How to organise a LIVE EVENT

How can I diffuse my new training? I have an idea: something innovative and powerful I will organize a Live Event At the end of the video you will be ready to organize your own Live Event Thanks to my experience, I can help you to know What, Why a Live Event and How to do Let’s go! What and why organizing a Live Event? During your Live Event, There are three main roles. One person the presenter is talking. There could be other presenters or guests, but it’s good to have maximum 3 people. They are talking in front of a camera, which is leading by a cameraman Behind the computer, a third person is answering to the chat His role is essential because he is in charge of the interaction with the participants He can answer to the question of Ben who is following the live on his smartphone in the subway of London or even to the question of Kanoko who is following the live in Japan Okay for the sense? Now, how organizing a Live Event? What do we need in our bags? First, define the subject of your event. What do you want to share with your participants? That’s the core of the event. Second, choose the appropriate tools On your computer, which software are you going to use? YouTube? OBS Studio? Are you going to film with a camera or your smartphone? Don’t forget to check that everything can be connected Third, book a date When India Australia and France can be connected at the same time? When is the National Day of Brazil? Fourth, communicate efficiently about your event Who can be interested? Where these people can get information? People will participate if they heard about your event Are you ready? Decathlon Exchange is here to help you. Thank you very much for listening. Let’s go for Live Event and… See you soon!

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