How to Repair an Uneven Concrete Sidewalk or Driveway

Welcome to mother daughter projects. I’m Steph I’m Vicki and today we’re using power tools and diamonds. We want to thank the Home Depot for the tools that we’re using in today’s video one of our
favorite things about working with the Home Depot this year is some of the
tools we get sent are things that we may not have tried out otherwise and today’s
tools are no exception one of those is the diamond cup wheel
and when we first got it we looked at and thought oh this is pretty but what
do we do with this so when we looked into it and we found out well you’re
like wow we have a use for this well back at my house I realized that my
front sidewalk was a little bit uneven in one place which as you know
creates a tripping hazard so I thought let’s try the grinding wheel on that and
see if we can level it out before we took the angle grinder to mom’s sidewalk
we wanted to practice. We cured a bag of concrete, plugged in the angle grinder into our dust collector and tried it out. Right off the bat it was way easier to control
than I thought it did kick up some dust but that’s only because it’s designed to
be used on a flat surface not a small concrete block here you can see the
rough texture of before and the smooth of after. Mom even had a go at it and she
was able to control it well with our test complete we took our tools
to Mom’s house to work on our sidewalk before using our grinding wheel we’re
going to use our small angle grinder with Diablo diamond cut wheel we could
probably use a grinder for all of this but by cutting away some of the bigger
pieces it’s going to save us some time in the end. So you can see here that the
Diablo diamond wheel really cut through the rocks and helped us shave down the
edges we’re working with concrete you need to
make sure to protect your lungs your eyes and use a wet/dry vac to collect
any dust whenever possible next we plugged our Makita 7-inch angle
grinder into our wet/dry vac and set it to auto so that when we turn on our tool
the vacuum will turn on – and we started grinding away at the concrete you can
start to see the rocks and concrete being exposed the front part of the dust
collector attachment can actually be removed and would have made this a
little bit easier had I thought about it. you can see when working on a flat
surface there’s virtually no dust with the dust collection connected to finish off we cleaned the concrete
dust away and admired our work what we learned when I walk around my
neighborhood now between some of the concrete slabs I’ve noticed that the
concrete actually been ground down and I know how they did that so it’s pretty
exciting when I walk around I now take pictures and look that one’s better than
the other yeah it’s nerdy I know I don’t need comments well this is a tool not
everyone’s gonna want to invest in but if you have a lot of concrete that needs
to be ground down this might be something you want to invest in. All the
tools you use today are going to be the link below but I want you to know that
we use the diamond-cut wheel and that was connected to an seven inch angle
grinder and that had a dust collector attachment on it and that was all
connected to our wet/dry vac to help eliminate some of the dust that comes
from the concrete. So if you liked this project and want to see more from us
make sure to visit us at mother daughter that the concrete has been
ground down. And, I said it right…(laughter)


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