How to Throw a Modern Wedding | Perfect Wedding

My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for
a living. I’m Ruthie Hecht; I’m an event planner and
I work with and for my mother. We’re going to teach you the do’s and don’ts
for the perfect wedding. In this day and age a lot of people want to
do what is considered a very modern wedding.In order to do a modern wedding it really is
great to be able to find a space that has a lot of windows and a contemporary feel.Along
with that the tremendous amount of glass, plexiglass, lucite, modern materials that
one can use to decorate a room – LED lighting to be extremely contemporary or even more
forward thinking than if you were decorating something in a modern way.The materials are
a bit hard-edged, one can use lighting to soften them up, but they make for a very sparkly,
interesting kind of night.A lot of people today are opting to use DJ music as opposed
to band music, but what the DJs are doing to enhance the music is that they put drummers
and violinists and woodwind instruments with the DJ and then the sound is really really
hot and that’s very very interesting to do for a modern wedding. Also the cake. A lot of people are opting to do less traditional
wedding cakes and with it we’re doing this week a shooter cake – three tiered plexi made
with all shooters with sorbets, and that’s a very contemporary wedding cake.A cupcake
wedding cake is a contemporary wedding cake.Lots of ideas to make things look and feel modern.


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