How to Seat Your Guests with AllSeated. A Quick Tutorial

Hello my name is Rebecca, and today I’m
going to show you how to upload and seat your guests. So to upload your guest list
you make sure you’re at the guest tab, and just a quick note, if you’re planning
on assigning each guest to a specific seat then each guest needs to be on
their own line on the timeline. When building your guest list you can either
import from Facebook excel or build it manually. Down here I’m going to import
from Facebook and once you import you can double click on a name to edit it.
You can double click in the party area and choose a party, and then you can fill
out all these other tabs. So addresses, contact information, you can track your
RSVPs, you can choose your meals, and you can add comments. Once you’re ready to
start seating your guests, you go back to the seating tab. You click on the guest
tab here on the left, you link your guest list and all your guests show up here on
the left. You can sort by any of these items, by party, by RSVP status, or we can
hide the filters and to see the guests you just click on the name or names so
you can do a multiple at a time, and click on the table you want to seat them
at. So you’re not dragging you’re just
clicking to select and then clicking to place them on a table. We can turn on
this power chart up here to color-coordinate the tables, and once you
click on the table, if you click the guest tab at the top in that box that
pops up, you can see a list of all the guests that are seated there. If the
table is over seated you select the person that you want to move you can
either delete them, adding them back to the guest list, or you can just bring
them to a table you want to sit them on and click on that new table. So now we’ve
placed our guests at tables, if we want to place our guests at specific seats, again
you click on the table, you make sure that you’re in the guest tab in that box,
and you click on the chair icon in the bottom right. Then a list opens up with a
diagram of the table and you just click on the names and click on the chair, so
again you’re not dragging you’re just clicking on the names and clicking on
the chair. So again you click the table it’ll open
up automatically now because we were in it before and you just click on the
names and click on the seats. So that is how you seat your guests please feel
free to reach out to us if you have any questions at [email protected]
Have a great day

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