How to make Tiranga Flower/ DIY/Home Decor/ Republic Day/Independence Day/Decoration

Namaste Friends, Welcome back to Sangeeta´s kreations Anekta mey ekta hi hamri shaan hey esley mera bharat mahan hey! Thousands laid down their lives lay down their life so that our country is breathing this day never forget the sacrifice so let’s decorate our home with Tiranga flower for this you will be needing foamy strips orange white green blue sizes are given below in the description scissors golden thread hot glue gun let’s start for making a beautiful tiranga flower take orange foamy strip with hot glue gun drop a little glue at the edge of it and place white strip top of orange strip and paste it at the edge of white strip top of blue and green foamy strip and pasted harder put drop of glue on top of green strip at the edge fold this way and paste it paste it harder now put a drop of glue on top of green strip fold white strip and paste this way press it harder again add glue fold orange strip as shown press it harder first petal is ready it looks so beautiful repeat same with rest of the strips for more of my art do watch my videos keep on doing.It will turn into a beautiful flower. Second petals already don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. You have to repeat the same method for making the 3rd petals too. For more patriotic craft do watch my video how to make Tiranga candle holder and I´m sure you will love it . 3rd petals are ready. You know you have to repeat the same way watch my video how to make Indian flag pencil topper it’s a very easy crafts you can decorate this flower in your living room balcony 4th petals already you can make them as a fridge magnet too and if you want to learn how to make Indian flag man to watch my video 5th petals are already arrange this way now for making this take blue round foamy paste it in the center with hot glue gun this way press harder now take 12 centimeter long golden thread and paste as shown here your Tiranga flower is ready it looks so beautiful you can decorate as per to your imaginations I’m sure you like my craft if yes below in the description like come and share my video and if you are watching for the first time so don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t thanking you for watching see you soon till then Namaste!


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