How to plan a wedding in Korea??

Hiiii We are here… in Coex.. to check wedding fair how it’s going and I think
it’s totally different from Mexico and to korea so I will show how
Oh in Mexico we have “expo novias” my love novias is bride, so here check everybody is quiet and just like really serious like this let’s see,
so there is our form our data We need to choose, the best for us which type is good for us Yeah… I really love it, I think I like… This one
-Yeap, I love this there’s like passport here
stickers right? I saw the stickers you need to put here yeah she’s explained something about stickers
here we need to put honestly, between you and me I don’t like these
kind of things this one it looks like really old but
this is this is really love terrace think I like terrace so here we
choose terrace so what is the purpose of this unit.
-so after we finish this like our planner will advise us like how much it is at which one is the best This is really cute, but definetely mi amor.. I don’t want this This… nop
-Why?? try… No, I won’t do that now let’s look for dress question in Korea do you usually choose
a dress with a like as a couple like with guy,
Yeap… Obviously NO you know in Mexico
friends are going with a bride friends are going and the friends are
choosing with her That’s interesting for me because you know for example in here I
cannot choose and the very last day in the main day is the first time I am I’m looking
at you like with that dress yeap… that’s good Hi Hi!!! **Wedding planner explaining and helping** **Explaining agenda and make-up options** so after three hours or something it was really hard you know like
I said, I need to consider I want to take my time, but they tell me you pay like 10% and you can get discount price like that Oh sorry I I need to consider but they grab me…
-yeah, yeah… they grabbed her and also other lady two minutes two minutes Jungyeoncita was like no no no
-so anyway really great experience You know the different things
everything is chosen by couple like Rings and dress and hanbok and studio
and pictures and makeup and my mom will be makeup as well her mom and like this so everything is by couple but in Mexico usually like you know mainly the bride
is choosing everything here is same… it is same.. but at least the guy is there And people say you are really handsome…
-Thanks I have another place to go but before
that we need to eat Byee

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