How to Save Money on your Wedding and Wedding Planning

Hi I’m Jenni with the Sustrate
Strategies, I’m a strategic legacy planner and I specialize in securing the
legacy for your family for all future generations. Are you planning a wedding
this year? Here are my tips for how you can be financially savvy while you plan
your wedding. As most of you know I’m getting married this year. So some of the
information that I can share with you is when you set your wedding date you need
to figure out some big things right away. What is your venue is gonna cost you, what do you think your dress will cost you, the food, the drinks, the photographer, the
cake. Have an idea of what you think that’ll be and I would even add some
money to that just in case there’s things in there that you haven’t thought
of right, like your marriage license, your commissioner, there’s always gonna be
things that you forgot so add some money to that budget. Now if you’ve decided to
get married in ten months from now and you think your budget, the total cost
of your wedding is going to be ten thousand dollars, you need to start
saving $1,000 a month today. When you start with a budget for your wedding and
you can save for it every month, you know that your wedding will be paid off the
day of the wedding. This is starting your marriage on the right foot.
A lot of people get married and they spent a lot of money on their wedding
and some marriages don’t even last the length of that debt. You can search at
consignment stores for your wedding dress, there are lots of places out there
that have wedding dresses that were worn once, you can clean them very easily,
they’ll look brand new, and you will pay a fraction of the cost. I got my dress at
Value Village, it was an amazing experience, I was with my grandmother and my mother and we were shopping for two gray
dresses for my grandmother and I’m like, “Oh we’ll just go to Value Village I’m
sure they’ll have it.” There was a rack of wedding dresses there, and I wasn’t even
engaged at the time, and my mother said try on this dress! I was like Mom,
you’re being a little ridiculous right now. So I tried it on, it fit like a glove,
and it was a hundred dollars. My grandmother and my mother were there,
they both started crying, it was perfect. So search around for other venues for
your wedding dress, search for certain locations for your event.
We’re having it at our acreage so we’re saving the money on having it at a
certain location. Grow your own flowers. I’m growing my own flowers for my
wedding, it’s gonna cost me a little bit in the seeds and the bulbs, but it’ll
save me a lot of money. We’re using hay bales as seating, we’re using our own
shop as a venue, plus our acreage. Try to do things a little bit more financially
savvy. I recommend to reach out to your friends and family, you will be surprised
at how many people really want to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams,
and they can help you do all sorts of things, whether they want to donate their
time to help you decorate, or any kind of prep work that needs to be done. I have a
friend who has a farm who is donating the beef. So chat with your friends, you
will find out that when you get married, your friends and your family really want
to help you accomplish the wedding of your dreams and anything that they can
do to contribute to your wedding they want to help. So reach out to them, talk
to them, let them know what you need and I bet you they will be there for you and
come through. So if any of this information has resonated with you and
you’re planning for a wedding, and you need help figuring out your budget, I’d
love to help you. You can book an appointment with me
online at You can also follow me on Facebook and
Instagram at susstratestrategies.

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