How to Throw a New Years Party : Alcohol Safety for a New Year’s Eve Party

3,2,1 Happy New Year on behalf of Expert Village
my name is Matt Cail and I’m going to show you how to throw a New Year’s Eve party. No
party is as closely in lined with consuming alcohol at the New Year’s Eve parties. You
need to keep in mind of party planning mainly safety in terms of your guest drinking. If
you are having a party you are responsible to make sure that your guest not only drink
responsibility, but also that they get home safe and sound. Every single year there are
people who end up dying in New Year’s Eve because they where drinking irresponsibly
or somebody else who hit them was, who was operating the vehicle. So there is some easy
tricks here to kind of keep in mind that you drink both responsibility and also watch out
for your guest. First off if you are hosting, don’t over indulge yourself. You have to keep
in control, you have to keep in control to make sure your guest are having a good time.
You have to keep in control, your guest are keeping in control and not getting over ratty.
You have to make sure that nothing bad happens to your possessions, other people jackets,
etc. You need to not overly drink if you want to host a New Year’s Eve party. If you have
a problem with this, you may reconsider in hosting a party yourself and just go to another
party there is always plenty. The other thing is keep in mind who is the designated driver,
also make sure that everyone has plans how they are going to get home. This goes on beyond
designated. You can always have a key check at your party to make sure that no one is
basically going to be taking their keys and leaving. So then basically whenever you say
good-bye to everybody at the end of the evening, you make sure they are good enough to drive.
Now this is more of an art than a science but definitely often times the most blitz
of people you can step back and say hey maybe let’s switch over to water. Let’s take some
more time to make sure that everyone gets home safe from your New Year’s Eve party.

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