How To Save Money On A Destination Wedding Photographer

Hey guys, this is Gill with Fun In The Sun Weddings, here in the beautiful Mayan Riviera of Mexico. Whenever a bride first contacts us about destination wedding photography packages, inevitably, she’ll always lead off with something like, “We’re on a really tight budget.” And I always think, “Well, of course you are. You’re getting married. This is one of the most expensive adventures you’re ever going to be on in your entire life.” So, in the interest of saving you a couple of bucks out of that budget, and I appreciate that wedding photography is not cheap, here’s a couple of tips where you might be able to save with your destination wedding photographer. Okay, photography budget saving tip #1: Start by figuring out when the sun is going to set on your wedding day, then take that time and schedule your ceremony for about an hour and a half before the sun’s going to set. That should give you an hour to go and get those coveted sunset beach shots with your new husband or wife. Tight budget tip #2: If those getting ready photos are really important to you, have the destination wedding photographer start about one hour before your ceremony. You really don’t need pictures of you starting from scratch with your hair and makeup. Have the photographer come in, shoot off a quick 15 minutes with the groomsmen, spend the rest of the time with the brides and the bridesmaids just getting some little finishing touches on your makeup, getting you zipped up into your dress. That’s really all you’re going to want see at the end. And that will save you on your overall photography budget. Budget saving tip #3: We haven’t even talked about the reception yet, right? How important are the reception photos to you? Do you need to have pictures of absolutely everything? Do you need the party and the cake cutting and the dance? Do you need these? Okay, if you want to keep this on a really tight timeline, do them all right away at the beginning of your reception. Come on into your reception, go straight into your first dance, cut the cake, get a couple pictures of speeches, and your photographer is done. If you keep to that, you can get start to finish, getting ready and through your reception, in 4 hours no problem. If you really need pictures of your entire reception, then consider stretching your photography budget. That’s it today from Fun In The Sun Weddings. Contact us when you’re ready to make your wedding fun. Adios!

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