How to make Photo Candles | DIY Room Decor | Wedding or Party Favor Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have another quick and easy video for you guys today I’m going to be
showing you how to make photo candles this project was actually a suggestion
from one of my friends she saw a post on Facebook and she tagged me on it and I
thought it was so so cute and I wanted to share with you guys and I also wanted
to see if it was as easy as the blog suggested so I’m gonna have this scoop
for you guys so I think it will be great for gifts for home decor and actually as
a wedding favor or as a party favor totally cute so alright let’s get
started so the first thing you’re going to do is
bring out your favorite picture on a regular sheet of paper no need for photo
paper for this project and you’re also going to have to customize the size of
your picture to a two by three if you don’t have a printer at home you can go
ahead and go to your local printing company like Kinkos or office people and
they will do the whole thing for you and it’s very inexpensive then you’re going
to use clear packing tape and cover the entire photo right on top next you’re
going to use your favorite credit card why not right make sure you use a credit
card to smooth out the tape over the picture and make sure you go over it a
few times now go ahead and cut out your photo I’m going to be making three candles and
for one of them I want to use text this one says family is everything and I
was actually torn between using family alone
or family is everything and I think I’m gonna go with family is everything you
can’t obviously use whatever you will like you can use your favorite quote
your wedding date your birthday whatever you will like the
only thing you have to keep in mind is that the text has to be or has to fit
inside the packing tape and the packing tape it’s about two inches wide alright
so now for this picture which is obviously humongous this is actually a
five by seven picture of my beautiful daughter and I’m going to be using the
packing tape the long way so it’s going to go as so okay so I’m actually going
to use three pieces for this I’m going to use one here in the middle and then
one here on this side and then on the other and I’m going to be placing this
picture on a Dollar Tree vase since you are going to have three tapes together
make sure that you overlap a little over the other tape so no water can get in
between okay here are my photos and text that I’m
going to be using on my candles now the next step is to submerge them in water okay so it’s been about over 15 minutes
so I’m going to start pulling this apart or pulling the back off I think I’m
gonna leave it a little longer so it has been about an hour let’s see if it’s
easier now I’m just gonna go ahead and rub it off
gently with my fingertips make sure the all paper residue is off
the picture so you’ll be able to adhere on the candle holder now I’m going to
let it dry for a bit I’m just going to go ahead and let it sit on top of this
mat now I’m going to let them air dry and once they dry the glue is going to
come back to the tape and then they’ll be ready to place on the candles okay guys so here are my photo candles
and I am in love with them as the blog stated these are very easy to make but
you do have to follow all instructions so here are the things that you have to
keep in mind number one you must use a laser ink printer I since I don’t like
to read instructions before I do things I messed up I use my jet ink printer and
as soon as I place the pictures in the water the picture this salt and number
three which the block didn’t say for some reason you must must must must must
completely take off all of the paper residue from behind the picture because
if you don’t it’s not going to adhere to the candle or the candle holder I hope
you guys enjoy and if you guys happen to run into a project where you’re
wondering whether it works or not send them my way and I will make it happen
for you until next time bye you


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