How To Start Making Planner Pages For Beginners

hey guys Alicia here I want to talk a
little bit about planners and calendars because they are an excellent source of
making good money on Etsy it’s all just a matter of coming up with your own
method of creating your planners and your calendars now I will tell you the
reason that this is an excellent niche to go into is because there is planners
for almost everything we have our regular daily prayer and weekly planners
we have our annual planners and calendars
we have wedding planners we have you know college planners we have life goals
planners you know there’s so many things that you can do so if you have your
niche is doing planners I highly recommend that you get into that because
you can sell these for a lot printables you can usually sell for anywhere from
none to maybe twelve to fifteen dollars depending upon what type of planner it
is if it’s just printables but if you’re wanting to actually offer the service of
having it bonded for them you know something like such as this you can
charge a lot more you know 17.6 t-one cents now I have already checked the
prices at my local office supply store and it was at Staples and I do believe
that getting something bonded like this it does not cost much at all it’s about
five to six dollars to get it bonded and they will do that for you and then you
can take that product and then you can ship it now I know that my store is all
about instant downloads and so that you don’t have to ship anything but that’s
just something if you wanted to offer that service you know it does not cost
much to get it bonded you know you can make come up with your own planner
covers and make your designs using these skills that I have taught you in
previous videos you know the thing about the calendars and the printers is mainly
lines and box says now I can tell you right here and
now I create everything on a pecky comm and you can do the same thing on
PicMonkey as well you know you can do almost everything on there you know now
a lot of people that are really big into doing this would probably disagree with
me now you can use word you can use illustrator you could I’m not I’m sorry
not illustrator publisher you can use all sorts of things but if you know what
my channel is about and you’ve been following me my channel is all about
teaching how to use your design skills without having to spend any money or
very little money at all so you can go to Google Docs which is free and it is
so much like word so for example if you just needed to insert like some boxes of
some sort you could click here and I mean this is just i’m not going to
design an entire planner on here it would be a five hour long video i’m just
showing you places that you could you can actually start so you can click here
on table and then you can highlight how many of these that you actually need you
know in there and it tells you like an on button on so if you clicked that then
these are gonna be your your boxes and then there’s also a way that you can
make these bigger as well if you’re familiar with word you know you can drag
this over and make these bigger so this is a way to get boxes you know if you
really wanted to get just boxes so do you see where I’m going here with this
some I know I’m going through this quickly so you can make these you know
whatever size you want you can even do one and then you can just kind of
duplicate it until you get your boxes and then I would highly recommend saving
the document and then uploading it to like I picky or PicMonkey
and then you can add all of your designs to it and write in your own like days of
the you know days of the month you know here like you could put a 1 right here
in the corner so you would want to make all those these size so Google Docs is a
place you can go to do that another place that you can go to start making
your planners and your calendars you can go to canva no I already have done some
research on this but is where you’re gonna go
is you’re gonna click on find templates and up here at the top you’re just going
to type planner and then down here it’s gonna give you all of these different
templates that you can use and you can change anything on here for them so if
you don’t want to make your own book you know your own boxes you can find one of
these that already has the boxes on them and like this right here this already
has lines on it this one is like a workout schedule and like if you wanted
to I mean you can even do a planner for chores so there’s just so many things
and the fact that it is becoming the end of the year you know January is a great
month to really you know December in January and February are great months to
start selling planners now I personally don’t like to sell planners with a date
that says like you know 2019 on it I like to leave that blank and just put
date that way it can be you know purchased year round and year after year
and you can design as many of these as you would like so I’m gonna go back up
here to let me pull up this one because this one already has the boxes on it now
I’ll be honest I don’t like this design so I’m going to pull this up and see
what I can do with this so when you have this it’s pretty
cool because if you just click usually right here and click delete it will take
out that design that you don’t like and then you can even change the color so if
you just want it to be like a light grey you can just do like a light gray or if
you wanted it to be like a darker pink you can do something like that now is
what I’m going to do here is I’m actually going to take out all of the
wording and we can delete this box all together okay and I’m actually going to
take out this as well because I want to add my own so you can either just take
the wording out or you can just click until you do that and hit delete and you
can delete the entire box and it’s not wanting me to delete the entire box okay
so we’re just going to go through here and we’re going to delete this entire
box and this is just going to be one page of our planner so we’ve already
made this our own because we have changed the color to something we’ve
like I took off that design I did not like and that’s what’s awesome about
canva is that you can change anything on these designs okay so now that we have this we have
this ready to go we have our boxes here and so now all we have to do is I’m
going to go ahead and download this and I’m going to save it as a JPEG image
okay and then I’m going to download this okay and then I’m going to pull this up
here and I’m going to save it to my desktop okay so we have now saved it to our
desktop so I’m going to jump over here to Apogee calm and then is what we are
going to do and let’s see here let me go out of this and go back into it okay so
is what we’re going to do is we are going to go to add an image and we’re
going to add that image that we just saved and and I know this is quick here
on how we’re doing this or how I’m showing you here but I’m just showing
you where to go so here it is right here and I’m gonna upload this image okay so
now it’s already in our photo file so now is what I’m gonna do here is I’m
going to click over here to the designer and this is where we get to pick our
size on what kind of you know what size do we want our planer to be I am wanting
this to be like a six by nine planer something that you can kind of hold in
your hand so is what I’m going to do now is I’m going to jump over here to
convert inches to pixels and I love this site because it really tells you you
know if you change this to 300 dpi and then you put 300 here so if I put five
here it is telling me that we need 1500 pixels so I’ll go over here into I picky
and I’m gonna click new and I’m gonna put 1500 and then if I put none that’s
2700 so we’re gonna put 2700 and then we’re going to click create so I know
this looks a little bit awkward but it is a 5 by 9 and planners are just kind
of a little bit kind of a shake so now is what I’m going to do is
the picture that we just made on canva we are going to fit that in here okay so now this is where you are ready
to upload your own text and your own you know whatever it is that you want to do
so if you want you know to put you know whatever it is you can start numbering
the day so this could be like you know page one and then you can do page two so
for example you could upload some of your own art give me just a second let me pick
something you can add watercolors you can add you know art you can add
whatever you would like to this so you know let’s say that you were wanting to
go with some sort of a a theme here I think I’m going to use this and just
kind of pull this over here and then just kind of show you what we can do
with it even though I’m not really crazy about the colors I’m just showing you
where you can go and what you can do so you could like do something like this to
decorate it on your own and then you could go here and you could start adding
your own text so let’s say that this was will put November and you can put that
up here and then you can change your font to whatever you would like it to be someone was asking about a font I had
used on my nursery wall art and I really like this font right here so we could
put like November I mean this is really I’m swapping this is very sloppy I’m
just showing you like what you can do so you know we basically went from taking
this from canva we took everything out of it just so we could get the boxes we
changed the color to this fuchsia pink which you can change it to whatever
color you would like and then for example so we’ve got November so now you
can start adding numbers one and you could put that like right here and then
you could do the same thing you could repeat and drag that over here so it’s
the same size and then you could just change the number to two and that’s what
I’m basically going for here so we’re creating something this is like a one of
the pages of the planner and the calendar and then once you’re done with
all this because you’re going to need a page to the
this only gives you enough you know one two three twelve so you’re gonna have to
put the other numbers on the other page which is going to be you could have that
all and one number and then I would suggest that the next page be nothing
but like LUNs where you put like Monday Tuesday Wednesday and then put a bunch
of lines underneath so they have a place to write so you know let me just
backtrack here on everything I did you can either use Google Docs which if
you’re really good at just creating your own like that you can make your own
boxes and your own lines in Google Docs or you can go to canva and let me
backtrack here and let’s go ahead and go back to the planners and you can choose
from any of these planner templates right here and then you can change the
wording and you can change whatever you like about you know whatever you don’t
like about it or whatever you do like about it you can change any of that and you know like I kind of like this I
don’t like that it says weekly but I kind of like this so I can even change
the color of all of this so if I click on this okay so right here I don’t like
that color and so let’s say that I wanted to change it to like a light pink
then it automatically changes the color and I don’t want this to say weekly min
menu I want it to say you know week and then I would put a colon here so that
they could write in their week and then it already says Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday so they have boxes here where they can
write their own in there so you can also take this out okay you can
take out all of the wording and then you can save all of this and then you can
just go back and upload it to either PicMonkey or I pick e-comm and then you
can create your own so I hope this was helpful on getting started on making
pages of a planner and a calendar I plan on doing so I have a certain idea that
I’m not ready to share with everyone yet that I’m wanting to do and I think this
is the perfect place to get started so I hope this video was helpful if you have
any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below also
if you have not yet subscribed to my channel please hit the subscribe button
and also the Bell notification so you do not miss out on any future videos that I
will be uploading about how to make money online thank you so much for
watching and I hope everyone has a great day


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