How To Make Creepy Spider Nest Halloween Decoration!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today I’m going to show you guys how to make these disgusting spider sacks for Halloween So for this one I found it on Pinterest I think that It looks really disgusting and scary but they did a really good job and i’m gonna try to recreate that as best as I possibly can. So the first thing I have are some white nylons. These I just got a Walmart for a couple bucks. They don’t have to be expensive because you’re not gonna have to worry about getting a tear or running your nylons So just whatever is cheapest but I think that what will work best for this project are long full-length ones are the ones that go up to your way Okay So the first thing i’m gonna do is cut them right at t he top I’m gonna leave a little bit of a thicker part there just so that It has a little bit more stability and it’s not just gonna fall apart. So we do have to have something to tack Into on the ceiling and that will be help It be a little bit more sturdy so i’m gonna cut off both of the legs here The next thing i’m gonna do is open it up at the top and just like when you’re putting in your leg kind of pull It together. I also have this bag of spider webs You can use this or you can use filling just from a pillow or any kind of white filling that you could find in the sewing section that would also work Because it’s the inside of the spider sack, i’m gonna use these tiny 3D confetti spiders and put them into the sock first That’s already looking creepy Okay so I have a whole bunch in there we’ll see if we need that mini as we go. I’m gonna open up this now Again you can find this at Walmart you can find It at craft stores. We’re gonna use the end kind of wadded up Into the size of baseball Okay, now that I have my nylon with the spiders in it, i’m gonna push this in What i want to do is take the spiders and kind of spread them out all around. I want to make sure there’s a big clump of spiders at the very bottom but I also want to make sure that you can tell from the inside of this, that you can see the spiders from outside of the stocking, so I want them to kind of show up on their own Again this is the picture i’m going off of so I’m just gonna try and recreate it the best I can I’ve noticed that they did a really good job of making It look correct of how I think it would look in real life, just really nasty So i’m just gonna try and recreate that and in there’s it’s almost like a teardrop shape so i’m just gonna kind of move the filling to kind of be in that shape When you hang this it still looks crinkly here, there’s not enough like weight to it, to make It go straight and look right So i’m actually going to add a rock in the very middle of the filling. So i’m just kind of ripping apart the filling on the inside, where there’s no spiders and all the spiders around the outside and I just went out into the yard and grabbed a rock They’re gonna stick that on the very inside so you won’t be able to see it but it will give the weight that you need In order for it to be hanging in a straight way and not in a crinkly way Now I have my hot glue gun ready and I also got a bag of bigger spiders. It’s kind of hard to see but they are a lot bigger, a lot creepier and these are the ones that we’re gonna put on the outside because the inside ones are just babies. The outside ones are the ones that have hatched and are creeping everywhere. So i’m gonna actually start hot gluing the spiders on to the bottom and all around in places that would make It look real And what this is doing is this is also covering up all of the nylon that you can see in this sewn together patch right here. We want to make sure it’s all covered and it doesn’t look like a nylon anymore. I think i’m also going to add a couple little spiders to the outside to make It look like a couple of the small ones have escaped too All Right, now i’m just gonna start gluing on the outside and make them look like they’re crawling out and up Also I’m not putting them all on the same direction because I feel like the more they’re turning or crawling or looking like they’re going in other ways, the more realistic it would be. So i’m Just gonna continue gluing the spiders crawling up making them look like they’re trying to get to the top of this spider sack. Okay i’m done with this one I actually ended up making just the two They’re disgusting Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done that already. Also you can watch another Halloween tutorial over here and if you click over here you can watch me every day on The Beach House You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I have so many more Halloween videos coming. So stay tuned. Also you can find all of the things that are needed for this video in the description below on Amazon and I will see you guys next time

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