How To Plan Your Wedding Day… to the minute!

Hi! I am Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images.
And in today’s short video, I just want to show you how to plan your wedding day.
I’ll give you some ideas how to structure time table so that your day runs perfectly.
When couples come to see me, this is one of the most asked questions. They are just not
sure exactly how to lay out the day so it does run smoothly. And there’s nothing worse
than spending a year planning your wedding and finding on the day that you haven’t
left enough time for something and you have found yourself rushing and it’s just horrible.
The day is so special and it’s such an awesome day that with a little bit of good planning,
everything can run smoothly and you don’t have any of those dramas, and you shouldn’t
have because it’s your wedding day. So, the easiest way I find to do this is to
work backwards from the end of the day or at least from when you are going to have your
meals served. So let’s say for example, you are going to have your meals at 6:30.
So the meal served at 6:30. Meal served. And my writing is pretty rough in some areas,
you have to excuse that, but I’ll try to make this as legible as possible and you should
get the idea of how to do this for yourself on your own day anyway.
So at 6:30, meal served. That could be entrée main depending on what you’ve worked out
with your reception center. So if you have, let’s base this on a say 100-person wedding,
a typical Aussie wedding. If that’s the case, you probably going to want to back 15
minutes for your emcee to get everyone seated and to do whatever greeting, introductions
for you and your bridal party. So, that’s going to take it back to 6:15. So that’s
Intros by the emcee. So generally your guests are already at the
reception before you arrive. They are waiting to get in. They might have been having candy
pies or drinks just outside, and that’s a pretty typical scenario. So I try and have
you guys back by about 6:00, and that gives you a little bit of time to freshen up, just
to relax, have a chat to you and your bridal party and your husband or wife, just soak
in the atmosphere and enjoy the day. Touch up your [_____2:12] and make sure the hair’s
perfect and yeah, you just don’t want to be rushing all day.
So you just need a little bit of time built in. So bridal party arrives, and this is at
the reception. Okay. I hope you can read that. That’s ‘bridal party arrives’.
Now before that, you are probably going to be at your photo shoot with your photographer.
Most photographers, me included, would like to have about an hour for photos, not counting
travel time. If you have a super large bridal party, say
six bridesmaids or more, and groomsmen on the other side, you may need longer than one
hour, and on the flipside, if you have no bridal party, it’s just the two of you,
then you’re going to need less time than a full hour unless you have multiple locations.
So there’s going to be a few factors to take into account there and your photographer
will be able to help you with that. So let’s say you have about an hour for your photos.
So it’s going to take us back to 5 o’clock that the photos will start. So that’s the
photo shoot. Now generally, you are going to be driving
somewhere for your photos. It could be from the ceremony to the reception. It could be
ceremony to photo shoot, or it could be ceremony>photo shoot-1>photo shoot-2 for different
locations and then off to your reception. So let’s base this on a typical or small
Central Coast or New Castle wedding and say everything’s pretty close and we are going
to have a half-hour of travel time. So it will take us back to 4:30. So that’s travel
time. Now you can divide that travel time up any
way you like. So that could be 15 minutes of photos at the church with the ceremony,
with the gardens or wherever you had your ceremony, and then you have a 15-minute drive
to another location, and you have another 45 minutes of photos, and then another 15-minute
drive. So either way that total time will be one
hour and 30 minutes or an hour-and-a-half and that still is going to give us that same
scenario. Again, you can tweak that to suit your day, depending on how much travel time
you need, how many stops, how large your bridal party is.
So before this, would be your group photos and family photos after the ceremony and also
that really special time with the hugs and kisses and getting congratulated by your whole
family and friends and guests after the ceremony. So let’s again work in backwards, I try
and do the big group shot first with everyone and also some family shots immediately after
that. So that takes me about 10 minutes. Then again, I think most photographers would be
the same. So that’s 4:20. That’s for group photo, and we’re going to pull the family
photos in there as well. Like I said, group photo and family photos
together at 4:20, and then before that, that’s that hugs and kisses, and congratulating times
– that’s 4:00 p.m. Let’s just call that ‘hugs and kisses’. Like I said, that’s
a really nice time. I shouldn’t talk and write at the same time because I am making
mistakes here. ‘Hugs and kisses’, so I’ll fix that so you can write that better – ‘Hugs
and kisses’. Okay, so that’s once you actually come down
the aisle, meeting, greeting, saying hello to everyone – really nice time. If again,
it’s a typical Australian wedding, it could be garden. It could be the beach. It could
be in a Chapel or a Church. It’s generally going to be about 30 minutes or half-an-hour,
okay? You might find if it’s a large Catholic
ceremony with a full mass, then it’s going to be below at one hour, again, so just backing
that in. But most weddings are around half-an-hour, which means the ceremony would start at 3:30.
So 3:30 p.m. for ceremony start. I should have had Natalie do this because
her writing is a lot nicer than mine. Again, hopefully you’ll get the idea. So ceremony
starts at 3:30. This is going to take us to 4 o’clock.
So again, we are taking a scenario of a small Central Coast or New Castle wedding, everything’s
local. And you happen to be getting ready 15 minutes away from where the ceremony is
or the Chapel. That means you would be leaving home at 3:15. This is the bride I am talking
to, so 3:15. So bride leaves home and that’s leaving
home for the ceremony. Okay, and if you arrive there a little bit earlier, most girls are
running late but if you do happen to find yourself arriving at the Chapel a little bit
early, I’d say instead of pulling up at the front door, do a lap around the block
or swing up a little bit early and just enjoy the cars [Ph 06:56] for an extra 5 minutes,
and just soak in the atmosphere. It’s better to do that than turn up 5 minutes early, and
most of your guests and family scramble to get into the church because you arrived early.
So, better to come a little bit late; it’s fashionable. It’s nice.
Okay, so once I arrive at your house or the photographer arrives at your house, we generally
like to have about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. That’s going to change a little bit depending
on your photographer. So let’s say an hour-and-a-half in this scenario, and then again, you can
tweak that depending on your photographer. So if that’s the case, that’s going to
take us back to 1:45. 1:45 and that’s going to be ‘Photographer arrives at the bride’s
house’. I like to have it so that your hair and make-up is done when I arrive and you
are ready to get into your dress. The bridesmaids can be in their dresses already
to get into them as well. As long as everything is ready to go, nothing less than turning
up and having hairdressers and make-up artist still working, and the second bridesmaid are
full [Ph 7:52] and really holding things up. What’s worse than that is that if the bride
is not ready, you are not ready and you still haven’t got your hair makeup done because
then there’s really little we can do. We can get some detail shots and things but you
are the star of the show and we want to get photos of you. So it’s really a good idea
not to go last with your hair and makeup. So 1:45 – ‘Arrive at your place’ with
you and the girls and your parents and any other family that are there. Again, a local
scenario, we’ll say the guys are getting ready 15 minutes away from where you are.
That means I’ll be leaving then at 1:30, so ‘Leaving the guys’, okay.
And again, I, like most photographers, would like to have about an hour with the guys.
So I will be arriving there at 12:30. ‘Arrive at guys’ place’. Okay, so with the guys,
I’d like to have the guys showered and shaved, ready to go when I turn up. They don’t have
to be suited up. They can get into their suits once I get there and then away we go.
But that’s pretty much it. That’s as simple as that. You can tweak those times to suit
you. If you got a larger bridal party, smaller bridal party, if you’re going to go have
to have your hair makeup done, just back to those times in, and just as long as you fit
in with those times, you have to back in a little bit of time driving to and from the
hairdresser or makeup artist. If you can get them to come to you, I mean
I think that’s a lot better option but it’s up to you. It’s your day. You do it your
way, but just look at those times, work that in with your plans and the day will be awesome.
There’s nothing worse than rushing. So if you are in doubt, leave a little bit
extra 10 or 15 minutes here or there, and talk to your function coordinator, with your
reception center. Really the time that you can’t change is that meal time. So that’s
6:30 time, that’s a really important one. The chefs really, really, really hate it if
they’ve got to serve cold food or try and keep things warm. They want to serve food
at their best and you are paying a lot of money for those meals. So we really, really
work hard to have you there on time if that’s the time you’ve given us.
So I hope that helps. If you get a chance, stop by my blog which is
Natalie and I have got tips and advice there to make your day better than what it could
have been – little things from service providers and experience that we have picked up along
the way as well. So I hope to see you there. I’d love it
if you leave a comment and/or any questions for us as well. So, hope to see you soon.
Thanks again for listening and we’ll see you next time. Bye!

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