How to Observe Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

How to Observe Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette. There are a lot of outdated rules and outright
myths regarding wedding presents. Follow these tips to set the record straight. You will need Timeliness and the couple’s
wedding registry. Step 1. Know your obligations. You should give a gift if you are invited
to a wedding, whether you attend or not. The only exception is if the invitation is
from a non-relative whom you rarely see, in which case you may simply send your best wishes. Step 2. Spend an amount based on how well you know
the couple getting married, and what your budget allows. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have
to shell out the equivalent of what the couple is spending on each guest at the wedding. Step 3. Forget the old rule that you have a year to
send a wedding present. Send it around the time of the wedding, and
preferably beforehand. In some cultures, gifts are brought to the
wedding. If this doesn’t apply to you, send it to
the bride or couple’s home. Step 4. If the couple is registered, respect their
wishes. A whopping 85 percent of engaged couples want
guests to select items from their registry, not go off on their own to find a gift. If all the registry items in your price range
are gone, consider joining forces with other guests to buy one large gift. Step 5. Give cash. Research shows nearly half of couples would
love cash, but don’t know how to ask for it tactfully. Some weddings have a place set aside for gift
envelopes, but you can also tuck a check inside a congratulatory card and mail it to the couple. Step 6. If the couple requests donations to a charity
in lieu of a gift, honor their wishes. Just make sure you are donating to the charity
of _their_ choice, not yours. Step 7. If you’re invited to several wedding-related
events, like an engagement party and a bridal shower, decide on a total amount to spend
and then divide it among all the gifts, wedding present included. Did you know The average cost of a wedding
gift in 2008 was $85, according to an industry survey.


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