How To Make Dragon Eggs! Harry Potter Inspired Easter Decoration Craft!

Cranky! Look at all those dragon eggs I found! That’s not a very good accent. Welcome to Pins and Things! Today I have a harry Potter tutorial for you Its how to make Harry Potter inspired dragon eggs for Easter. First things first. I just got my hot glue gun Plugged in and ready to go. This one I’m doing without Michael. He’s not feeling too good today You’re going to need to know this, so this is what I have these are DIY eggs that I got just in my Easter section at Walmart But I will put a link to the description below where you can find it on Amazon I also going to be using a hot glue gun and different colors of Metallic paint. So these ones are not hollow or even open-able They’re just like for decoration only. Which is perfect because I want them to look clean and nice. You can also use just a regular That’s an old plastic egg I would probably glue it shut Just because we’re going to be putting a lot of hot glue around the outside edge And I want it to kind of be seamless, and so I’m just going to take one of these eggs I have my hot glue gun ready. Now I’m going to start putting my hot glue detailing on it. This what I’m going to do swirly And I’m just trying as I go to make it as clear of lines as possible Kind of connecting them at the bottom making them look good. Now that this one is cooling off I just finished it, and I think it looks really good I actually like the negative space in it too of just plain, and it doesn’t have texture on the whole thing But while it’s cooling off, I’m going to set that aside and start on my scaly looking one. This one I want to start at the very top and I actually want it to be kind of pokey spiky looking So I’m just going to take my time and continue to make that V-shape. Alright, for this one I’m going to try my hardest to look at a picture of the Golden egg that is in Harry Potter. The mermaid challenge thing they have and I’m going to try my best to recreate that Just with the texture of the hot glue and then we can add some paint later to make it really look like that egg in The movie. I’m really taking my time with this one. The little amount of detail that I’m putting on I want to make sure it looks very close and this one. I’m going to try and use just some dots make them look really clean and Bubbly just like droplets of water And I want it to be not so perfectly aligned because I want it to look almost like it was something that happened in Nature I think adding some bigger and some smaller also give it a lot of character Okay, this one. I decided I wanted to do just some very strange textures on it So I’m just adding on a little bit of hot glue like waiting in till it’s mostly dry and then I’m going to put some little divots in it with the end of my paintbrush I’m also going to spray my paintbrush with a little bit of pam spray just to make sure that it won’t stick to the hot glue and I am leaving a little bit of the smooth texture of the egg Underneath in between the different blotches of weird texture. Blotches is the word right? Now It’s time for my favorite part and it’s the painting part. The reason why it’s my favorite part is because you put a base layer on and then on top of that you take Kind of a fairly brighter color or a highlighting color that’s going to be the metallic and that’s going to give us our magic in these eggs I’m doing this one in black with a top coat of metallic green to bring out all of the details I think I might want to add some metallic blue to it now I want to kind of do it in spots in sections So I don’t have it all blue After I just painted it all green when I have the green show through and the blue pop out and the black still showing all at the same time Okay as our other couple are drying I’m going to take the one that I want to look like the egg in Harry Potter And I’m going to start with my first base coat of gold So I got a bunch of different goals that are all metallic because I want it to look magical of course. I’m going to start with one of these and see how it looks. We’ll go from there Now it’s just the time. We’re in putting my base coat on all of the different eggs. This one is antique Copper metallic and I’m really making sure to dig down in all the different little crevices that we made with the glue to make sure that the Paint gets in every Little spot and we don’t see any white through. Oh, that’s so pretty already. That is gorgeous This reminds me of like Steampunk stuff this one is going to look all awesome. I almost want it to look a little bit metallic metally I think that’s going to bring a whole different dimension to this. This next part is Seriously my all-time favorite part of the entire process of making these eggs. All I’m doing is taking the metallic paint over It’s the top of the base coat doing it really quickly with a big brush And that’s just going to give me the right texture and color and all the dimension and it’s my favorite thing So watch this it’s really cool. I’m using antique gold to finish this one off. And really, it doesn’t need the gold painted in every spot It just needs to have it brushed on there. There needs to be hardly any paint on the paintbrush to be able to do this And not get too much on the egg to cover up the color underneath. This one is one of my favorites I have to say I don’t want the gold to be on this copper part That’s just the plain part. I want it to be only on the details I’m really going to try hard to just kind of highlight those. Those Easter Bunny’s had a Really hard time poopping out these dragon eggs. So you better appreciate? Okay so I’m completely finished. I made sure with each egg to put Personality into it they turned out really really good. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe I’ve got new videos every Tuesday and Saturday if you want to watch another Harry Potter video click over here I want you guys to go see my wand video because that’s a very similar technique to this one and if you click over here You can follow me every day on The Beach House. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they’re down here some wheres and I will see you guys, next time

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