How to Plan the Wedding You Think Your Parents Will Hate

hello welcome back to another wedding
tip Wednesday I’m so excited about today’s topic because it’s one of my
favorites and it’s all about breaking the rules so let’s get into it. A few
weeks ago I was having dinner with some girlfriends and the topic came up that
one of them has been engaged to her fiance for about a year now but they
keep putting off a wedding plans because they know that their parents are likely
going to be happy with the kind of waiting they want to plan so if they
just avoiding it altogether and even at the point where they considering just a
low paying now as I said I love breaking the wedding rules and I love inspiring
people to plan the wedding but they really want to have so this was a really
awesome conversation that I got to have with this one friend of mine and what I
want to say to anyone in this same situation is when have you ever follow
the rules that your parents put in place for you the fact that you’re even thinking about
having awaiting thats non-traditional and nothing like the winning that your
parents had already a huge indicated to me that you’ve never done things on the
straight and narrow and that you do like pushing boundaries a little bit so why
would your parents even be surprised if you decided to have a wedding that
looked nothing like what they expected to I realize this can be a really touchy
subject at especially when there’s religions involved and while there’s
grandparents who are really really stuck in their ways but I think you need to
sit down and have a conversation with your parents about the fact that times
have changed and you want to do things a little bit differently because really if
you’re old enough to get married you’re old enough to sit down and have an adult
conversation with your parents about what you’re really envisioning it for
your wedding that day now and nothing really be back to you need to consider
is whether or not you would accept monetary support for your parents in
pain for your wedding a lot of the times this money doesn’t come without streams
and your parents really want to have a lot of saying into how it’s been and who’s invited to the wedding so if
you can plan the wedding that you want without accepting any cash help from
them you can have a much better I case for planning at the exact kind of
wedding that you want to have and not be construed by their opinions now goes
it’s been a year of your engagement now and I’m sure your parents waiting
anxiously for you to finally plan something so it’s time that you went to
them and had these kinds of conversations and if you think that
they’re not going to be understanding that there may be just suggest that you
might elope instead and see if that gets the ball rolling in terms of them coming
around to your way of thinking at the end of the day I think your parents
would just be happy to see you doing the whole marriage thing so go ahead and do
it the way you want and I’m sure they’ll jump on the bandwagon when they see your
enthusiasm and excitement for doing it just the way you want them all three
tips on planning a wedding that looks nothing like your parents visit where’d
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