How to Score at a Wedding

How to Score at a Wedding. Play your cards right, and your buddy’s nuptials
can be nookie central for you. You will need Charm Discretion A sense of
humor and a baby to dance with. Step 1. Let your social animal run free. Work the crowd, introduce yourself, and keep
the conversation flowing. Don’t ignore couples, kids, and grandparents. Impress just one, and you’ll have an
automatic wingman. Step 2. Show your best side to the opposite sex. If you’re a girl, ask if someone knows
the score of the game. If you’re a guy, now’s the time
to boogie with that toddler. If you’re drinking, don’t get too drunk. You’ll just embarrass yourself. Step 3. When you meet that knock-out, keep the conversation
light, and devote some time to finding out a bit about them. Be charming and down to earth. Hotties can detect a phony faster than it
takes to say “I do.” Step 4. Have fun with all the silly wedding conventions,
and make your object of desire your partner in crime. When you’re a team, watch the “hokey
pokey” turn from an embarrassment into an aphrodisiac. Don’t overdo it. Being too interested in the wedding activities
will just make you look creepy. Step 5. Find a sincere reason to give that special
person a little boost. Keep your compliment fresh and original, and
steer clear of anything clichéd or pre-planned. Step 6. Whatever your arrangements are, keep the details
quiet. Your date will be thrilled that you can both
have fun while keeping things on the down low. Did you know In one survey, nearly 60% of
respondents said they’d at least kissed someone they’d met at a wedding.


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