How to Plan for an Event | DJ Lessons

There are different events out there,there
are clubs,private parties,private functions,there’s also like city gigs,college parties or there
might be like actual dance competitions which I DJ a lot.I start off by locking in my price.Once
I lock in my price,I have the address,I know what time I need to be there to setup.So if
the event starts at 7.00,I am not gonna be there at 7.00 because I have to give myself
time to set up.So I am gonna show up at 6.00 or maybe 5.30.If I need to drive long distance,I
also have to take into consideration that there might be traffic,you never know what
the weather is gonna be like for that day,so you wanna definitely plan ahead give yourselves
enough time.A good friend of mine told me when you show up early you are on time,when
your on time you are late,when your late you might as well not show up,Right?So something
to keep in mind.Also getting your music together,for that type of an event like B-boeing competition
I usually play old school hip-hop,funk,some disco.So I organize those crates, make sure
that I have those crates set up.And I also have music for ciphers like when people are
dancing and just like warming up and then I have music for the actual competition for
the battle.So I don’t wanna play anything that I am gonna use for competition and play
it in a cipher because i don’t like to repeat songs.So depends on what the event is you
wanna definitely organize your music and pretty much set it up for that event.Also if there’s
any promotional material that you would like to bring with you to brand yourself,coz it’s
all about branding,right? So I go by the name DP one,if you know this
I am wearing a DP one shirt.This is done purposely so that I can brand myself.Whenever I am ‘DJ’ing
and playing outdoors,I also might wanna set up a banner.I wanna bring up some stickers
to pass out.I definitely bring my business cards,you never know whom you gonna meet.You
wanna make sure that you can generate more business.Also you might want to have customized
drops ready,so when you are playing you can let people know who’s spinning because you
don’t want that credit to go to someone else.Doesn’t hurt to get on the mic as well and let the
people know who you are and if there’s any other events that you might be ‘DJ’ing,promote
those events.And you can also promote whatever event you are about to do,or the events that
are up and coming using Facebook or Twitter or like sending out an email blast.So this
is how you plan to have a successful event.You want people to come to that event,right? So you definitely have to spread the word
as well as the promoter.You have to take all these things into consideration and this is
the best way going about a doing something.


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