How to Plan a Garden-Themed Wedding : Garden-Themed Wedding Cake

Hi I’m Jessica Meiczinger with Simply Divine
Events and I have been planning weddings for over a decade now and today I’m going to talk
about how to design ideas for a garden themed wedding reception. Traditionally you can stick
with your tiered wedding cake and just accent it with fresh flowers or you can do a fondant
frosting on your cake and you can actually have hand made flowers of sugar. If you go
to your specialty baker they can help you out with that. Another idea is to instead
of doing a floral centerpiece on your table you can actually do miniature wedding cakes
in the center of each table so that way your guests just serve themselves at the end of
the dinner or you can do miniature cakes at each place setting. Another fun idea that
I like to do instead of doing a traditional wedding cake is having a desert table. You
can do little pedifours with your monograms or little edible flowers attached to them.
If you don’t want to do cake you can do different cookies and pastries, pies and tarts if you
want to look for something different. Another fun thing is to do actually cupcakes instead
of a wedding cake. You can do different frostings, you can do different flavors and just have
them on different plate stands or cake stands and the guests can just serve themselves.
So those are just some ideas on how to come up with some different wedding cakes for your
garden wedding reception.

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