How to Set Up Facebook Page For Your Wedding Business

Hi, this is Stephanie with Book More Brides. And today we are going to explore the mystery
of how to set up your facebook page for your wedding business so that it’s optimized to
get REAL leads. We are not just after likes or facebook fans, we want real actual leads
that you can turn into booked weddings. So that’s what this is all about. So stay with me if that sounds interesting
to you. My cat Henry Hudson has volunteered to let
us use his facebook page to create this brand new page from scratch so I can show you how
to do it. So the first thing you want to do is login
to Facebook. And you should go to your homepage. This is
Henry Hudson’s home page. On the left hand side you’re going to see
an option for Pages. Click on Like Pages Then what you want to do is click this Green
‘Create Page’ Button First decision you have to make is ‘What type
of page are we creating?’ Now since you have a wedding Business most likely you are either
going to choose Local Business or Place Option for you if you have a Brick and Mortar
Business, a studio with hours that people can actually walk into, if you have a restaurant
or catering facility. Somewhere where you actually want people to show up at your address,
you’re going to choose local business or place. If not, you’ll choose Company, Organization
or Institution This going to be for someone maybe you Work
out of your home, have a wedding related website or somethign like that. Brand or Product is more for people who are
selling actual products. So one of these three options is going to be for you. Most people
are going to be chooseing Company, Organization or Institution So make your selection, and you are going
to choose a category. For this one I’m going to choose small business and put in your company
name. Now when you do this, normally you would put
in the name of your business. However, there is a trick that Jeff and I have revealed in
an earlier video that I’ll link to underneath this one. It shows you how to get your Facebook
page on page 1 of Google. The strategy for using that requires that
you name your page for the keyword phrase you want to be found for in page one of Google.
So that would be necessary for this. The name of the business that I’m going to set up here
is Henry Hudson Photography. But I want to rank for Poughkeepsie Photographer
because that is the keyword phrase that I’d like to be found for as Henry Hudson Photography.
So that’s what I’m going to name my page. Then you click to agree to Facebook pages
and terms and click get started. So that’s the choice you want to make. You
can use your actual business name or the keyword you want to be ranked for. Next step is to add a description. Now this
is your short description so you only get 131 characters to put this in. So you’ll want
to think about this carefully. Its important that your description uses a powerful elevator
pitch that tells people who you are, what you do and why they should care. and it should
also include your full website address because it will be clickable when people visit your
page right away. So you want to put a little thought into what
this says. I’ve done that ahead of time so that I can give you an example. So remember that we are located in Poughkeepsie
and we’re a photographer and this is a pretend business, Henry Hudson photography. That’s
Henry Hudson right now, I don’t know if you can hear him crying but he’s desperate to
get in this video. Planning a Poughkeepsie wedding? I help funky
couples get rock’n roll wedding photography, no cheesy poses guaranteed. and then the website
address, including http:// so that it is clickable. And then put in your website address again.
You can also add another site and I encourage you to do this if you have let’s say a Twitter
account, you have an active Pinterest account, you have a separate blog or something like
that you want to put those in. Add as many as you like. And then you are going to answer this question.
Is Poughkeepsie Photographer a real organization, school or government? Yes Will Poughkeepsie Photographer be the authorized
and official representation of this organization, school or government on Facebook? Yes I will.
So then you want to save your information. Next we upload the profile picture. So you
can choose any profile picture you like. It’s suggested that this would be, I like the idea
since in the wedding business is a very personal business, of this actually being your photo.
You might choose to use your business logo, however a photo is a little more personal
and compellikng. Its really your call. I’m going to upload Henry Hudson’s photo from
our computer and wait for it to come up. There we go, there is Henry’s handsome face. And
then click on next. Now you can add your page to your favorites
that makes it easy to access from your homepage. So I’m going to go ahead and add to your favorites,
click on next. And then reach more people. This is where
Facebook tries to get you to promote your page before you’ve even set it up properly.
We’re going to skip that. Alright, now your page has been created but
of course you’re not done setting it up yet, right? Because we’ve only filled out the short
description, we have no cover photo and we’re missing information. So you still have a little more work to do. One of the first things you want to do is
add your cover photo so that it looks really pretty and this is like a billboard for your
Facebook page, like your own little personal website. Now, rather than click on this ‘add a cover’
like you’d normall do, we are going to add the photo first because it is going to be
easier for you to add a description. Click on photos, then add photo. I’ve chosen
a cover photo already. Now there are some best practices for cover photos: Your cover photo is going to be 851 x 315
pixels. You’ll want to include a call to action. You can put your logo or brand You can put contact information up there and
you can also include testimonials These are some options that make your cover
photo even more compelling. Now I’m uploading this first. Let’s say something
about this photo. You want to add a description to your cover
photo because this is your opportunity to put in another link to your website, right.
It doesn’t have to be to your homepage either. I have a decription and a call to action. This is Holley kissing her new husband with
passion after her Poughkeepsie wedding. Remember the importance of keywords. It also was taken
in Poughkeepsie. Click for more images of the wedding and then I have a link. This will
be included in the photo album. Once you are done with that, go ahead and
post your photo. And there we are. Once we have the cover photo uploaded and
a nice description in it, go back to your Facebook page and now click on add a cover,
and choose from photos. Choose the cover photo we’ve created, and you can drag it to reposition
but I’ve sized it the way I want. Its a public photo, so save your changes and voila. So you can see that I’ve put the website address.
This is a pretend website and pretend phone number for Henry Hudson Photography right
there. As I said there are lots of great things you
can do with this. Use it as an opportunity put a call to action,
tell people what to do. And look at this short description that we’ve created – see that
the link right there is clickable. So you want to makre sure that you check that link,
make sure you click it and that it actually works. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
seen links on websites and Facebook pages that are dead. So make sure you double check
it. And now you’ll want to finish filling out
the information for your page. So go up to top of your page, click edit page,
and then update page info. And you have the opportunity now to enter
your address if you want to. You can put in a long description if you want to. This is
very worth doing. What is your page about? Remember to include
a call to action and again a link to your website. It doesn’t have to be the home page.
You might have a special page just for visitors from Facebook. You might have a free report
thats available to couples you might have special photos or a blog post or article that
is super popular. Include that. Get people to click through
and go to your website because you are much more likely to book them. Take the time to fill out your mission. What
are you all about? Founded. Awards, any awards and acheivements
you have. Any products that you may have. Enter your email address. You want people
to be able to email you from your Facebook business page. And then if you have additional
websites you can change that here. When you are done go ahead and view the page
to see how it looks. If you have a long description, they’ll be a click to read more button here. So now your page is officially set up. But what if you’ve messed something up or
you don’t like this page? You can actually delete it if you want to. Just go to Edit Settings, and under settings
options you have an option to remove your page and you are going to delete you page.
It asks you to confirm. Permanently delete Poughkeepsie Photographer? And you’ll click
on that and its gone. So that’s how you set up your page. Just a couple of other things to show you.
These are bonuses. So if you really want to take your Facebook
page to the next level and capture leads with it you want to do two additional things. The first, add an application (an app they
call these little boxes on your website) with a service like so that you can
actually capture leads. Now this is the Get 10,000 fans facebook page. A really really
good resource if you want to learn more about tips for getting leads and booking weddings
with facebook. If I click on free vids, look what comes up.
We’ve got a form to collect an email to get instant access to watch the free vids, right?
That’s a way you can create a form using Pagemodo or a service like that. There are also free
services you can collect the bride and groom’s email address so that you can follow up with
them. Double your list? See how. And I click on
that. This is another page that says all I have to do is like the page and enter the
email and they’ll give me access to the video right away. So that’s a really good way to get even more
leads with your Facebook page. And then the next thing that I highly recommend
you do is that you get Talking Weddings reviews on your Facebook page. Now this is our page at Book More Brides.
You can see what we did with our cover photo. We put our contact information, our name we
put a little bit about our busines so you know what we do. And here on this pink tab, the Talking Weddings
tab is where you can show off your reviews. Highly recommended because these reviews can
be shared on Facebook, liked and commented on. So they really give your business the potential
to go viral. And this is what the reviews look like. If you want to add Talking Weddings to your
Facebook page you can get a free trial, just go to that’s tw
as in Talking Weddings and set up your Talking Weddings free trial account. So thanks so much for listening in. Again
this is Stephanie with If you like the tips you have learned in this
video, make sure that you ‘like; this, leave us a comment below and the results that you
get when you set up your Facebook page. And in addition, you can get more tips like
this for your wedding business by going to Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing
and talking to you again soon.

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