How to Plan a Wedding: Should I hire my friend to DJ at our wedding?

Welcome to Wedding Tip Wednesday. Today’s
question is: Q: We’ve got a friend who is really keen
to DJ at our wedding. He’s got all of the gear so I’m excited for us to save some money
there. But I’ve never actually heard him play before so I have no idea if he’s
any good. Worth the risk to save some money do you think? A: What you’ve got yourself here is a friendor
situation. A friendor is a friend who is employed (in some form) to be a vendor at your wedding.
While some friendors are highly skilled in their area, to the point where they earn a
living doing it, others are not. It sounds like here you’ve got yourself a hobby friendor
– so you’ve got some things you need to weigh up. Firstly let’s address the money situation.
There’s a reason professional vendors charge for what they do and it generally comes down
to their experience and talent. So while your friend
might be super keen on DJ-ing, there’s here’s a good chance he’ll lack the experience
and knowledge to actually make the party fun and consider the tastes of all of your guests,
including your own. There’s a bit of an art to keeping a dancefloor full, so you need
to consider what you’re willing to risk on this guy. If having a rocking dance party
is a ‘must-have’ for your wedding, then I’d want to audition the guy first. Secondly, let’s address what could happen
in the event of a friendor failure. If you’re the perfectionist type, or if you have a very
particular vision in mind for your wedding day, what happens if the quality of your friends’
work isn’t up to your standards…? There can be some pretty dramatic repercussions.
Professional suppliers are paid to get the job done right, and to the highest of standards.
The same can’t necessarily be said for or expected from your volunteers. So ask yourself,
what would happen is this friend totally bombed on the night, would you hold a grudge? And lastly, your friends are your guests and
should be allowed to enjoy your wedding. So perhaps your friend could help out with the
ceremony, but I’d otherwise leave the reception
to a professional.

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