How to Plan a Garden-Themed Wedding : Garden-Themed Wedding Attire

Hi my name is Jessica Meiczinger with Simply
Divine Events and I have been planning weddings for over a decade now and I wanted to talk
a little about how to incorporate your garden theme into your wedding attire. First of all
let’s start off with the bride. Brides can choose a nice ivory gown with either a lace
overlay or embroidered flowers, just a nice added touch and it goes along with the whole
garden theme. For the girls for the bridal party they can wear tea length dresses or
just a nice flowy dress and you can go with your soft pastels or you can go vibrant with
your pinks and oranges and soft yellows, that is also nice. For the guys you can wear the
traditional tuxes and go with a lighter color vest and tie or a floral print. Another option
just to keep it a little more along with the theme is to wear a suit in grays or tans or
also even a searsucker suit is a nice touch. Instead of carrying flowered bouquets the
girls can actually carry little purses, antique purses with flowers coming out of that and
the guys can just do the traditional boutonnieres which is a nice added touch as well. So those
are some ideas on how to incorporate your garden theme into your wedding day attire.

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