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hey guys welcome back to my channel if
you are new my name is Michele and I am a teacher I bring you guys content about
teaching and lifestyle today we are actually gonna be talking about money I
know that that’s something that maybe people don’t like to talk about all the
time but it is something that has been on my mind lately something that I’m
bringing into the new year as a new year’s resolution is to save money for
me right now I just got engaged we want to get a
house like there’s a lot going on I feel a big adult kind of stuff and I want to
start really really seriously saving so whatever the reason is if you just want
to kind of like watch your money a little bit better you know what it
doesn’t matter what the reason these are gonna be seven tips that will hopefully
help you kind of get back on track and really start saving your pennies in my background today I do have Dixie
who with me she’s sleeping on the pillows I feel like every time I film in
my bedroom she is up on the bed sleeping she likes to keep me company and before
this she was like literally sitting right here like super photogenic dog I
swear it’s so funny so trust me when I say like I am not perfect at this I’m
not sound like money savvy person but after reflecting and kind of doing some
research and my own you know these are kind of the tips that I’m going into the
new year really focusing on and the first one is to really change your
mindset I feel like you shouldn’t think like oh I can’t have fun I can’t
I’m have any spending money of my own like I have to save everything you
really have to change your mindset like come up with fun free activities or very
low-cost activities to do there’s so many things you can do that don’t cost
anything like cheap date nights free date nights free things with your kids
if you have kids like free things on your own there’s just so much out there
that you don’t need to always be spending money just to have fun and to
go out and do things um also that you actually in your mindset in this set
sense that like instead of thinking like in the now and you just kind of think
ahead and really think about like your future and well yeah I can’t spend it
now but I will have it later for XY and Z whatever your goals may be so once you
have really changed your mindset and you’ve dug deep and kind of figured out
like okay I want to do this I want to save money I want to stop spending
spending spending my goals are to say for this this and this then you can
really go in and rebut it and like reevaluate your spending the first first
thing I did was I looked at all of these subscriptions that were coming out of my
account so you guys like this is so embarrassing to add up I have them all
written down subscriptions around those things were like oh five dollars a month
that’s easy ten dollars a month that’s easy and then it adds up and it adds up
and it’s up and sooner or later you have all these subscriptions for things you
don’t really need maybe you want them but like I’m wanting
any or very different things so you need to go through your subscriptions and
just get rid of them like I try I promise you you won’t miss it I’m
keeping one and that is Spotify and I I feel like that is okay for how much
money I’m saving by getting rid of all the rest the third tip is to make your
coffee and your tea at home don’t go out to Starbucks or to Dunkin Donuts and get
your coffee it’s tempting when you’re out and you want something like that um
even like gas station coffees are cheaper too I know they’re not always
it’s good some of them around here honestly I I know which ones like the
gas stations I do like but even that it’s still money and it adds up like
okay maybe a coffee out at Starbucks is like four bucks Oh
four dollars isn’t a lot but do it twice a week even once a week I mean all of
them and he’s gonna add up so just make your coffee at home you can set the
timers that you wake up and it’s ready for you um you can even just take one
you go you know or if you’re out just wait till you get home and make yourself
a cozy cup of coffee it’s better in a cute little mug anyway you can sit down
and drink it or put it in a fun little travel mug and go it’s just so much
cheaper to make your coffee at home my fourth tip is one of the hardest ones
honestly for me and Tony my fiancee and that is to stop eating out and getting
takeout now I will say we’ve really controlled ourselves with eating out
like going out to restaurants and stuff we do that way less I remember when we
were first dating especially we would go out to restaurants all the time and eat
out and between like you know the food the tip if you get any drinks like it is
so done expensive but it’s also something that is so fun and we love it
so what we do now is we ask for gifts for gift cards to restaurants so like my
parents every Christmas usually gets a gift card we love that because then we
don’t feel guilty we go out to eat we have a fun date night no guilt um
takeout we are really bad at getting takeout because like if we go
home late or we’ve just time got away from us I’m like oh no I need to eat
dinner um but it’s so late I’m so tired I don’t feel like cooking
let’s get takeout let’s get delivery it totally adds up
it’s least $20 a person it’s at least $20 $10 a person which again like oh you
can throw 20 bucks not a big deal but it really adds up and if you just have some
backups like if you meal prep it gets rid of that whole issue I don’t always
know perhaps um about what we do is we pick up some really easy like frozen
meals so no is healthiest but these are takeout so we might have a frozen pizza
in the freezer at all times it’s like any backup um you know just like simple
like box meals easy things that you can buy stuff in your freezer pull it out
when you have no time and then you’re not getting takeout like you can go
throw some pizza for like five to seven bucks um and it will totally save you
money my fifth tip to saving money is for the girls like that it’s to not get
professional nails done I love getting my nails done I just love the easiness
of it I’m really rough on my nails um but when I have them done I just feel so
put together and I don’t know I don’t know how salute
it it just makes me feel good and I’m sure there’s many of you out there have
that same feeling like when their nails are done you feel good but you can do it
yourself you can paint them yourself I’m really bad at that I know like weird
because I’m an art teacher and I’m creative and everything but I don’t have
the patience to paint my nails so what I do is I actually go to the drugstore or
like Walmart and I buy legit like the press-on nails um I think it’s kiss has
these ones and they are amazing so these are just the shorter nails they have
longer ones there’s a bunch of different brands too these have it he said like
already on them some you need nail glue but I swear by them I mean I didn’t put
these on in the car like if we’re going somewhere I quit put them on
and I’m put together ready to go they don’t always last that long like I know
some people have said they last a couple weeks a week early
for me because I am rough on my nails and our teacher I usually put them on on
the weekend I have like the weekend to enjoy them and then once I get back to
work they start coming off pretty quick but I
think that is because I have such a hands-on rough job so it would last you
longer if you don’t have that kind of job but I love them because they’re so
shiny they are just so easy and it doesn’t destroy your nails either like I
feel like when we get fake nails on at the salon not only is it a huge price
point but it also destroys my nails so these are cheap they’re like 5 bucks
maybe for a set that you can use twice number six is to have your checking
account divide it into different areas and you don’t just mean budget yourself
because I do have a budget and I have like an Excel spreadsheet there’s apps
you can get that do this for you again here like doesn’t a bunch of
other stuff for me it just I like it better with my Excel spreadsheet my dad
actually created it for me but if you know how to use Excel or someone a
family member a friend can they can set that up for you um but anyway I mean you
could even use a pen and paper really but for things that are coming into my
checking account my salary um I what I do is when my paycheck comes I have
automatic like a withdraws to different area so right now I have one big savings
that’s gonna be like our I don’t know wedding slash house savings so I have
money that comes right from my checking right from my paycheck to that so it’s
basically like I never even saw it and never even had it because if it’s in my
account I come up with so many different reasons to shift it around and split up
and spend it here and there and to cover this and that when if it goes right to
my savings I don’t even see it and you can do that with tons of stuff I only
have the one savings but I mean I know people who they have money sent here and
there and there and there and areas that they really can’t even touch it and
sometimes you have to dive into your savings I mean that’s why it’s there but
there’s some times where you want it to go there and just be left alone so if
it’s not even in my checking then I can’t really it’s
not even like my radar basically like I feel like I don’t even have that money
so that is so important just get that money out of there get it to where it
needs to be so you don’t even see it so I’m kind of adding a tip because I just
thought of it I’ve been talking about the money and your checking account
and getting it to a savings account and everything like that and then with the
monies that is left and how I really basically budget it’s a budget for all
my bills and all that stuff with whatever is left after it took that
money out to my savings and I have a budget for like fun money I’m because
you don’t want to have like no spending nothing because then it won’t stick like
you need to give yourself a little bit for just little things you want to do I
don’t know but basically I try my best to not use my card for that I try to get
cash back or go to the bank and get cash out if you have physical cash in your
hands and you say this is how much I have for the week to spend for fun or
bi-weekly whatever um and when this is done that’s it so it’s physical you can
see it you can feel it you can hold it and I feel like the whole cash envelope
system if you ever heard that you should totally google it but cash envelope
system works it truly dies I did it before like gosh I think like in college
or maybe even high school when I was a waitress and I had all this cash I put
my cash into different envelopes and that’s how I budgeted it it really does
work now I don’t like to carry that much cash um so I just do it for my fun money
and that way like I said when it’s not there anymore in my wallet and my hand I
know I’m out and that’s it that’s all I have my last tip I guess this is
actually number eight now since I added that other one but it is the hardest for
me and it is just to shop smarter and kind of like go to the thrift stores
instead of a main store limit online shopping as best as you can don’t even
go to the stores you know you’re gonna be tempted to go into but honestly like
I really want to try to thrift more I want to buy say in the second-hand and
limit what you’re buying to like I have decided like I don’t need anymore
I’m done maybe when I move and I have a house and I want to redecorate that
that’s a little different because I’m starting fresh with a new house but like
and the things that I see in the stores that are cute and I want to get them
instead of getting them what I’ve been doing is I’ve been taking a picture of
the item and I just figured all I could like posted on Instagram or something if
I want to more times than none I just forget about it and that goes to show
that like yeah it’s cute and it would look cute in my house but like I don’t
need it and it’s a impulse buy if I buy it and put somewhere I’ll probably
forget about it on the Shelf to just like I forgot about the photo I took of
it so it really does help take a photo of cute stuff
if anything it could be inspiration for later when you maybe have a little more
money to spend on like knickknacks and decorations but knickknacks just there
are dust collectors and you forget about them and you just don’t need that little
those little things so just kind of like make smarter choices and make
second-hand shopping choices it’s better for the environment anyway everybody
those are my eight tips and my personal like eight goals to really set money
aside this new year and throughout the gear um like I said you really have to
change your mindset you have to cut take it on it’s like an adventure um and not
really limit yourself like I don’t want anyone to think like oh I need to save
money so I’m not gonna have fun you need to have a mindset where ooh
how many cool free things can I come up with to do or you know something like
that like make it so that it’s not too hard and that way you will continue to
do it and make it laughing I feel like that is such a big thing with New Year’s
resolutions everyone just goes hard and and doesn’t have any wiggle room and
doesn’t like I don’t know it you have to be able to do it as a lifestyle
necessarily and not like oh this is happening for the new year and if you’re
too strict basically that’s what I’m trying to say you might not make it so
you need to have a mindset of like a positive mindset when it comes to saving
money because it will make it so much easier for you it’s helped me so far
after doing like this brainstorming and research and everything like that
I just wanted to share with you guys please feel like I’m sure there’s
someone out there who is trying to save money but it’s struggling but it’s never
gonna be like oh I wish I wouldn’t have saved that money no you’re never gonna
say that you always want money saved away for something and hopefully these
eight tips will help you guys if you do anything on your own to save money or if
there’s any apps you use because I know like I mentioned knit calm but I’ve been
interested in kind of like seeing if there’s an app maybe out there for money
saving and budgeting if there’s something you use for that
put it in the comments below um if you thrift gave me your thrifting tips
because I am going today given that that is gonna happen now and I won’t see it
your comments but for future thrifting tips leave those below to any like
budget-friendly thrifting second-hand like budget hacks saving money hacks
whatever leave it below I would love to check those out as well hopefully this
video helps you guys if you guys are not subscribed I would totally appreciate
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anniversary is coming up January 14th so it’s just crazy to me like it’s been a
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