How to Throw a New Years Party : Protecting Your Home for a New Year’s Eve Party

Three, two, one. Happy New Year. One behalf
of Expert Village, my name’s Matt Cail and I’m going to show you how to throw a New Year’s
Eve party. Your party’s going really, really well, all of a sudden you hear like a bump,
and then crash! Your glass, which you just actually got when you were married, and have
six of them, you now only have five because one of them is totally shattered over the
dining room floor. Somebody with a combination of clumsiness or drink. So, you have to think
about how many breakable objects do I want in the party zone. If you have nice things
like vases or serving pieces that you have out you have to keep in mind that it is possible
that somebody could knock them over and break them, especially because at New Year’s Eve
parties often times people are drinking, they’re drinking alcohol. That means clumsiness, if
people have too much, and usually there’s one or two that do. So, before the party consider,
am I okay with some of these things getting broken. If you’re absolutely against anything
you have being broken consider whether or not you really actually want to host one of
these parties, or really tone it down, maybe cut out the alcohol. That’s one option. Another
thing to do is you can take some of these things and put them away. Definitely don’t
have them in a party area, put them up in your bedroom, you know put up a big wall of
bricks in front of them, whatever you want to do to make sure you’re comfortable, and
they’re safe and not near your guests.

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