncé’s not there.. it damages your brand yeah you know and you look like a fool, people will never trust you again so maybe it’s you know you know trust reputation and brand is the last in terms of marketing and putting your product out there. Thank you for dropping some real knowledge on these kids man. Let me say one more thing you know everybody has come to our beds over the years and supported us we always think y’all know you never say that we got to appreciate it and how can people stay in touch with you and follow your events and be part of the fam? Real simple you know if you want to find out about upcoming concerts and the club stuff we do you can go to and then we’re also on Facebook under 3Deep Productions. 3Deep Denver’s our Twitter and Instagram Send us a note. Let us know what you wanna see, come to Denver and what you like and what you don’t like we won’t that’s one thing that we wanted to do talk about everything to do as long as it make things better yes. Always no matter what. That’s what that’s what’s up so if you liked this video and found value please like it and share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get more marketing advice that works. So there you have it another great episode of Around the Block Talk– marketing advice that works. Today you got to see an amazing episode about how to promote a perfect event and what goes into it and the keys Francois thank you so much for schooling the kids. No problem I’m glad I could be part of it. I hope that inspire somebody, it helps somebody and that you know if anybody ever needs when they reach out to me I’ll try to help them as much as I can but I really push you appreciate you doing this because again knowledge is key. Knowledge is definitely what’s going to separate you from everyone else when you take real knowledge from the experts the experts in the trenches and that know what’s going down on a daily basis. Listen and take this episode to heart and I hope you find great success so we’ll catch you on the next episode of Around the Block Talk. I’m your host, Los, and we’ll catch you next time.


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